Rode PSA-1


Professional Table Microphone Boom Arm

  • For table mounting
  • For radio, podcaster, pro and broadcaster
  • 3/8" Thread
  • For microphones from 700 g to approx. 1.1 kg
  • Rotates 360 degrees
  • Dimensions of the arms: 820 mm horizontal, 840 mm vertical
  • Colour: Black
  • Incl. Table mounting accessories: Screw clamps for table tops up to 55 mm and hollow bolts for table tops up to 70 mm
available since June 2007
Item number 114512
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Type Microphone Boom
Height 820 mm
Color Black
Weight 1,8 kg
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Lack in quality even though it's relatively expensive
Rode PSA-1 07.06.2021
TLDR: Hinges and internals are not greased from factory which causes unnecessary wear and noise upon use.

I have experienced what seems to be an "issue" with ALL PSA-1 arms. It squeaks and there's a metal grinding noise. One of the hinges can be oiled from the outside (which should not be ungreased/unoiled on such an expensive product) but there's a pin that is also ungreased on the inside that requires light disassembly to get to which is ridiculous. Once all this is done the arm functions properly. This is not a "problem" per se since Rode seem to not do this at the factory and are obviously aware since this happens to what seems to be everyone that bothers to even check their product before use, if they do not later notice it during. This will most likely never be fixed because of how long this product has been on the market.

The quality itself is closer to a 4 but gets a 2 star because of the problem above. Stability is decent but is a bit wobbly if your desk isn't stable.


Perfect combination!
Audio geek 09.05.2021
As part of a studio rebuild I bought four of these booms to replace some aging and very twangy booms of dubious origin! Our main studio uses the SM7B and the PSA-1 supports these very well, balance is perfect and with a little patience feeding the mic cable through the channel in the upper leg of the arms and down through the centre of the base spigot gives a superbly sleek finish. As our guest positions were a custom made desk it was great to to use the circular flush desk mount drilled into the surface with its neat nylon collar (to avoid metal on metal) and a chrome bezel with the Rode logo on it. Nice touch of quality from end to end. The SM7B is hung from the spigot in it's classic formation and looks the part but he only point to note is the microphone's XLR connector casting restricts the horizontal movement a little at extremes but this isn't detrimental to normal use.

Overall the Rode quality is present and these booms represent excellent value for money. They have an adequate reach and style without being overly like staring at an angle poise lamp draped across the desk. Every house should have one!


Very impressed
Andy, UK 17.01.2019
This desktop stand works well.

I used the standard base to clamp it to my desk (instead of the option to drill a hole in the desk) and this is stable with zero wobble in the base. Everything seems well made and sturdy.

Without a mic when you move the arm the springs move it toward a neutral position when you release the arm. After mounting a mic, that stops.

I mounted a Rode NT1-A Complete Vocal Recording on the end. With that weight on the arm, it is nicely balanced, easy to move, and stays where I put it without adjusting any clamps. It has a reach of more than a metre, and rotates very easily - the arm turns smoothly on the base, and the mic turns freely on the arm. Nice and flexible.

One minor downside - the arm has parallel metal bars which move closer or further apart as you move the arm up and down. These have squared edges and you can nip your fingers a bit if you hold that wrong.

Very happy - very good stand


Absolute must for any studio
Joe Fahy 16.05.2017
Iv been in quite a few studios and there is nothing worse when you need to move the mic arm while live and you can hear it moving.

I have this setup at home with the Rode Procaster and PSM1 mount and im really happy with how it sounds.

One piece of advice is to take note of the warning when your unpacking the arm when it says that its spring loaded. I managed to catch my thumb in it.

Before I attached the mic I was concerned that the mic wouldn't be in the right location as the arm kept sticking up in the air due to the springs, however once I attached the procaster mic the arm sits exactly where I want it to be.

When the time comes to add further mic's to the home studio, the PSA-1 will definitely be on the shopping list.


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