Nektar Impact GXP88


88 Key USB Keyboard

  • 88 Velocity sensitive, half-weighted full size keys with aftertouch
  • 14 RGB LED buttons for MIDI, key repeat, and Nectarine features
  • Pitch-bend and modulation dials
  • 1 Endless push encoder for key repeat tempo control / Nektarine control
  • Pitch bend and modulation dials
  • Octave and transpose buttons
  • Note repeat button with LED tempo display
  • 7 Transport buttons
  • Extended transport functions: Loop on/off, click on/off, go to locator, and undo
  • Class ocmpliant for true plug and play
  • Power supply via USB or external 9V power supply (power supply not included)
  • 2 Sustain pedal connectors
  • 1 Expression pedal connector
  • MIDI out
  • USB
  • Dimensions: 1345 x 230 x 80 mm
  • Weight: 8.2 kg
  • Compatible with: Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10, Mac OSX 10.7 or higher, Linux Ubuntu 14.04
  • iOS compatible in combination with Apple camera connection kit (not included)
  • Incl. Bitwig 8-track software (download)
available since June 2020
Item number 484639
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Hammer Action Keys No
Aftertouch Yes
Layer function No
Pitch Bend / Modulation Yes
Rotary Encoder 2
Fader (Amount) 0
Pads 0
Display No
MIDI interface 1x Out
Sustain Pedal Connection Yes
USB-port Yes
Mains Operation Yes
Bus-Powered Yes
Dimensions 1345 x 230 x 80 mm
Weight 8,2 kg
Speacial Features N/A
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Im ersten Moment ok, aber...
Thomas H.. 17.01.2022
Den guten Bewertungen hier folgend, habe ich mir das GXP88 bestellt, aber leider ist das nix. Gut schaut es ja aus, und das Gewicht ist auch beeindruckend. Nette Beleuchtung an den Knöppen. Das war es dann aber auch schon. Optisch im ersten Moment ansprechend, ist bei genauem Hinsehen aber klar, dass ein so preiswertes (billiges?) Gerät ernsthafte Schwächen hat: Die Tasten sind horizontal wackelig, die Abstände der einzelnen Tasten zueinander haben unterschiedliche Spaltmaße und die gesamte Länge der Tasten ist kürzer, als bei einem normalen Piano.
Liegt vielleicht daran, dass ich von den gewichteten Tasten, die ich bisher gespielt habe, verwöhnt bin, aber die sehr leichten Tasten hier streben mit zunehmendem Tastendruck gewaltig nach oben und ruhen nicht in gedrückter Lage. Dadurch habe ich immer einen permanenten Gegendruck, der mich nervt.
Für reine Synthiespieler ist das GXP88 als Drittgerät ok, es hat ja auch ein paar echte Vorteile, wie bspw. Aftertouch oder auch die Nektarine Software, die wirklich gelungen ist. Dennoch, über knappe (!) 3 Sterne schafft es das Teil bei mir nicht.


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Bon rapport qualité prix
Jipi78 03.03.2021
Pas cher pour un 88 touches de qualité.
Clavier de qualité mais touches bruyantes à la frappe.
Un peu léger mais la finition est très correcte.
J'aurais aimé plus de contrôles dans le genre du LX 88+.
J'ai ajouté un NanoKontrol2 et un NanoPad2 pour plus de contrôle direct.


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Best semi-weighted action at this price range
blacksheep806 01.05.2021
After trying all the 4 major 88-key semi weighted contenders in this price range (M-Audio Keystation 88 mk3, Arturia KeyLab Essential 88, Nektar LX88+, Nektar GXP88) I can easily say that the GXP88 finally nails the semi-weighted key feel. LX88+ was a good second but the infamous black key issue just didn't make the cut (they just had really weird feel to them which made it really hard to play anything soft, you get no sound at all or too high velocity).

So I got my hands on the GXP88 and I was like YES finally! It took all the good things about the LX88+ keybed and just made it even more solid and the black keys finally feel balanced in terms of weight and velocity. I've been using Kurzweil PC3 for over a decade as my main board and I love the semi-weighted feel of it, so I was looking for something similar feel for my studio and I can safely say that the GXP88 is the closest one you get in terms of that. The keys have very natural feeling weight and doesn't feel springy, yet is still able to keep it really responsive and easy to play fast passages. Also having aftertouch (as the Kurzweil PC3) it has this similar feel of the keys when you press them down, they stop nicely but still has that extra "cushioning" that lets you dig in and trigger aftertouch, I personally love that feel even if it wouldn't even have aftertouch.

What comes to the M-Audio Keystation 88 mk3 and Arturia KeyLab Essential 88, if you wan't solid semi-weighted feel don't bother. The Arturia one had okay feel but it really is just springy synth action with piano looking keys, also the keys feel like they dig too deep which made fast playing feel awkward and clunky. And the M-Audio one just honestly felt like a cheap toy (sorry M-Audio), I wouldn't recommend it for anything, the keys have awful super stiff spring feel (think of a hand gripper but made for a finger), I would rather take decent normal synth action than the one the M-Audio Keystation 88 mk3 had.

Hopefully this helps someone who is struggling with the choice like I was.

TL;DR: Get the GXP88, you won't be disappointed. Best semi-weighted action at this price range.


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DAW79PROJECT 05.01.2021
V danej cenovej kategorii je to najlepsia klaviatura do studia.


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