Soonwell Magic Tube MT1-EU-KIT

Soonwell Magic Tube MT1-EU-KI; Waterproof Tubelight; 35cm LED tube; Power: 10 W; Colour temperature with CCT: 2,600 to 6,000; Colour temperature with CCT-S: 1,600 to 20,000 K (CCT-S stands for Controlled Color Temperature SPECIAL. This covers a wider range of colour temperatures. In the lower range at 1,600K there is a red tint and in the upper range at 20,000K there is a blue tint. So it can be seen as an extension to CCT, which becomes coloured at the edges); Brightness at 5,600K: 1917 Lux (at 30cm) / 172 Lux (at 1m); Protection class: IP68 (suitable for use under water); Colour purity: CRI: 96+; TLCI: 97+; Colour modes:; RGBW (red, green, blue, white); HSI (colour 360°, saturation & intensity each dimmable in 1% steps); CCT (colour temperature from 2. 600K to 6,000K, dimmable in 100 Kelvin steps, additional regulation possible in the green & magenta range) ; CCT-S (1,600K to 2,600K in 100K steps / 6000K to 10,000K in 500K steps / 10,000K to 20,000K in 1000K steps); 20 effects, including campfire, police light, storm lights, TV, flickering light, and many more. all effects are individually adjustable in brightness and dynamics; all colour settings are dimmable in brightness in 1% steps; control options:; push buttons and display on the back of the light; app for Android; mounting options:; magnetic back for easy mounting; 1/4"-20" internal thread on both sides; power supply:; permanently installed rechargeable battery, 3. 6 V, 7650 mAh; charging via USB-C; battery life: 2.8 hours at maximum brightness; charging time: approx. 4 hours; dimensions: 35cm x 4.06 cm; weight: 500 g; included in delivery: RGBW Tube, Softgrid, Mini Tripod, Sturdy Soft Carrying Case, Tube Connector to connect tubes, Saftety Strap, USB Type-C cable for charging

available since June 2022
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