Teenage Engineering PO-33 K.O.


Micro Sampler

  • Integrated microphone for sampling
  • 40 Seconds sampling time
  • 8 Melody sample slots
  • 8 Drum slots
  • 16-Step Sequencer
  • 16 Patterns
  • 16 Effects
  • Lock Tab write protection for pattern
  • Line in and output 3.5 mm jack
  • Integrated speaker
  • Animated LC-display
  • Power supply via 2 standard micro batteries (AAA)
  • Battery life: Up to a month, 2 years standby
  • Automatic shutdown
  • Jam Sync
  • Integrated alarm
  • Bent wire stand
available since February 2018
Item number 431590
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Polyphony 1
Internal Storage Yes
Storage Medium Flash Memory
File Format Own Format
Time Stretching No
Effects Yes
USB-port No
MIDI interface No
Analogue Inputs 1
Analogue Outputs 1
Digital Outputs No
Display Yes
Sequencer Yes
Design Desktop
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Instant Sequencing Sampler/Slicer with Analog Crunch
H33R0 21.08.2021
Got his Sampler (3 times), mainly for Amen-Breakage.
1) Record via audio-in or mic something u like (recod in doublespeed for double length).
2) Trim (a bit tricky) then Reclice automatic into 16 steps (nice!) or manualy (tricky) into 16 sciles
3) Copy parts into tonal mode
4) Have fun! :D

The step sequencer (up to 4 samples at same time playable) is very nice and offers true analog pitch, tonal play, filter (lpf, hpf, bandpass, notch) per track. steps are programmable (volume, pitch, lenght, retrig, filter, etc).

Trig in to synch with external clock.

The sound is very crunchy and has character. Stuff sounds rich lofy (90ies style). Has punch.

Very portable. Blug in hedphones or even use the speakers to jam around. You can punch in (careful) the slices like on an mpc or programm step by step.

With the built-in mic u can sampe anything. Quality is good (rich lofi).

It takes some time to get the trimming right, but onceu know this gear, u will know how to work.

Happy accidents happen. Very fun.

Do not get the silicone casing tho, it sucks (cant see the step leds at all). There are third party see through hard-cases which are better. I enjoy it without any casings.

If you want a rich lofi mutlipurpose sampler and slicer with instand workflow, this is the thing. GLHF :D


Cost 21.03.2018
Since I found out about the pocket operators series, the one that I always wanted was a sampler, teenage made it so I bought it.
First of all, if you're looking for a sp 404 or a mpc for a fraction of the price, just forget about it, you're going to blow 100 bucks(its monophonic, 40 seconds of sampling time etc...).
This is a great machine, you can record through the built in microphone and then you can cut, pitch and throw a low/high pass filter to the sample. After that you can sequence all the sounds and you can chain sequences together in order to create a song or simply make a 16,32 etc step sequence.
Good: The effects are incredibly fun to use. After creating a sequence you can create a performance by using them.
Bad: the samples are divided in racks and you can't play a 2 samples from the same rack at the same time. For example, if you have in a drum rack a quick drum and a high hat, you can't play both at the same time, the last one added to the sequence will delete the previous sound in that step.
And the sequencer is 4 notes polyphonic, so when 4 samples are playing at the same time, if you add a 5th sample to the sequence in that step, one of the samples will stop playing. That can be a good or a bad thing, sometimes can mess up completely the sequence but other time can help to to create a dynamic sequence through out the time, by adding some samples, others fade away.
Other thing that might be upsetting: You can add samples to the sequence by 16 step mode or live mode. Even though its possible to record live to the sequence, what you play is quantized, so if you try to do something weird keep in mind that the sequencer can mess it up because will quantize what you play, regardless if you want it or not.
Conclusion: Is incredibly fun machine, if you use the limitation in your advantage, you can create really cool things with it.


PO-33 is a knockout sampler
Sander1973 07.01.2023
For the money its a very nice beginner sampler sequencer from TE. The sampling time is limited in this unit but with some creativity you can make some nice grooves. Also the PO-33 ko can use a housing. It’s rather barebones. For the price it is one of the best pocket operators.


So much fun!
lwrnd 04.01.2022
I wanted something to take with me while traveling - small and battery-powered. And while i normally buy guitars here, i was looking for something different and dive into the world of samplers.
You hear good things about the PO-33 and I can only confirm. It is just so much fun to tinker with this thing.
No, i does not have the most versatile features, no, it does not have loads of memory, no, it does not have high audio quality. But that's not the point. This is a little sampler with its very own character. Its limitations - if you're going to compare it with full-size samplers - are actually what make it so fun and inspiring to use.
I can highly recommend this to anyone looking for a small, inspiring sampler.


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