Palmer Monicon L


Passive Monitor Controller

  • Robust metal housing
  • Real wood edges
  • 2x Jack/XLR combo input
  • 2x RCA connector and 1x 3.5 mm Stereo jack input
  • 2x XLR male output
  • 1x Mono sum XLR male output
  • Switchable mute
  • Switchable mono-summing
  • Switchable PFL
  • Input selector
  • Output selector
  • Adjustable headphone output
  • Adjustable AUX volume
  • Dimensions: 218 x 77 x 100 mm
  • Weight: 1140 g
available since October 2015
Item number 368774
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Number Of Monitoring Outputs (Stereo) 2
Headphone connection 1
Talkback Function No
Built-in AD / DA converter No
Incl. Remot control No
Level Meter No
Number of 2 track inputs 1
Summing Function No
Surround No
Design Desktop
Dimensions 218 x 77 x 100 mm
Weight 1,1 kg
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Flexible monitoring

The Monicon L from Palmer is a monitor controller with an internal headphone amplifier. It has a completely passive circuit design that allows monitoring without sound colouration. The minimalist user interface has the advantage of enabling a fast and effective workflow. Users can choose between two sound sources in stereo, which are connected on the rear via a combined XLR/jack socket or via RCA or TRS connection. If desired, two pairs of monitors can be connected via an XLR connector. The monitor systems play back the selected mix in stereo, either individually or together, as desired. The Monicon L makes monitoring flexible, which makes it ideal for everyday professional studio use.

Pre-fader listening

The Monicon L has a centrally located 3.8cm volume control that stands out visually from the other controls and can thus be found quickly. To the left of it is a button that is responsible for selecting the signal source, while the slider controls the volume of the AUX signal. On the right, there are two switches that, when pressed, output the signal via the connected speaker systems. If both are active, the mix is played back via both pairs of speakers. A headphone jack is located on the front of the unit. Its volume can be changed via a separate control. If desired, the mix can be switched to mono or muted via buttons. The PFL button makes it possible to listen to the signal of both sources directly, thus bypassing the internal electronics of the Monicon L.

Usable without a power supply

The Monicon L is aimed at all studio operators and music producers who are looking for an easy-to-use monitor controller with flexible application possibilities. In contrast to the standard Monicon, this version is equipped with nine control elements with which helpful functions are accessed. Since all controls are clearly labelled and thoughtfully arranged, the monitor controller can be easily operated even by non-sound engineers. The four rubber feet guarantee the Monicon L a firm grip on any surface without slipping. Since the Monicon L consists mostly of passive components, it can be used without power. Exceptions to this are the internal headphone amplifier and the LEDs, which must be supplied with power via the included power supply unit in order to function.

About Palmer

Palmer is one of seven brands belonging to Adam Hall GmbH from Neu-Ansbach in Hessen, Germany, which was founded in 1975. Starting as a manufacturer of robust flight cases, Adam Hall GmbH has developed into a global manufacturer and distributor of event equipment. In addition to studio and PA equipment, the company also produces LED lighting systems, moving lights, cables, protective cable conduits, stands, and stage systems. The Palmer brand is known for marrying analogue circuitry with digital technology. In this way, new innovations are developed that meet the highest demands. The Palmer portfolio includes DI boxes, line isolators, speaker simulations, controllers, and studio monitors.

Mono signal output

The mono signal of the outgoing mix is outputted via an XLR socket on the back of the Monicon L, making its use even more flexible. The monitor controller also features a metal housing with wooden sides, making it one of the more robust hardware devices around. The permanently installed controls and connectors allow signals to be switched without interference, with a distortion factor of only 0.001%. The maximum input and output level of the Monicon L is 20dBu. The unit's output impedance is 600 Ohm, while the input impedance is 10kOhm when using balanced signal sources and 5kOhm when using unbalanced ones.

