Roland JC-40


Electric Guitar Combo

Roland's famous Jazz Chorus Clean-sound and Stereo Chorus Effect in a compact combo amplifier with more advanced possibilities for the modern guitarist

  • Power: 40 W Stereo
  • Components: 2x 10" Speakers
  • The stereo input allows real stereo sound with stereo effect pedals and modeling devices
  • Internal effects: Chorus, vibrato, reverb and distortion
  • Foot switch connector for switching internal effects ( footswitch not included)
  • Mono and stereo effects loop
  • Mono and stereo line out
  • Headphone output
  • Controls: Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass, Distortion, Reverb, Speed, Depth
  • Bri (Bright) switch
  • Vib / Chorus switch
  • Effects loop switch
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 592 x 251 x 436 mm
  • Weight: 15.8 kg
  • Suitable dust cover: Art.438081 (not included)
available since October 2015
Item number 368476
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Power 40 W
Speaker 2x 10"
Channels 1
Reverb Yes
Effects Processor Yes
External FX Loop Yes
Line Input No
Recording Output Yes
MIDI Interface No
Connection for External Speaker No
Headphone Output Yes
Footswitch connection Yes
Incl. Footswitch No
Weight in kg 15,8 kg
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Awesome amp
Cryingwhale 01.08.2020
Was thinking of investing into a tube amp, like the Fender Blues junior or smth, but decided to go for a solid state amp because of easier handling and reliability. So i went for the best sounding solid state amp there is, the JC.
The stereo chorus sound is unbelievable and makes you high the first time you dial it.
The clean sound is punchy, and crystal clear. A custom 50s type jazz guitar with a P90 sounds like a Wes Montgomery or George Benson record. A Fender Strat MIJ sounds much more rounded and deep than other solid state amps Ive played through.
I dont use a lot of pedals, just a Vox wah and a Morley Pro series Distortion, and the JC takes them very good. I dont use the built in distortion, but its much better than other models of JCs I played, i.e. the old JC 50.
It sounds good on a soft volume, and it also can get loud. For most of the time when playing with bands (with loud drummers) on stage or studios, my volume knob is at 12 o clock.
Great for both a percussive, dry guitar sound, and a wet, lead-ish one.
Not too heavy, and looks very sturdy.

Cons: a back plate would be nice.

All in all: perfect for my needs, and the sound is... iconic! You'll definitely hear it


Anonymous 05.11.2015
I did have very high recommendation for clean tone to buy Roland JC. I need it mostly for the jazzy music.
I was probably one of the first buyers from Thomann and there were no reviews available from buyers yet. I usually do not take sellers and especially presenters reviews very seriously and now I got a confirmation that I've been right on that.

Pros -
really loud, it has The Chorus and Vibrato, it has FS i/o for each effect etc. good for OD and different effects probably

Cons -
10" has not enough "bottom" for clean (loudness does not compensate that); FX loop has no true bypass;
MAIN downside is incredible hiss, which makes this model unusable on lower volume, especially to mic it. Certainly not in studio.


the best clean amp ever
jshtrnr 07.06.2022
unbelievably loud, very compact and light, limitless clean headroom and amazing chorus


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mon premier vrai ampli!
Anonymous 12.01.2017
Posons le décor:
Des amplis, j'en ai eu quelques-uns, pas tous bons d'ailleurs; NOVANEX, M3, Carvin à transistors, Marshall...; là, j'hésitais entre un Fender et le JC40.
Je joue des reprises guitare -moi - chant -ma chanteuse favorite, avec de belles guitares: ES335, Godin LGXT, Godin multiac cordes nylon.
Les styles: bossa nova, jazz, variétés arrangées.
Pas question de faire passer tout ça par un petit ampli.
Jusqu'à présent j'entrais les guitares dans la sono, avec un préampli-multi-effets.
L'essai en magasin:
étonnamment pas concluant: beaucoup de bruit ambiant, et la concurrence des sons saturés, un comparatif avec une machine plus puissante, bref j'ai dû réfléchir.
Le constat s'est imposé tout seul: je voulais une machine qui puisse amplifier de belle manière et en son clair mes guitares, qui possède en plus une belle réverb et un beau chorus.
Donc, un choix de raison au départ.
et puis, à la maison puis en live, j'ai appris à apprécier pleinement la réponse de cet ampli qui est très puissant pour mon usage (cocktails, bars, restaurants, un peu de scène), et qui me donne des sons superbes. J'ai par exemple redécouvert ma 335 que je laissais de côté.Les effets sont magnifiques, du coup je n'emmène que l'ampli quand on joue à 2; et en groupe je l'utilise également avec un GT-8 Boss qui restitue enfin des sons saturés vraiment crédibles.
Je n'ai pas gardé le meilleur pour la fin: la distortion est à mon avis inutilisable, sauf pour grossir un peu le son, mais juste un peu alors....
Si vous êtes dans mon cas, que vous utilisez beaucoup des sons clairs et qu'il vous faut un seul ampli, voyez le Roland JC-40!


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