Native Instruments Traktor S2 MK3


DJ Controller and Audio Interface

  • DJ performance system with 2 channels plus sample deck channel
  • 3-Band EQ per channel
  • Hot cue buttons
  • 14 cm precision jog wheels
  • 16 RGB pads
  • Pro mixer layout
  • USB power supply
  • iOS USB port
  • Main Out: Cinch & 3.5 mm jack
  • 6.3 mm microphone input
  • 3.5 mm headphone output
  • Dimensions: 486 x 265 x 59 mm
  • Weight: 2.36 kg
  • Incl. TRAKTOR PRO 3 software
  • Suitable power supply: art. 389014 (not included)
  • Suitable case: art. 279558 (not included)

System requirements:

  • MacOS 10.15 or newer
  • Windows 10 V1803 or newer (64 Bit)
  • Intel i5 or comparable
  • USB 2.0 connection
  • 4 GB RAM
available since October 2018
Item number 447929
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Controller type All in one
incl. software Traktor
Micro In 1
Master Out Cinch
Stand Alone Mixer Function No
Mobile Support Yes
USB Player No
Stereo Line-In 0
19" No
Rec Out No
Weight 2,36 kg
Width 486 mm
Depth 265 mm
Height 59 mm
Phono Input 0
Audio Interface Input 0
Audio Interface Output 1
Booth Out No
Effects 1
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Two-channel DJ controller to go

The Traktor Kontrol S2 MKIII is the third version of Native Instruments' popular two-channel controller and leaves nothing to be desired. With its simple yet feature-laden appearance, the latest edition of the S2 once again appears much more coherent and intuitive than its predecessors. First and foremost, the effects sections have been reworked, with new mixer effects replacing the traditional effects knobs. What is more, the larger metal jog wheels now feel even more grippy and offer a better feel for beatmatching and scratching. This means that the KONTROL S2 MKIII packs all of TRAKTOR's key features neatly into one handy controller, making it the ideal DJ controller for any occasion - anytime, anywhere. Even beginner DJs can put their talents to the test with this controller.

Club experience at home

The Kontrol S2 MKIII packs the club experience into a portable two-channel controller to enjoy anywhere, anytime. In addition to the familiar channel mixer, which has now been expanded to include mixer effects, the controller features a microphone jack input with a gain control on the rear panel, metering LEDs, and a volume control for samples and loops. Samples are controlled via the remix decks on decks C and D, allowing the controller to be used with up to four decks. The revamped deck sections feature eight RGB-lit pads for controlling loops, hotcues, and samples, as well as a metal jog wheel for scratches, backspins, and even reverses. Two controls for loops and beatjumps and a browse controller for loading tracks complete the deck sections.

The entry-level model for Traktor

Plug-and-play, USB power, and an integrated audio interface (24-bit/48 kHz) make the Traktor Kontrol S2 MKIII more portable than many other DJ controllers. But the S2 doesn't stop there: Even if you don't have a laptop handy, the S2 has the right answer, namely an iOS port on the back. Thanks to this, the use of the controller is also possible with the free iPad version of Traktor DJ 2. By means of the included full version of Traktor Pro 3, all functions can immediately be used to their full extent with your laptop. With the additional Quickstart guide, even novice DJs can quickly master their first transitions, making the Traktor Kontrol S2 a perfect entry-level device that, thanks to its portability, also offers experienced DJs a useful addition to their equipment.

About Native Instruments

Native Instruments is a Berlin-based company, founded in 1996, which specialises in products for computer-assisted music production. The company develops a wide variety of products: Software solutions such as Komplete, which hosts a huge range of virtual instruments that emulate both acoustic and electronic instruments in hi-fi quality, and Reaktor, which lets you create your own virtual instruments - through to hardware products such as beat-making and DJ controllers. Native Instruments' goal is to inspire and encourage musicians with its innovative products. To this end, more than 500 people are employed at the company's headquarters in Berlin and at other locations including Los Angeles, Toronto, Tokyo, London, Paris, and Shenzhen.

Get creative anywhere, anytime

Whether at home, at a garden party, or in the club - with the Traktor Kontrol S2 MKIII you can get started right out of the box. Thanks to its stereo line output (RCA) and an additional stereo output with a 3.5 mm jack connection, both club systems and portable audio setups can be connected to the controller quickly and easily. In addition to the iOS port for connecting to an iPad, it is also possible to attach an iPad mount (not included) to the back of the controller. The compact dimensions and low weight of the Traktor Kontrol S2 MKIII in combination with its versatile connectivity make it the perfect DJ controller for all occasions for both beginners and pros.

