Stairville LED PAR56 24x3W RGB MKII black



  • With RGB colour mixing
  • 24 High-power LEDs with 3 watt each
  • DMX-512 controllable - 2 modes, 3 and 5 channels
  • Various stand-alone programs
  • Sound-to-light mode with built-in microphone
  • Easy adjustment of all functions via digital display with 4 buttons
  • Split-yoke bracket for floor or truss mounting

Technical specifications:

  • Light source: 24 x 3 Watt TrueColour LED
  • Beam angle: 40°
  • DMX input and output: 3-pin XLR
  • Power supply: 100 - 240 V 50/60 Hz
  • Max. Power consumption: 65 watts
  • Weight: 2.3 kg
  • Dimensions: 270 x 225 x 195 mm
  • Housing colour: Black
Available since August 2016
Item number 386024
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Construction Type PAR56
Number of LEDs 24
power of the single LED 3 W
Colour Mixing RGB
LED Type Single colour LED
Floor housing No
Fanless No
remote control not supported
wireless DMX No
Housing Colour Black
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100 Reviews

Bright but not too clever
Gary1009 14.10.2014
Ive had these lights now for over a year,So this is a true review,They have been gigged every weekend for over a year now and this is what i think of then.These lights are bright,Very intense,but the colour mixing is not too good,Next time I would buy tri colour led lights as they give a much better effect for what I want to do,The basic rgb colours are fine,But getting an amber or purple is not all that clever,I find that the audience get annoyed at the intensity of led lights'Wheras 500w floods were never a problem,To get the best out of these lights we use a ryger led light controller at around £175.You need a decent controller to bring the best out of them,They are reliable though,We also bought a chinease cheap copy off ebay and they have already given me problems with fans not working and led's failingHope this review helps someone


Good quality Led-Par
Anonymous 02.06.2014
Nothing bad to say, really pleased with the product. Price/quality ratio is excellent, and the whole device seems sturdy in a way that it can actually take some beating (although I do suggest handling it carefully).

LEDs are bright and the colours are deep. Mixing colours works rather well, the amount of different colours you can get is up to your imagination.

However, there are a few rather obvious shortcomings:

- "rainbow effect": when used to light up for instance a plant, behind the object you will notice borders of the "unmixed" colours. In some applications this might get annoying.
- Brightness when only deep colours: Since the way the led par works, the more LEDs are on at the same time the more light you get. In other terms, if you only want one colour or a slight mixture of two, the end result will be much dimmer than if you light them all up. Obviously this is something that applies to all led pars, which is why I don't drop the rating because of it.

All in all a great product at a good price. Highly recommended.


Lots of light - and some noise
Filip W. 06.06.2014
Armatures with separate RGB LEDs are the cheapest way to get high light output. I use these for illuminating large white walls in a church during concert, and they can easily light up 25 m2 each. The drawback is that they are not very nice as backlight or blinds, when the lenses can be seen by the audience, since they don't mix colors internally. Color mixing armatures are thus more versatile, but less light efficient.

A big drawback for me is the noisy fan. I think Thomann should always mention in the description when equipment is noisier than expected - not all is being used in loud rock concerts! And one could expect a lighting fixture to be completely silent.

I would say that the build quality exceeds expectations in this price range. I've been digging inside too (for installing a temperature controlled fan) and the electronics looks quite tidy.


Fantastic RGB par can
andyo 20.12.2013
I bought this light for use in a small community theatre as a general wash light and it doesn't disappoint.

It's easy to set up and control from a DMX deck or in standalone mode. It's surprisingly bright for an LED PAR56 can and the colour mixing capabilities are fine . The motor is very quiet and the dip-switch panel is easy to configure.

Everything you need to know is in the manual - nothing complicated. It's robust in a strong housing and very light. Its small profile and low heat output means that you can slot it in almost anywhere.

If you're looking to wash a stage with colour then you won't go far wrong with this.