Superlux S241



  • True condenser
  • 1/2 " Gold-plated capsule
  • Switchable pad: -10 and -20 db
  • Switchable low cut: 75 to 150 Hz
  • Universally applicable
  • Ideal for vocal and instrument recording
  • Colour: black
  • Including shockmount, windscreen and pop filter
available since October 2008
Item number 212660
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Battery Powered No
Directional Microphone No
Stereo Pair No
switchable lowcut Yes
switchable pad Yes
characteristic cardoid
Condenser Microphone 1
Incl. Clamp 1
Polar Pattern Cardioid
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Good all around microphone
Valdemar TV 16.08.2017
I use Superlux S241 as all-around mic for video production for couple of month.

It`s sensitivity is good enough to record detail ambience.
Bulid in attenuator helps to avoid clipping on rock concerts etc.

Thanks to massive brass made body the handling noise is low, which gives
possibility to use this mic as handheld interview microphone.
Integrated high-pass filter reduses the unnesessary low-end tones
(under the human voice), which is good for interview.

Mic itsself, shock mount, pop-filter and wind shield are nicely paked in foam
padded small plastic case.

The noise floor (at least in my very case) is not that low. I`ve made some "silent" tests
of S241 vs my two hyper cardioid Oktavas MK-012. The difference is notisable. Therefore I woudn`t use this mic for quiet night soundscapes. As for average situations it is absolutely OK.

High end (around 10 kHz) is bit too hot, (easy to fix in post if needed).

- Will I continue to use S241 for videoproduction?
- Sure.
- Will I use one as dialogue mic for movie?
- No.
- You can not afforde Soeps, DPA and other big brothers? Or, you`d like
to have good mic for very low price?
- Go for it, you`ll have no regreds.


Condenser on a budget
Sharpie 27.09.2014
I don't use this condenser very often but when I do find occasion to do so, it really comes into its own.

The first time I ever used it was in an old Carmelite chapel with very high ceilings and stone walls and floors. Naturally this was a technical nightmare as it was just ripe for feedback and ringing echoes. However, I needed to capture a group of female voices and no chance to individually mic them up as I perhaps would have preferred. My only other choice with my limited gear was this condenser but I wasn't very hopeful of good results. Actually it picked up the voices wonderfully and cleanly and really suited the female choral voice. I was able to 'surf' the echoes and actually create an effect in the room that made it sound like there was a much bigger group singing. This gave me confidence to use it more often.

Second use was in a youth worship event where I had a very new singer; perfectly good voice but completely untrained in microphone technique and posture. So instead, to allow her the freedom to just sing, I set her up with this instead. Again, picked her up with no problem.

I think my only complaint is fitting the pop shield holder onto the mic - it seems to clash somewhat with the shockmount making it quite difficult to attach.

The low cut and attenuator switches are very useful for minimising microphone stand handling noise and general ambient noise in the room.


Solid build, clear sound.
Anonymous 06.01.2015
I have 5 of these, two from Thomann and three I bought later from a UK retailer (because Thomanne was out of stock). I really like these mics, I'm not going to wax lyrical about the sound because I believe in being objective however I can safely say the noise-floor is extremely low, and the sound is supremely clear. Most of all they are built like a tank with super-thick steel walls and nice foam wind-cover. The pop-filter doesn't play nice with the mic-clip so you'll probably want to use one which clips onto the mic stand. Also worth noting is at some point you'll probably need to replace the rubber bands on the shock-mount as it's a tight fit on the mic and they get a little worn from sliding the mic in and out.

I have held this mic in my hand and also the Sontronics STC-10 which I suppose is its closest rival and the Sontronics feels so low quality in comparison, made from thin sheet steel and cheap switches.

I don't need the Superlux's rolloff and pad but they are recessed to avoid accidental switching so you'll need a pen to reach them.

Lastly they come in a little moulded plastic suitcase with foam insert for mics and accessories. Build quality is fine, I lug them about in my gear trunk no bother.

If you're thinking of it, just get it. They sound and feel like a lot more expensive mic.


Way better than expected
AlligatorDreamer 29.11.2020
when I bought these mics I wasn't expecting much, I just needed something to work with and I was short on cash. Boy was I surprised by the quality used them for everything from drums to guitar to voice and they never let me down. Used them inside and outside they're sturdy and reliable.
if you're on a budget these are a great buy


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