Sommer Cable SC Club Series MkII BK


Professional Microphone Cable

  • Meterware
  • SC Club series MkII
  • 2 x 0,34 mm²
  • Sheath diameter 6,5 mm
  • Weight/Metre 56 g
  • Shielded
  • Conductor resistance: 53 Ohm / km
  • Shield resistance: 25 Ohm / km
  • Colour: Black
Available since October 2007
Item number 138121
Sales Unit 1 metre(s)
Colour Black
Diameter 0,34 mm²
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168 Reviews

Great sound and price
Anonymous 22.06.2016
I am a profesional Guitarist and Composer for film and TV

I needed some more cables for my PA and microphones so i figured i would try and build some myself.

I ordered the Neutrik gold plated black coated ends to go with these and they are fantastic. Even if you decide to upgrade the cable later down the line you can still recycle these ends so i would highly recommend getting those.

This cable is good quality and sounds great. It is very cheap (half the price of the van damme stuff) and for the money i would definitely buy this stuff again.

Since buying this i have also ordered the Sommer highflex cable which i prefer to this. The feel is nice and it coils up a bit nicer and doesnt leave a weird dry residue on your hands after coiling hundreds of meteres of XLRs.

I made several XLRs from this cable for using with microphones and for plugging in PA speakers for live function work. The cables have performed brilliantly for a number of years now and i have only had to fix my terrible soldering and not the cables.

They are very easy to make up, just strip the ends and solder the connectors up - i would invest into a good quality cable stripper if you are doing loads of these as manually cutting away the plastic coating takes ages and isn't worth the time.

Good quality
Good Sound
Great Price
Looks good

Highflex stuff coils better but is slightly more expensive.

If you are going to give making your own cables a go to save some cash and learn some new skills in soldering then this is some good stuff to get started on. I use it professionally and the cables are great so give it a go!


Reliable and Longlasting
BlackSpire 26.10.2021
I just went over my orders overview and noticed that I have already around 400 meters of this cable in use.
I use it both for fixed installation in my studio as well as for my band in live situations.
In the soon 5 year since I first bought this cable I have not had any issue with it.
Some may claim that it isn't flexible enought. For studio purposes this doesn't matter mucht, and in a live situation I put more value on durability than flexibility. The lack in flexibility means that it is more likely to survive people that have no clue about how to handle cables properly. Furthermore, if you know how properly coil up a cable and have moderatly sized hands, you can still handle this cable in lengths up to 20 meters.


Talzx7r 04.01.2022
I bought several meters of this. Always handy to make patch cables


Excellent cable, excellent value!
Robert328 25.08.2013
The price for 100m of this cable is very good. The cable is also very good. Easy to coil, very low noise (far better than the existing cables in my venue) and the matte finish makes them nicer looking and nicer to hold. They also pull out of tangles easier because the finish is slightly slippery. Finally the cable is very easy to work with when soldering. The braid screen comes apart easily and the inner cores are easy to strip and don;t stretch too much or shrink back too much when heated.

Very good.