Mooi en oerdegelijk
Dave VW 14.01.2022
Best een mooi toestel. Met die houten zijkanten krijgt het die vintage look, oogt altijd leuk in een studio. Gezien die passief is geeft die ook een realistische weergave van het geluid. Voor zijn grote ook wel vrij zwaar en gebouwd als een tank.
Echter jammer dat je -gezien er meerdere speakersets kunnen worden aangesloten worden- geen afzonderlijke volumeregeling is voor de verschillende uitgangen. Dit was voor mij iets wat ik echt wel zocht. vandaar dat ik toch opteer voor de grote broer ‘monicon xl’
Niks verkeerd dus eigenlijk aan deze monicon L maar voor mij te beperkt.
Gezien dit de eerste monitor controller is die ik aankoop was dit nog niet volledig duidelijk wat ik precies kon verwachten van dit toestel. Ik vind het dan ook wat raar om 2 speakersets niet apart te kunnen regelen.
In de toekomst wil ik ook de mogelijk hebben om een sub aan te sturen vandaar dat deze terug gaat en de grotere versie de betere keuze wat mij betreft.
Btw: As always, super fast service and delivery by Thomann!!


Palmer Monicon L does what is promised in style
Peter FC. 23.04.2022
The Palmer MONICON seems to fit the bill. It looks nice and solid and doesn't cost a fortune.
The Monicon is a clear device that is available from Thomann for just under €60. There is still the big brother Monicon L. This offers more features (such as two separately switchable inputs and outputs), but costs €100 more.

The unboxing is pretty unexciting, the Thomann package comes with a cardboard box that pretty much corresponds to the size of the monicon. Palmer also included a piece of styrofoam to completely fill out the box and instructions.

The device
The Monicon comes in a simple black design, the metal looks really good. The wood paneling on the sides shouldn't have been necessary for my needs, but it looks high-quality and is therefore found to be in order. The workmanship is very good and the device feels heavy in the hand. There are rubber feet on the underside (next to a barcode babbler) so it doesn't just slip on the table.

On the front there is a pleasantly large attenuation control. This feels very valuable. The controller is sensibly rastered: At high volumes (low attenuation) very fine adjustments are possible, at lower volumes you can very quickly turn large areas through. That makes sense and I like it!
Next to it are two small buttons "mute" and "mono", which also do exactly what you would expect. The buttons don't quite match the quality of the large controller, but still have a good feel. You can still see two black screws on the front panel, which somewhat disturb the otherwise quite simple design.

The sound is as it should be: just like without the Monicon. I couldn't see any differences, at least in an A/B test. In this respect, everything was done correctly here. The controller runs very smoothly and there were no scratches on the brand new device. Whether something is still happening there can probably only be said after a certain amount of time.

The Monicon is the perfect device for my purpose. At 100€ it is quite cheap and can do exactly what I want. From my side, therefore, a clear purchase recommendation!


Elegant monitor control
Anonymous 23.03.2017
I bought this as I have 2 pairs of monitors and headphones and wanted to easily and conveniently switch between them during mixing.

The Palmer Monicon helps you switch between various monitoring systems such as various speakers or headphones during mixing or your home theatre. It also has a mono button to easily collapse your mix to mono - so no more mono plugin buttons on that master bus!

But the biggest asset of this device is that the controls are sturdy so it helps builds a more disciplined & frame of reference of what levels you regularly monitor at. No more forgetting what volume you were at on that old flimsy volume knob!

The combination of this monitoring device and my small mixer has helped bring my modest small home studio up several notches to a more professional look and feel!


Sad but true: induces distortion.
Anonymous 12.03.2017
I bought the unit about 2 weeks ago and have been loving the quality of life improvement while recording and listening to music. It was only because I had to mix something for a client this weekend that I noticed something (after about an hour of trying to figure out why the trumpets in my mix were distorting): the unit was inducing distortion. I only realized this because, after turning off/on most plugins in my mix to no avail, I decided to plug the headphone jack directly in the interface output, and presto: no distortion!

So, I would give this a higher rating, but if you're gonna be using this for mixing or mastering (which I guess most people will), then don't buy it. No matter how much of a good deal it seems, it's a monitor controller that distorts the output, so it's not worth the money. In fact, I'm returning mine.

*Too long, didn't read* I realized that the unit induces distortion in your mix, so it's not worth buying.