Swissonic Professional Router 2


19" Wireless Dual Band Router

  • 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz
  • Diversity
  • Removable antennas
  • 1 WAN port
  • 4 LAN ports (100 Mbps)
  • Lockable Neutrik RJ 45 connector on the front
  • Integrated power supply
  • Format: 19" / 1 HE
  • Housing dimensions without mains plug and without antennas (W x H x D): 483 x 44 x 180 mm
  • Weight: 2.1 kg

Technical Specifications:

  • WLAN standards IEEE 802.11a, b, ac, g, n
  • Data throughput WLan: Up to 300 Mbps (2.4 GHz), up to 867 Mbps (5 GHz)
Type Router
LAN Ports 4
PoE Class no
PoE ports 0
available since October 2018
Item number 422678
sales unit 1 piece(s)
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Registration-free and rack-compatible dual-band router

Thanks to its dual-band transmission capability, the Swissonic Professional Router 2 can transmit data wirelessly on two separate frequencies. In addition to its 2.4 GHz ISM band with 300 Mbps data throughput, it also operates in the 5 GHz range, where it can transmit up to 867 Mbps. The router can be operated without registration in both frequency ranges. Its “Diversity” feature ensures that transmission is always reliable. To facilitate rack mounting, the router’s front antennas can be unscrewed. The buttons for WPS pairing and device reset are also easily accessible on the front panel. The router is flexible in use and, in addition to its WAN input port, includes four LAN ports for transmitting network signals via cable at up to 100 Mbps each. Nine LEDs provide the necessary information for all of the important parameters at a glance. The router is conveniently set up via the adapter settings in the respective PC's system control panel.

Versatile in use

Two of the router’s LAN outputs are located on the front panel, which is particularly useful for easy access. The output sockets are lockable and designed for Neutrik RJ45 connectors, which are well known for their sturdiness and reliability. Thanks to its internal PSU, only an IEC cable is required to power the unit – an external power adapter is not needed. The Swissonic Professional Router 2 has four available operating modes. As a router, it can be used to connect other devices to the Internet. As a repeater (extender), it can supplement existing networks by boosting the signal and thus extending the range of the network. Used as an access point, it can wirelessly integrate devices such as netbooks, smartphones, digital mixers, and wireless controllers into existing local networks. Last but not least, this unit can also function as a wireless ISP, serving as a WiFi hotspot for musicians and guests. Of course, the wireless router also has the option of automatically assigning an IP address via DHCP and SSID encryption.

For bands and promoters

Sound engineers wishing to provide WiFi to musicians on stage or who want to control a digital mixer via a WLAN-capable controller will have access to two bands of wireless transmission with the Swissonic Professional Router 2 – meaning that if necessary, they can switch to the second frequency band when the first is being heavily used. This wireless router is therefore also ideal for those who occasionally use wireless microphones in the 2.4 GHz range and then want to switch bands to avoid possible interference in the signals, which can sometimes occur in busy frequency ranges. promoters and bands who want to create local WiFi hotspots or extend their WLAN range will also find an ideal solution here.

About Swissonic

Launched in 1998, Swissonic is an in-house brand operated by Thomann. Swissonic's range of electronic and digital devices are built to precise specifications by well-known manufacturers and are thus available at very favourable prices via direct marketing without distributors. Swissonic mainly focuses on devices for use in conjunction with a computer. The product range therefore includes interfaces, webcams, monitoring speakers, MIDI keyboards, and routers but also sound converters and rack-mounted electronic equipment. Swissonic thus provides an extensive range of affordable equipment for computer and home studio-based sound processing.

For WLAN in small locations

One possible use of the Swissonic Professional Router 2 is to connect digital mixers and controllers. But that is not all it can do: It can also be used to set up a WLAN network in rehearsal rooms or in smaller venues such as bars and pubs. This WLAN router is equally suited both to live band settings and to permanent installations. An alternative option to the Swissonic Professional Router 2, which offers fewer convenience and security features, is its little brother: The Swissonic Basic Router (item no. 427045). This is a desktop device that is less roadworthy but, thanks to its lower purchase price and smaller footprint, is ideal for use in smaller settings such as rehearsal rooms or as a terminal for WLAN-capable devices that might figure in setups used by DJs and solo entertainers.

Professional sounding name and look, amateur build quality
A.Kiwerski 04.01.2019
On the surface, this looks like a a solidly built rack mount WiFi router with a few Ethernet ports, and I could easily forgive the fact that said Ethernet ports are only 10/100 at this price point, and the fact that for the intended use (control data between Front of House and the stage, not a lot of bandwidth needed) it's plenty. However, the engineer in me decided to have a look inside, and what I found was not anything resembling a "professional-level" product.

-The cabling between the front-panel Ethercon sockets and the main board is not network cabling. It is 2 twisted pairs free-floating. Now for 100 mb/s, it technically will work, but this is shoddy at best and might barely rate as Category 3.

-Aside from a tiny piece of masking tape holding the wire bundle down to the bottom of the chassis (which will dry out in short time and fail), they are unsecured. Further, these wires are soldered to the pins on the bottom of the board of a pair of "unused" LAN sockets, rather than removing those sockets and through-soldering the wires, and the soldering is sloppy at best to boot.

-The WiFi radio sections are missing their RF shielding entirely. Granted, the rack-mount chassis is all metal, however, the shields should still be there.

-The antenna wires are soldered to the board instead of using connectors. This would be fine, however, the soldering is extremely sloppy.

The internals of this product are amateur at best. I've opened up consumer-level products that had better build quality than this "Professional"-level product.

The only saving grace so far is that the setup and configuration is relatively straight forward, though definitely in the "no-frills" sense.


Simply brilliant
JH Audio MK 18.11.2020
I got this router as a part of a package I purchased with the t.mix 24.12 digital mixing console from thomann. I use this router to connect my iPad to the mixing console for remote control. I was slightly hesitant at first, however once I set it up and played around with was amazing! The range is just under 50m with direct line of sight with nothing in the way on the 2.4ghz band and 36m on the 5ghz band with direct line of sight. The router was very quick and easy to set up. The start up time is about 20 seconds witch is less than your average home WiFi router.

With every product there are pros and cons. The only con I have with this piece of kit is the position of the WiFi antennas. I haven’t had any problems with them yet, but I recon with a good knock they might become damaged. The pros on the other hand. It has exceedingly good range, with the ability to connect a WiFi antenna cable to attach an external antenna for better range. Quick boot up time from when you first power the unit on for use. It’s lightweight and compact, and the option to rack mount it is a big plus. I’m currently using it in my front of house rack along with my system processor and mic draw.

It’s perfect. I would highly recommend this router to anyone looking for a reliable router on a budget. If you want someone small, compact, light and something that packs a punch.. the Swissonic Professional Router 2 is the router for you.

5 stars all the way! Very highly recommended from us here at JH Audio MK based in the UK.


good product - a bit pricey
George Pickering 28.09.2021
Its great quality, sturdy antennas, solid etheron connectors, good quality antennae connectors

but only being a 10/100 speed I could probably get a gigabit one for £50 more but with less features like the WAN and built in WAP



Top router for pro use
groover_zd 05.07.2021
Use it as a router for small gigs in rack with X32R.
Very easy to configure.
Love possibility to place antena on elevated loction.
Love possibility to place it to rack.
There are cheaper routers on the market but this one, when placed in rack is very easy to use.