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PRS MT 15 Amp


This item runs exclusively on an operating voltage of 230 V and therefore requires a voltage transformer to run in your country of United States.

Amp Head for Electric Guitar

  • Mark Tremonti (Alter Bridge) Signature Model
  • 2 Channels: Clean and Gain
  • Power: 15 W - reducible to 7 W
  • Preamp tubes: 6x JJ EC83S
  • Power tubes: 2x JJ 5881
  • Gain in the gain channel: Gain / Master / Treble / Middle / Bass
  • Clean Channel controls: Volume / Treble (Pull Boost) / Middle / Bass
  • Includes foot-switch and protective cover
  • Dimensions: (W x D x H): 35.6 x 20.3 x 18.4 cm
  • Weight: 8.1 kg
  • Suitable case: Article Nr. 509100 (not included)
Available since December 2018
Item number 431522
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Power 15 W
Power Amplifier Tubes 6L6
Channels 2
Reverb No
Footswitch Yes
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In stock within 1-2 weeks

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High-quality signature amp

With the MT15 amp, PRS has launched a high-quality and ultra-compact "lunchbox" amplifier that has been custom-made for Alter Bridge mastermind Mark Tremonti. This 15-watt, two-channel head is a thoroughbred all-tube amp and delivers dynamic crunch and transparent clean tones in addition to the rich distortion sounds that you would expect from a Mark Tremonti signature amplifier. A particularly practical feature is that if necessary, the power can be switched down to 7 watts, which means you can enjoy the sound of an all-tube power amplifier pushed to the limit without destroying your hearing - in the studio and elsewhere.

Full-throttle Rock tones

Despite its compact size and low weight of 6kg, the MT15 has everything a quality-conscious guitarist needs. Its chassis houses eight tubes (six JJ ECC83s for the preamp and two JJ 5881s for the power stage) that supply the two separately adjustable channels with authentic tube amp tone. Even with plenty of gain dialled in, the transparency with which the amp does its job is outstanding, so heavy drop tunings, riffs, and single notes remain clear and well-defined. The clean channel is also perfectly tailored to Mark's playing style and suits open tunings and finger-style parts perfectly and, thanks to the boost that can be activated via the push/pull potentiometer, can also be coaxed into powerful and dynamic crunch territory.

For guitarists with ambition

Thanks to its classic design and separately adjustable channels, the MT15 will feel at home in virtually any musical style, so this compact head will not only find favour with Rock musicians and Mark Tremonti fans. It can also be used in a range of different locations, whether in a live setting, in the studio or in the rehearsal room. And thanks to its all-tube power output and effective EQ controls (including separate dials for volume and gain), the MT15 promises a flexible and relaxed performance even in a high-decibel band environment. And if you want to enhance the MT15's great basic sound with your favourite effects, you will find the corresponding effect loop connections on the rear panel.

About Paul Reed Smith Guitars

Paul Reed Smith Guitars is an American manufacturer of top-of-the-range electric guitars. Based in Stevensville, Maryland, the company was founded in 1985 by Paul Reed Smith, who had already been making guitars on his own since the mid-1970s as part of his music degree. PRS Guitars owes its breakthrough to guitar legend Carlos Santana, who liked the guitars so much that he soon ordered custom-made instruments from the firm. Since then, the product range has grown to include basses, acoustic guitars, and amplifiers. The list of PRS artists is abundant with big names: John Mayer, Mark Tremonti, Alex Lifeson, and Mark Holcomb are just a handful of the signature artists who testify to the quality of PRS instruments.

A hero in every situation

Whatever genre you may be into, the MT15 is an absolute blast for any occasion. Its high-quality construction and the use of premium components make this amp especially popular with ambitious guitarists. Whether you are looking for rich high-gain sounds, dynamic crunch, or warm clean tones, the MT15 delivers optimum results across the board while retaining its typical Mark Tremonti transparency and definition in any situation. This of course makes it interesting for a wider audience besides just Rock musicians. If you are looking for a compact, no-nonsense head that feels at home in many genres, this is the amp for you. And thanks to the option of reducing the power from 15 to 7 watts, the range of possible applications is expanded even further.

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80 Reviews

Monstrously good
underGlass 29.03.2021
I bought this amp as an upgrade to my home studio setup. I'd been using a Blackstar HT-5 for about 8 years as a home practice and recording amp, and wanted something with more variety and better headroom, particularly on the clean channel. I opted for the Harley Benton G112 cab offered by Thomann - note that there are certainly more expensive cabinets out there, including the intended PRS 1x12, but as the Harley includes a Celestion V30, this was more than sufficient for my needs.

My signal chain is: PRS SE Santana (2011) -> Exotic EP Booster -> Maxon OD808 -> amp. In the effects loop: TC electronics Plethora -> TC electronics Helix -> TC electronics Flashback II (currently running as a looper).

My first impression was with no effects or overdrives/boosts, simply guitar straight into the amp. And this thing did not disappoint! The clean channel is beautiful: clear and chimey, with crisp highs and a wonderful mellow character overall. I was worried that it might sound sterile or lifeless without at least some reverb, but the character of the amp really shines through. Not surprisingly given the 6L6 power section, it's closer to Fender territory than say Marshall or Orange, but remains quite balanced without becoming harsh or shrill. The pull-out boost on the treble knob is also a welcome addition, as the clean channel does retain excellent headroom. With the boost engaged, there's a really gorgeous airiness to the tone, with strummed chords singing and single notes sustaining really clearly. Adding some delay and reverb, the treble boosted sonic palette takes on a wonderful character, becoming rich and resonant - finger picked arpeggios sound remarkably clear and full.

