tc electronic PolyTune Clip Tuner


Clip-On Tuner

  • PolyTune technology enables you to tune all 6 strings simultaneously
  • Strobe tuner with ±0.02 cent accuracy
  • Display is extremely bright and easy to read
  • Adaptive display ensures optimum readability regardless of the position of the PolyTune Clip
  • High-quality robust stainless steel clip
  • Suitable for flat tunings and tuning with a capo
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 25 x 60 x 28 mm
  • Weight: 32 g
  • Powered via a CR2032 button cell battery (included)
  • Colour: White
Available since June 2015
Item number 365171
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Chromatic Yes
Display LED
Integrated Microphone Yes
Integrated Metronome No
PSU Connector No
Design Clip On
Special Features Polytune
Dimensions 25 x 60 x 28
Weight 32 g
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High-precision polyphonic clip-on tuner for stringed instruments

The TC Electronic PolyTune Clip White tuner combines cutting-edge tuning technology with outstanding aesthetics and functionality, which makes it the perfect tool for musicians who wish to make no compromises in terms of speed or precision when tuning their instrument. The PolyTune Clip has been designed to be a reliable partner for guitarists and bassists in any situation – whether they are quickly checking their tuning on stage or making sure everything is perfectly in tune before a recording – and offers three different tuning modes: Polyphonic tuning, which allows all strings to be tuned at once, conventional chromatic tuning, and high-precision “strobe” tuning, which offers an impressive accuracy level of ±0.02 cent.

Polyphonic and chromatic tuning with high precision

Basic electronic guitar tuners only allow the open strings to be tuned individually to standard tuning (E, A, D, G, B, and E), which is a time-consuming affair. The PolyTune Clip, on the other hand, is a chromatic tuner, which means it recognises each note and allows each string to be tuned accordingly. And that is not all: Unlike conventional tuners, the PolyTune Clip also allows all of the strings to be struck at the same time while tuning. Its highly responsive piezo sensor then rapidly analyses the pitch of each string, and the display indicates which strings need to be adjusted. The tuning process is thus made significantly faster than using conventional methods.

Discreet and perfect for continuous use

Whether you are a beginner tuning your guitar or bass every day or a professional musician who likes experimenting with alternative tunings, the PolyTune Clip will keep your instrument precisely in tune thanks to its high-speed tracking and its unique polyphonic tuning function. Despite its extremely compact dimensions, the tuner’s bright swivel-mounted LED display ensures a clear overview at all times, even in the darkest corner of the rehearsal room. Thanks to its robust stainless-steel clip, the tuner – which weighs just 32 grams – will always stay firmly seated on the instrument’s headstock and secured against accidental slippage.

About TC Electronic

The Danish company TC Electronic has been known for its innovative products for many years. It was founded in 1976 by brothers Kim and John Rishøj in Aarhus. The company first made a name for itself with the SCF, a stereo chorus/flanger pedal for guitar. Studio equipment followed during the 80s and 90s, notably the legendary TC2290 digital delay in 19-inch rack format. Since the 2000s, TC Electronic has greatly enriched the guitar and bass scene with amplifiers, cabinets, combos, and effects pedals. Here too, TC's innovative spirit is in evidence, for example with its TonePrint technology and the first polyphonic guitar tuner. TC Electronic has been part of Music Tribe since 2015.

Your loyal day-to-day companion

Thanks to its light weight and swivel-mounted display, the PolyTune Clip can be attached discreetly to the headstock of virtually any stringed instrument – whether it’s an electric guitar, an acoustic instrument, a bass guitar, or even a ukulele. Its polyphonic tuning function together with its bright and easy-to-read LED display mean precise tuning takes no time at all, which is particularly valuable during live performances. What is more, musicians who regularly play in alternative tunings can always rely on the PolyTune Clip whenever they choose to venture beyond the scope of regular “standard” tuning.

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1090 Reviews

Fast and precise tuner.. but not so much for double bass
Anonymous 02.07.2015
I bought this tuner on July 1st 2015. It arrived amazingly fast, in less than 24 hours from Germany to the Netherlands!!

I bought the tuner to use for (intonation) practice on double bass (bowed). I also have a Korg CA1 tuner that is very good and reliable but this has not illuminated display which can be hard to read sometimes. It also is not the fastest tuner and not a clip-on (mic).

The Polytune clip does have very good visible LEDs. It also appeared to be very fast looking at the video's online. It tried it on one of my guitars and it works just fine in all modes. And yes, it is very fast.

But... on double bass not so much luck... The tuner has some difficulty picking up the signal from the E string. It does seem to work when plucked but when bowing it just does not work very well. On all other strings it works fine (in both guitar as well as bass mode).

I use the tuner on the bridge of the double bass so I can look at it when practicing scales etc. Being almost horizontal the tuner cannot decide its position so it frequently switches orientation. Of course this will not happen on (bass) guitar but it would have been nice if the gyro could be disabled.

And the final thing.. I read in the manual that the Polytune switches off automatically after 3 minutes to save the battery. I, mistakenly, thought that would be after the tuner had not been USED for 3 minutes. But this is not the case so it shuts off in the middle of a scale.

The build quality is OK. The plastic looks a bit flimsy, it would have looked so much better in stainless steel. The clip works fine and the display is very bright.

All in all the Polytune clip on is not exactly what I expected from it. Of course this is mainly due to the way I want to use it (not just tuning). I will give it another chance during a longer practice session to decide whether I'll keep it or maybe return it

EDIT: after just two days of careful use at home the rubber of the moving part of the steel clap came off. When I finally found it again on the other side of the room I noticed the rubber being split in two on one side. This should not happen!!


Must have unless you are short on money
Anonymous Sound 09.11.2020
This is an amazing piece of equipment.

The main feature of this tuner is the polyphonic tuning: you just strum all your 6 strings at once, and the tuner shows tunings of all strings simultaneously. This saves you a lot of time.

I am still quite a guitar novice, and tuning always feels like a chore, so I often skipped it. With this tuner it takes just 5-10 seconds to make sure you are still in tune, and the subsequent tuning is also pretty quick, so you are not tempted to skip the tune check before practice.

Of course, it also has a normal "needle" mode, and the switch between the two is automatic (strum 1 string vs. strum multiple strings). The display is bright, and the visuals/animations are nice. It's not an LCD display, but I like it: the dot-matrix display gives it a somewhat "retro" vibe. The clip strength seems OK. A battery is included too.

It also has some advanced features: tuning for bass guitars (albeit no polyphonic mode here), up/down tuning + capos, and different reference pitches. That's way too complicated for me just yet, but I can see myself using capo tunings in the future.

The only "downside" is that this tuner is expensive (35 EUR), but if you are short on money, and plan to upgrade to this later, I would suggest to use a smartphone app for a while, and save up for this unit.


decent tuner, fast response time
Lum1r 05.06.2023
Depending on the board, the polytune system catches better or worse. I have the impression that the A and E strings in the simultaneous tuning option slightly out of tune (low frequencies), other than that the tuner is lightning fast and very precise when used with single strings. The workmanship is rather average, the buttons are difficult to click, unfortunately, It feels cheap on the material


Good tuner but struggles with low strings
Travis John 25.01.2024
I play a lot in drop B and drop A and this tuner seems to struggle with the low B and A. Other than that I can’t fault it


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