Millenium MPS-450 E-Drum Set

Including XLN Audio AD 2 Studio Rock

Including XLN Audio AD 2 Studio Rock

When you buy this product during the period through 30.06.2024 you will receive XLN Audio Addictive Drums 2 Studio Rock with a value of 77,00 EUR for free on top. After the shipping of your order you will receive the licence key as well as the download-link automatically send to you by e-mail.

E-Drum Complete Set

  • 408 Voices
  • 30 Preset kits
  • 10 User kits
  • 80 Songs
  • 5 User Songs
  • Metronome
  • Required floor space: approx. 120 x 80 cm
  • Includes drum rack, pedal, power supply, cabling and sticks

Set configuration:

  • 1x 10" Two-zone mesh head snare pad
  • 3x 08" Mono mesh head tom pad
  • 1x 08" Mesh head bass drum pad
  • 1x 12" Mono crash cymbal pads with stop function
  • 1x 12" Mono ride cymbal pad with stop function
  • 1x 10" Hi-hat pad
  • Hi-Hat controller


  • 2x 6.3 mm jack main outputs
  • 1x 3.5 mm stereo jack headphone output
  • 1x 3.5 mm stereo jack line input
  • 2x 6.3 mm mono jack trigger inputs
  • MIDI out
Available since June 2019
Item number 454253
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Incl. Rack Yes
Incl. Throne No
Incl. Footpedal Yes
Incl. Headphone No
Mesh Head Pads Yes
Pads (Stereo) Yes
Number of Direct Outs 0
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Sounds to suit every taste

The Millenium MPS-450 E-Drum Set is priced in the middle entry-level and offers a lot of features for the money. All of the drum pads, including the bass drum, are equipped with mesh heads, which go easy on the wrists and keep the playing noise at a pleasingly low level. Neighbourly peace is therefore guaranteed, and with 408 authentic sounds and 80 play-along songs, every drummer will find the right sounds and styles. The developers have equipped the MPS-450 with a “Coach Mode” that includes numerous training functions to ensure ongoing fun while practising.

A great deal of features plus some extras

The robustly constructed, eight-piece kit has everything you need for drumming and can even be expanded when needed using two additional trigger inputs. 30 preset drum kits cover the sound range of the set, while 10 user kits can be configured at will and equipped with your own desired sounds. Five song memory slots are available for recording your own ideas. Special features include the convenient jog wheel, the graphics-capable display, and the cool double bass function, with which you can play fast double or triple bass figures with just one pedal. USB and MIDI interfaces are also on board, so that the MPS-450 also works smoothly when connected to a computer.

A successful start to drumming

The Millenium MPS-450 is the perfect choice for beginner drummers who value an indestructible construction, ideal playing comfort, an authentic playing feel, and a huge selection of sounds. Six dynamic curves allow you to adapt the kit to your personal style, and the almost endless list of sounds includes acoustic drum sounds in abundance, all popular electro sounds, melody instruments (marimba, timpani, etc.), 100 percussion sounds, and some special effects on top. There is always something new to discover here, which guarantees drumming fun for many years on end.

About Millenium

Millenium is one of Thomann’s in-house brands and has been an integral part of the store’s range since 1995. More than 800 products – from drums and percussion through to accessories such as microphone stands, racks, and recording workstations – bear the Millenium label. These products are made by renowned companies who also manufacture products for other well-known brands. Since they are imported directly from the factory without any further distributors or sales companies, they can be sold at particularly attractive prices. Incidentally, one in every four Thomann customers has already purchased at least one Millenium product.

Enjoyable practice is guaranteed

As a solid and reliable home practice kit, the MPS-450 does an excellent job. The rich selection of high-quality sounds is a true source of inspiration and thus promotes your creativity. The coaching section includes a variety of exercises that incorporate all important aspects of drumming such as timing, accuracy, and dynamics, while the graphic display makes inaccuracies visible, which is extremely helpful for effective practice. Moreover, playing on mesh heads is the ideal preparation for playing on an acoustic drum set.

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111 Reviews

A good mid-range kit with room to expand. Amazing value for money and doesn't feel cheaply built.
Bassface787 25.07.2020
I was serious about wanting to learn drums but on a tight budget and I also wanted the ability to be able to record the midi into recording software for songwriting. I use this kit in my bedroom studio and it surprisingly doesn't take up that much space and half folds away nicely. Overall I am really happy with this product and would recommend to people who are on the fence about spending more if they are just starting out or drum for fun but still want some qualities to the feel and playability. I was going to go for one of the cheaper MPS models but I'm really glad I spent the extra money on this version for the mesh heads. They really do make the playing more realistic and overall it's a great kit and funto play.

The quality feels really good.
It took me around an hour to build, the instructions are basic but are easy enough to follow.
Easy adjustable once setup to suit your playing needs.
The module sounds are good for the price, there are some really fun sounds and I've enjoyed drumming along to the in-built songs.
The latency via USB-MIDI is negligible if any at all.
Works perfect for recording midi drums into recording software.
The module is simple to use and works well. It is easy to adjust the midi notes and drum sounds of each drum, with user savable presets.
The frame has notches in its clamps which help it fix in place and when built it is very sturdy.
Sensitivity is good. (not high grade professional but good)
Feel and playability is great.
I have beat the hell out of it for 2 weeks and all still works as if it was out of the box.
The kick drum pad picks up both of my double beaters perfectly!

You can't trigger the rim shot at the same time as the snare sound. I didn't know the rim shot was even included so its more an added bonus that isn't quite perfect.
Instructions for building are very basic.

I have already decided that I want to expand this kit with more pads and I'm going to order them shortly. I am really glad I did not go for a cheaper model and spent a little more as I think I would have been disappointed with just normal pads and not mesh ones. I would rate this kit as a cheap mid-range electronic drum kit. Great for people who want to start playing but don't know how much to spend to get a good feeling drum kit for a cheaper price. You get a lot of features and good quality from this brand at this price point.


Perfect starter kit for small spaces
Barry Ronayne 06.05.2020
I picked up this kit after several years away from the drums, and no real option to set up an acoustic kit. This has surpassed my expectations in terms of playability and quality. It is the perfect kit to get started on the drums or to get reacquainted.

For the price, the features are great and, while nothing special, the sound is crisp and clear. I play plugged directly into my laptop and can model a huge variety of drums kits there so the versatility and functionality is ideal for that!

I use the kit for home recording, practice, and just generally upping my skill levels. The response from the pads are quite lifelike. The kit is very compact and can fit neatly into small spaces.

The cymbals don't have a real life-like feel, and the set up forces a specific arrangement of the kit in terms of cymbal placement, but these are minor issues in an otherwise very strong purchase.

If you are looking to get (re)started on drums, need a practice kit for hime, or need something simple for home demo recording, you can't go wrong with this model, especially for the price!


Best Electro drum
Gar_musician 20.12.2021
Very best electro drum for this price


Millenium MPS-450 E-Drum Set
unkown 04.09.2023
The Millenium MPS-450 E-Drum Set is a game-changer for drummers of all skill levels. It is perfect for practice or live performances thanks to its responsive pads and realistic feel. With a wide range of preset sounds and affordably priced features, it offers diversity and quality. A necessity for any drummer looking to advance their skills and creativity.