Millenium MPS-1000

The MPS-1000 is the flagship model in Millenium’s range of electronic drumkits. It most eye-catching feature is that it combines wooden shells and mesh heads and thus visually resembles an acoustic drum set. At the core of the setup is a 20” bass drum, which is complemented by 10” and 12” rack toms and a 14” floor tom as well as a 13” snare drum. The set is rounded out by a cymbal set comprising a 13” hi-hat, a 15” crash, and an 18” triple-zone ride. This kit doesn’t just look great, however – with 820 sounds including a wide range of effects as well as 335 MB of storage capacity for saving your own samples (the equivalent of around 30 minutes of stereo sampling), it combines style with plenty of substance. And a Bluetooth interface is also included, so you can wirelessly connect your smartphone and drum along to your favourite music.