In the spotlight: Mixer effects

With the Traktor Pro 3 update and the mixer effects it introduces, creative transitions are now easier and faster than ever before. As an extension of the previous channel filters, the mixer effects offer various filters and effect combinations such as reverb, delay, and noise. A total of eight club-ready effects and three filters are available, and up to four mixer effects can be controlled simultaneously via dedicated mixer effect controls. This allows for exciting transitions to be created with a single controller, giving DJs even more creative freedom.

Very good for beginners and drunk people
MindPhuq 06.08.2019
I use this to mainly have quick fun by myself or with my friends, without the inconvenience of carrying or wiring mixers, turntables and etc. For this task or for learning basics of DJ-ing this is a very good controller. It is really well built and feels sturdy. All the buttons and knobs feel really good and clicky. I only don't like the hotques/sample buttons at the bottom, but lets say that they are OK. Few other things that I find annoying:
- Most of the people have said this already, but yeah - why removing the effects knobs, when the MK2 already has it. It can get quite boring using only the mixer FX ( you can use only 1 for each channel). You could use custom mappings for free, which are not ideal or invest in a Kontrol X1 (which is not so cheap) to manage this. Also there is not an IN/OUT buttons for the loops, but you could do a mapping in Traktor for this pretty easily.
- The pitch slider is small and beatmatching could be quite hard. Set this in your software to +/- 8% and it will be better.
- The sound coming from this is somewhat on the quieter side. Both from master and monitor
- Very limited I/O. Only 1/8" jack for the headphones, instead of the bigger more professional 1/4". Also on the back there are only unbalanced outputs (RCA) and AUX, no XLR. I recommend using XLR to RCA cable for connecting studio monitors. The DAC is fine, though. The sound is nice, just a little bit quiet.

All in all, I don't regret the purchase. I totally knew what I was getting when ordering. If you need something more serious you should look elsewhere (and invest more).


It's the best choice in that price range
fennec 01.09.2020
I have been using the controller since the end of 2018. First, I want to note the reliability of the USB connector - this is the first thing you come across. Before the S2 MK3, I used the Numark Mixtrack Pro II controller and now I'm really happy with the ergonomics. No difficulties with the first installation and setting up software - it saves a lot of time and nerves. The sound quality on both outputs (RCA and mini-jack) is excellent. I used the controller with an old Lenovo W541 laptop under Windows 10 x64 with constantly updating OS - no errors or crashes for all time. All controls (faders, encoders, knobs) are tactile friendly, when it be able to push it's understood by touch. My advice: understand the Shift button modification for a smooth experience with the controller out of the box – use it to quickly navigate the track and extend the pitch range when you play unfamiliar tunes and want to do your best for the first time. I'm totally satisfied with the price/quality and plan to extend my gear park by NI S4 asap.


Abobocioaie Aurelian Ionut 24.10.2022
Good stuff I’m happy with that


Great simple controller and pro Software Bundle
D King 05.03.2019
I Have been a traktor pro user for years using a variety of timecode and midi controller setups. My audio 8 and s2 mk1 were starting to have issues after years of use so i was looking at replacing both units.

When Traktor pro 3 was announced the feature that really got my attention was that you no longer needed a native instruments audio interface to use timecode vinyl. When the s2 mk3 was announced as being bundled with 2 licenses for a full version of traktor pro 3 with timecode functionality this seemed like a great value bundle.


Simple non cluttered layout, huge improvement with the Jog wheels, larger and very responsive. fun for basic scratching. non symmetrical deck layout is a nice touch. RGB performance pads give great visual feedback for hotcues and loops. all knobs, faders and buttons seem to be where you would expect to find them, pitch control surpisingly accurate for the size.

The mixer effects section and lack of separate effects units/controls at the top has had mixed reviews, my original plan was to simply re map if needed, and thats what i did. If you have a good understanding of mapping and modifiers then you can tweak the effects section to your own preference. works well with other midi controllers as well, when used with my zomo mc1000 ive every control i'm going to need.


Great software, has worked flawlessly with different setups for me, Timecode vinyl works with my american audio versaport and my m audio connectiv, low latencey with both interfaces.

if you have an existing audio interface that you will be using instead of the s2 then you can use it with windows 7 and just use the s2 as a midi device, just make sure your interface has a headphone monitor

huge value for money without a cheap looking product. Not being locked into native instruments audio interfaces for vinyl control is a welcome new feature! Reading the manual is advised to get the most out of the software.


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