Most people will be interested in the overdrive channel here. Unsurprisingly, this is really outstanding. There is an enormous amount of gain on tap, although even with the gain at max, the tone remains very usable; chords retain definition and leads sound smooth and full, without sounding grainy or harsh. My own preference is to keep the gain relatively low, typically below half way (although note that this is still quite a lot of gain!), and to then add extra punch with the Exotic and midrange with the Maxon. I'm not really a metal player, but for saturated leads (ala Gary Moore, Satch, etc.) this amp is incredible. If I had one complaint, it's that the lead channel does attract some noise, even with the gain at moderate levels - not surprising, given the number of gain stages here. I usually keep a Sentry Noise Gate within my pedalboards on the Plethora, and this deals well with any extraneous hum.

My only other complaint is not having had enough time yet to play with this amp! I also considered the Hughes & Kettner Tubemeister 18 when buying the MT15. That had the added advantage of the Redbox DI, something lacking from the MT15. However, the difference in price between the two amps on Thomann is roughly the same as buying the Redbox alone, so that's always an option.

Overall, I highly recommend the MT15. I haven't gigged with it (unlikely to in the near future, given the Covid 19 situation across Europe). I can't imagine that it would struggle to keep up with a drummer; even at 7W half power, it's remarkably loud. You will not regret buying one of these!


Probably the best amplifier for the price quality ...
Chira 22.03.2021
I live in Russia, everyone has heard about our mail, but this is the third order in a month, which comes ideal and in just 8-9 days ...
As for the "little devil".
1) Noisy loop, critically loud backgrounds at home volume.
2) 7-15 watts is more of a publicity gimmick that doesn't make it quieter for home use. (it would be better to make a general volume control for two channels)
3) This is where the cons end, this is just a great amplifier for the money !!!!!!!
The clean channel is as transparent as a baby's tear, and it is good friends with my OCD and Ibanez, and other pedals sound good in the clean channel (and sound terrible in the loop). It can be quiet enough to play with your wife sleeping in the next room at night. Pedals are essentially the only way to get crunch at low volumes.
As for the lead channel, it is VERY VERY loud, you do not need a heating pad, rather you need a fire extinguisher for this channel, a huge supply of gain, and even at its high values ​​the sound remains dense and readable. I tested it through a cabinet 2x12 celestion vintage 30 16 ohm on a Les Paul with 496r - 498t, stratocaster with Dimarzio HS2 and Blue Velvet, Amarok with EMG Retro Active, Stratocaster with Seymour Duncan JB and SH-6 - sounds great on different power pickups , a sound with hints of mesa boogie, which does not try to copy it, but has its own character. Don't look for easy crunch without pedals here.
As for the volume, I do not think that this amplifier is suitable for playing in an apartment building with the volume knob raised above 1 mm, IT IS VERY LOUD (the minimum volume of the lead channel is no different from the minimum volume of mesa boogie dual rectifier mods 100w solo head) !! ! But I also would not use an attenuator, it is quite possible to try to catch the volume at the minimum, which will be better than the same volume with an attenuator, and will allow you to play in the evening! And for the night there is a clean channel and pedals, there is a loadbox and impulses. And attenuators are probably needed by amplifiers that need to swing the output (like Fender), here it is not required IMHO and will not give anything!
Bottom line: I am very pleased with this amplifier, it is quite universal for home, rehearsals and probably live performances !!! And the backlit trick is just bombing!
P.S. If you turn on a clean channel, then standby and wait 15 seconds, then there will be no click when turned off. At least that's how it works for me.


Constantinos Cyri 18.03.2020
I was looking for a tube amp head for rehearsal and live gigs for very long time.
I was tired of this situation where you have to see what gear the bar/ stage will have and then think if your pedals go well with their gear and so on.
I had enough for that. It was time for me to get my own fierce tube head.

I tried and watched many many heads from the cheapest ones up to 1000€ (which is what I could afford at the time)

Now am I happy that I chose this one..

+Great tone options for metal players.
+It has all the gain you need.
+As you may already understand from the tube combination in this one, it is LOUD and can easily rehearse and play at any medium sized gig (and probably even bigger gigs)
+It has the option for half power (~7 watts) which is ideal for home usage/ Don't worry, you can indeed play at home for practice with the Master Volume knob at low levels
+Foot switch included
+Case included
+Great looks (blue for clean and red for lead)

- None so far. Even the price is justified by what you get in the end.

PRS did a great job with this and I am sure I will enjoy for the years to come.


Straight forward high gain lunchbox amp
Metalbert 04.12.2021
Of all the lunchbox amps I have seen, the MT15 just has exactly what I need on the tone department - crystal clear cleans and thick saturated high gain. Also the fact that it has 2 6l6 power tubes makes it sound like a full sized amp (they have changed the power tube to 5881 now and Tremonti said it actually made it sound better in an interview). I got this in 2020 (when it had 6l6) and writing this review now because we all have a honeymoon period with our gears where everything is a solid ten when it's new.

Tone-wise, it's all I need - good cleans and thick leads. I won't even complain it does not have reverb or any other bells and whistles like other amps in it's price range are offering because it's tone justified the price. It's a straight forward amp and you can always get a good tone with a few turns on the knobs.

Regarding build-quality there are a few issues:
The fx loop is a bit noisy, courtesy of high gain pre amp tube (12AX7) on the fx loop circuit. The remedy is to change the preamp tube of the fx loop to a lower gain tube like 12AU7 but I can live without changing it.

The master volume taper is not linear but a sudden jump at around 8 O'clock.

And lastly, my unit had a buzzy chassis. The base is a metal plate screw to the body and it can rattle at higher volumes. However, it's an easy fix by stuffing foam underneath.

Other than these three issues, I have absolutely no reason not to love this amp. It gives good tones, handles pedal like a champ, and achieve bedroom level volume without sounding too thin.


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