Schlappi Engineering Nibbler Black

Eurorack Module

  • Digital 4-bit accumulator for generating gate signals, rhythm patterns and control voltages
  • The binary CMOS shift register counts a value (0 - 15) adjustable via toggle switch for each pulse at the clock input and adds or subtracts this value to the internal memory
  • Reset input and button (Cherry MX Braun) for deleting the register
  • Synchronous (clocked) or asynchronous counting mode selectable
  • Comprehensive control manipulation of the counting process and the internal register via the Clock, Sub, Carry In, Shift, Shift Data and Data XOR inputs
  • Gate input/output for each bit
  • Two outputs for stepped control voltages (range: 0V to +10V), one of which has a switchable phase offset
  • Application examples: Clock divider, drum sequencer, lo-fi oscillator, frequency divider, noise source and many more
  • Power consumption: 37mA (+12V) / 17mA (-12V)
  • Width: 12 U
  • Depth: 28 mm
  • Colour: Black
Available since January 2024
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