Roth & Junius Europe 4/4 Student Cello Set



  • Size: 4/4
  • Solid spruce top
  • Solid maple back
  • Neck and sides made of maple
  • Fingerboard, pegs, and tailpiece made of ebony (Diospyros ebenum)
  • Tailpiece with fine tuners
  • Jargar classic strings
  • Includes bag, bow, and rosin
  • Made in Europe
  • Set up in the Thomann specialist string workshop in Germany
Available since July 2011
Item number 258568
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Fretbboard Ebony
Massive Top Yes
Flamed Back No
Housse incl. Yes
Etui rigide incl. No
Incl. Bow Yes
Lefthand Model No
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The perfect start

The violoncello is the stringed instrument that traditionally covers the tenor range in the orchestra, and it also makes waves with its smooth sound in Pop and Rock bands as well as in Jazz and Tango ensembles. Of course, it can also be enjoyed in powerful solo performances. This instrument has inspired musicians of all musical backgrounds since it was first developed in northern Italy some 500 years ago. The Roth & Junius Europe 4/4 Student Cello offers young music students the ideal introduction to the world of this fascinating instrument. In addition to the traditionally built instrument itself, a gig bag and a bow are also included in the scope delivery. To ensure that you can start making music right away, the violoncello has already been set up and prepared for playing at Thomann's stringed instrument workshop in Germany.

Bridge on the Roth & Junius Europe 4/4 Student Cello

Traditionally crafted

The Roth & Junius Europe 4/4 Student Cello is made in Europe and embodies the traditional art of instrument making, which is reflected in the selection of the materials used: The solid back is made of maple, as are the sides, while the cello's solid top, which is crucial for the sound, is made of spruce. The fingerboard is neatly set on the maple neck and is made of ebony, as are the tuning pegs and the tailpiece, the latter of which is also equipped with four fine-tuners to allow the instrument to be tuned with pinpoint accuracy. The Roth & Junius Europe 4/4 Student Cello is strung with Jargar Classic strings.

F-hole in the Bridge on the Roth & Junius Europe 4/4 Student Cello

Great sound, right from the beginning

The Roth & Junius Europe 4/4 Student Cello is an instrument that will please both young students and adult beginners or casual musicians with its rich, pleasant cello sound. Incidentally, it is a persistent misconception that beginners and students can initially get by with an instrument that sounds less than good. In truth, the opposite is true, especially with a stringed instrument such as the cello: Young musicians in particular benefit from a melodious instrument such as the Roth & Junius Europe 4/4 Student Cello, because it delivers a clean, appealing sound and thus lays the foundation for a joyful musical experience in the years to come. The instrument comes in 4/4 size, often referred to as a "full-size cello" - which means it is suitable for adults as well as children over the age of approximately eleven.

Pegbox of the Bridge on the Roth & Junius Europe 4/4 Student Cello

About Roth & Junius

Roth & Junius is a brand exclusive to Thomann that offers beginners affordable bowed sting instruments as well as grand pianos, upright pianos, and accessories. Roth & Junius was founded in 1889 by August Roth, and its instruments are now manufactured at various locations in Europe and Asia. The trademark clean lines and high-quality manufacture of the range are the result of excellent craftsmanship and the use of proven materials. Today Roth & Junius products offer beginners and advanced players an affordable and reliable range of instruments and accessories that guarantee long-lasting pleasure in music making.

First choice for ambitious students

Supporting bass notes as accompaniment on the low C string, powerful melodies on the D and A strings, or multi-layered playing as heard in the violoncello solo suites of Johann Sebastian Bach: The Roth & Junius Europe 4/4 Student Cello can handle all musical challenges, and it does so with a voluminous, pleasant tonal quality that always sounds clean, even when played polyphonically. Naturally, this cello cannot compete with a much more expensive master-built instrument, but it doesn't have to. If you are a beginner, taking up the cello again, or simply a musician on a budget looking for a first-class instrument that is already precisely set up and offers all the essential features and the beautiful, well-balanced sound of a traditional violoncello together with a highly attractive price-performance ratio, you should definitely take a closer look at the Roth & Junius Europe 4/4 Student Cello.

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34 Reviews

surprisingly good student cello for the money
NLeo 21.12.2019
this is my first cello for study and this is one of the most affordable models not from plywood and with a real ebony fingerboard. I bought this cello in April 2019 and my teacher was surprised that you can buy a decent student model for such little money. Later I put a new set of Thomastik Versum strings and it sounded even better, although a set of strings costs 1/3 of the cello :)

Cons: doesn’t sound as deep as the more expensive or older cellos, but more than enough for learning.


1st Year of use...
Kevin from Dublin 17.04.2021
I purchased this model last year as a beginner adult cello player having taken advice from the Thomann team. I am delighted with my purchase. Excellent value for money, looks and sounds great. Thank you Thomann.


Cello RJCE 4/4
Cellistically 17.06.2018
Good student cello. Low action at nut and fingerboard. Good quality bow. Plays well and and produces nice sonorous tone.


Amazing Cello
Dnapoli 30.11.2021
This is my first cello with solid wood I extremely recommend it for student or even for intermediate players. I am very happy and satisfied.