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Mooer Radar

Effects pedal

  • Speaker simulator
  • 30 Speaker cab model simulations
  • 11 Mic preamp model simulations
  • 4 Power amp model simulations
  • Support for additional (third-party) Impulse Responses (IRs) via Mooer Studio Software
  • Fully configurable EQ
  • Storable up to 36 user presets
  • Colour LCD display
  • Menu control / rotary switch to select and edit settings
  • 6.3mm Mono jack input / output
  • 3.5mm Stereo headphone out
  • Power supply via included 12 V DC power supply with 2.1 mm x 5.5 mm barrel connector and polarity (-) inside
  • Power consumption: 300 mA
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 93.5 x 42 x 52 mm
  • Weight: 150 g
Note: Register your purchase at for an extended warranty of 4 years.
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Audio Examples

  • Country 1x10 Prince
  • Doombass 8x10 SVT
  • Funkbass 1x15 SVT
  • Fuzzline 2x12 AC30
  • Hazey 1x12 Kitty
  • Metal 4x12 Rectifier
  • Progressive 2x12 Twin
  • Rock2 4x12 UK Citrus
  • Rockabilly 1x12 57-Deluxe
  • Rockbass 4x10 SVT
  • Rock 1x12 AC15
  • Stoner 4x12 1960
  • Show more

Further Information

Effect Types Speaker Simulation
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Huge upgrade for a decent price
mariushoog, 03.05.2019
Bought the Radar specifically to upgrade the sound my POD HD500X, instead of upgrading to a Helix or Axe FX. Although I still have a lot of experimenting to do, I can already say that the Radar meets (or beats) my expectations and breaths new life into my HD500X. Sofar I have only used it as the final component in the signal chain (1/4 out into the Radar to mixer to headphones/monitors) and the difference in sound is substantial. Used the Radar with my own IR's (replaced the stock ones with the free downloadable editor) and the improvement is well worth the 129 euro's I paid for the device. To my ears it brings to HD500X very close to a Helix.

1) Rename your own IR wav's to meet the length limitations of the Radar, prior to uploading.
2) Think about the sequence of your presets, as you cannot move them around after you've saved them.
3) The Radar is NOT a loadbox, so don't connect your head to the radar without a speaker or loadbox attached to your amp.

1) Great value for money
2) Poweramp model's and EQ's available allow for finetuning or varying your presets.
3) Great sound
4) Store upto 30 third party IR's into the unit.
5) Well build, small footprint

1) External unit, so apart from changing presets on your POD, you need to also change the preset on the Radar that you've designated for the POD preset.
2) Seperate adapter (12V DC) required, however appearantly the Mooer should also function on 9V DC).
3) Limited functionality in the editor.

In all, great device, highly recommende.
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For what it is, unbeatable
cubusaddendum, 29.09.2018
I got one these based on the reviews I saw from Ola Englund and Pete Thorn. In essence, it's a convolution processor in a compact pedal form factor that's for modelling a guitar power amps and speaker stacks.

It's as deep as Kemper or AxeFX? No. But it is a very usable 3-stage convolution processor that can completely transform a DI'ed preamped pedal tone (e.g. MXR 5150 overdrive) into a "omg that sounds massive" tone - and for very little money.

Latency is sub-2ms so you aren't really aware of it. Impulses are limited to 23ms, which is 1024 samples at 44.1kHz samplerate. This is enough for power amps, speaker cones and close-mic'ed microphone modelling, but not for reverb.

You can also upload your own impulses with the same length limitation, and this will bypass part of the on-board signal chain. Pete Thorn demonstrates that you can use this with add body resonances to contact-mic'ed instruments such as guitar. Very interesting stuff.

The USB connection to editing software seems a bit a flaky to me, but that's the only negative I've found so far.
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Amazing for headphone use!
RoddeS, 27.07.2021
I bought it to use with my Marshall DSL40CR, to replace its bad sounding headphone out.

I use it only to practice with headphones late in the night. I connect it in the effects send of the amp, to use only the preamp of the Marshall, and it does an amazing job! Great sounding, really easy to use, great amount of IR already installed and the possibility to load your own IR's is a nice feature.

The only con in my opinion is the connection with the Mooer software if you have a Mac, which is my case. The software has a MacOS version, but I didn't manage to make it work in 2 different Macs that I have. It worked only on the PC version. I'm in contact with Mooer to try to solve this issue, and although it's not a dealbreaker, it's very annoying if you want to load your own IR's

Overall a very recommended pedal if you want to have killer tones for your guitar headphone sessions!
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Far better than what my Zoom G5 has to offer
WinterRick, 29.10.2018
The standard cabinet simulation of the pedal alone does sound quite good, super useful for people like me who can't record their guitars with cabinets and microphones. But the most impressive thing about this pedal is that you can use your own IRs. Really elevates the tones I get from my Zoom G5 multi-effect.

The design is quite simplistic as you have a single knob to fiddle with, but is fairly easy to use.

My only complaint is about the software and Mooer's websites. The website was a complete mess at the time I went to download the software. The download link I managed to find didn't work, but I did find another download link at the bottom of the page which did. Also the installer placed a wrong shortcut on my desktop which I had to manually fix. Not a big deal, but this gives a rather unprofessional image of the company. Thankfully the software itself was functional.
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