Novation Circuit Rhythm


Sampler / Sequencer

  • 8 Sample tracks with 32 step patterns each
  • Cascadable for up to 256 steps per track
  • Functions: slice, reverse, loop, chromatic playing
  • Probability and pattern-mutate functions
  • Integrated effects: Lofi tape, shutter, reverb, delay and sum compressor
  • 32 Velocity-sensitive backlit RGB pads
  • 28 Backlit tactile RGB buttons
  • 2 Master filter controls with centre detent
  • Samples and projects can be stored on a microSD card (microSD card is not included)
  • MicroSD card slot
  • Line inputs: 2 x 6.3 mm jack
  • Line outputs: 2 x 6.3 mm jack
  • MIDI in/out/thru
  • Analogue sync output: 3.5 mm mini jack
  • Stereo headphone output: 3.5 mm mini jack
  • USB-C socket
  • Dimensions: 240 x 45 x 210 mm
  • Weight: 0.78 kg
Available since July 2021
Item number 521290
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Internal Storage No
Storage Medium Micro SD
Time Stretching Yes
Effects Yes
USB-port Yes
MIDI interface 1x In, 1x Out, 1x Thru
Analogue Inputs 2
Analogue Outputs 2
Digital Outputs No
Display No
Sequencer Yes
Design Desktop
Pads 32
Fader(s) 0
Sampling Function 1
Control Pads
Number of analog outputs 2
Headphone Output 1
Extras Sequenzer
Optional Expansions None
Special Features None
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19 Reviews

Endlessly fun and powerful but better suited for live performance and not production
WIMP 15.05.2022
This thing is endless hours of fun. You can arange whole songs by chaining patterns and scenes. The sequencer is very powerful and the manual is written in a language which is easy to understand.

Biggest strong points:
- very hands-on and amazingly fun to use
- powerful sidechain options which are easy to setup (this was very important to me)
- good battery life with option to power with portable battery
- easy to operate once you watch some youtube videos and read the manual
- can sample external sources
- having distortion per sound is great for adding punch to sounds
- very good sequencer with step probability options. You can have different samples per step on a given channel but they all get effected the same if you fiddle with the macro controls as they are on the same channel still.
- chopping samples is relatively easily
- you can automate everything that is linked to the 8 macro knobs including volume, panning, pitch and you can even automate per step and automations are cleared easily
- instant switching between projects (but packs do take some time to load)
- 3.5mm headphone output
- you can pan sounds easily
- beat repeat FX are addicting to play with and you can use multiple effects simultaniously (for example beat repeat + gater)
- novation components (the tool which you arrange your sounds in) is great and it's browser based so you don't need to install any additional software

Biggest downsides:
- this is the BIG one: no audio over USB. Recording songs to your computer means that you have to have an audio card or something that lets you sample into your computer and it will take a lot of planning and thinking ahead if you want to record individual tracks AKA muting and unmuting tracks. I really hope Novation adds at least single channel audio over usb.
- no time stretching
- the pads are not visible in direct sunlight on a bright day and do not dim enough in the dark. You atleast have 2 settings for brightness.
- you can view battery life only when powering on the machine but atleast battery life is great
- some options can be criptic due to the lack of display but a little manual reading really gives you "oh so that's what it's for" vibes
- the FX can't be automated and are also somewhat limited and can't be tweaked in real time. Atleast you can adjust them on your computer and save them to your liking. I hope novation adds some new ones in the future.

Overall a great little machine and it's seriously addicting to just mess around, tweak stuff, try out effects and simply vibe to your creations which can become very complex with note probability, automations, effects and other. It is clearly more focused to be a live performance device tho I have no intention of using it that way. If by some miniscule chance Novation are reading this review - PLEASE... we need better options for recording the sound to a computer.


Super fun to use and pretty powerful
Alexbuga 13.10.2021
I had so much fun using it. Chopping is super dope.


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Excellent pour le beat Making
YoGr 16.06.2022
Il y a des limitations, 8 Pistes monophonique, mais la capacité de mettre ses propre son, le port carte sd et la capacité à sampler rapidement n'importe quoi font qu'on oublie les limitations.
On peut créer aussi rapidement que les idées viennent, car l'interface est très intuitive, comme il n'y a pas d'écran on peut faire confiance à son oreille.
Je crée mes propres packs de son pour mon utilisation personnel, les packs fournis de base ne m'ont pas convaincu, pour moi cette machine est à son plein potentiel quand on a pas peur de sampler, et travailler ses son en amont.


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Stochern im Nebel
Rainer072 08.01.2022
Die sogenannte und vielgelobte, angeblich ach so intuitive Bedienung ist in der wirklichen Welt eine reine Katastrophe. Hab nicht mal eine Viertelstunde gebraucht um festzustellen: Das ist unterirdisch und ganz gewiss nichts für mich!

Das ist kein Musik spielen, das ist bestenfalls Stochern im Nebel und nervt mich vom Start weg. War schon beim Betrachten der Youtube - Reviews etwas skeptisch dahingehend, aber damit hatte ich dann doch nicht sooo drastisch gerechnet... Hätte ich mal besser auf meine innere Stimme gehorcht und das Teil gar nicht erst geordert.

Die Factory-Samples - überwiegend stinkend langweilig... Das Gehäuse und die ganze Haptik, Anmutung - einfach nur billig... Die Beschriftungen auf dem Gehäuse im Dunkeln schwer entzifferbar. Wann kriegen wir denn von den "Designern" endlich mal altersgerechte Schriftgrößen und Farben???

Und der Rhythm hat auch konzeptionell sehr enge Grenzen - z.B. nur Mono Samples trotz 2 Recording Eingängen, kein Undo-Button und ganz ehrlich: So ein Teil ohne Display beim Sample schneiden oder zerlegen - geht gar nicht.

Habe durchaus keine Blechohren, aber bei etlichen "Operationen" erleichtert ein Display einfach den Workflow. Der Rhythm ist wohl eher für notorische Euro-Rack-Schrauber gedacht. Musikalisch inspirierend ist das alles nicht!

Das Teil geht ganz schnell zurück, da fehlt mir wirklich jede Lust tiefer einzusteigen... Und ein Batteriefach wär auch cooler. (Wiederaufladbare) Batterien kann ich selbst wechseln. Der verbaute Akku legt nämlich auch irgendwann mal die endgültige Grätsche hin und wer tauscht das dann aus?

Nein danke...


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