the t.bone Micscreen



  • Portable absorber and diffusor
  • To be mounted behind the microphone
  • Reduces the transmission of unwanted room reflections, echoes and ambient noise
  • Suitable for live and studio applications, vocal or instrumental use
  • Screen can be widened or narrowed, adapting to the recording situation
  • Optimized acoustic membrane between the outer metal shell and foam
  • For quick and easy installation on almost any standard microphone stand
  • Width: 16 - 62 cm (recommended width 40 cm)
  • Depth: 13 - 26 cm (recommended depth 24 cm)
  • Hight: 30 cm
  • Weight: approx. 3.20 kg
Available since August 2008
Item number 209023
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Type Mic Stand Absorber
Dimensions variable
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507 Reviews

Pete D. 10.11.2013
Bought this and initially, it did make a big difference to my recordings for my relatively untrained ears (at the time). The design flaw comes with the screen bolt for securing the mic shock mount pole, as the thread gets worn such that you can't tighten it anymore. This means that you can only use the filter in a hanging configuration, which can be restrictive.

Wish I'd spent a little more and bought the SE rfx, as I've been looking at how these patented design reflection filters are made. There's loads to look at one YouTube and do your research first! The video here also explained why I've been experiencing some problem frequencies in my mixes, due to cheaper filters actually changing the sonic shape of the vocalist/instrument and the way it's recorded.

If you're just starting out recording and need a quick fix for room ambience, then this is for you. However, if you're looking for something that's a bit more pro get the SE rfx


This Works
duder 07.12.2016
Got this because I have a small room and not much space for treating the room fully. This Mic screen does the job perfectly. Can totally hear the difference using it. Would recommend it. It was easy to put together and includes the stereo bar setup. It is also adjustable should your singer have an extremely large head. Because lets be fair. They usually do! :)


t.bone micscreen / reflection filter
Scott O. 29.05.2014
I bought this mic screen from thomann 4 years ago. I initially looked at the SE Reflection screen which was a lot more expensive. I did wonder whether there would be a difference in quality and performance. I bought it to do home recordings, however I have used it out on location to record a theatre groups individual solo's as well.
Firstly, the mic screen still looks as good as new, and all bolts etc are still working. Just be careful that the ball at the end of the clamp lever doesn't work itself loose like mine, as I ended up on my hands and knees for 10 mins looking for it after it dropped off and rolled across a theatre stage. The other good thing was that it came with some extras bits in the box to allow you to be able to set it up for stereo mic's. I thought this was an excellent touch.
The unit needs to be fitted to a non boom mic stand, as the whole unit is fairly heavy. I have not done a direct A/B comparison to an SE reflection filter, but to be honest, mine sounded great on vocals and acoustic guitar with my SE2200A mic, and having used a genuine SE filter in a studio, I could not hear any audible difference to be honest. I would definitely recommend this product to others.


A decent enough product
John408 20.02.2015
This product is ok.
Its fold-up feature is nice for storage.

The padding is a bit cheap and I though like most "ah sure, it looks practically the same as the sE one. I'll get this and save a few quid".
Well, I eventually sold this on privately after getting the sE RFPro as there was a noticeable difference when I got the sE.
OK, it wasnt a humongous difference, but as your ears get more experienced you begin to learn what to listen for. The sE to my ears sounded a bit more natural and for me worked better in my treated room.

Better than the sE even, is if you can get a few duvets hung up around the singer, then this is 99% of the time your best option. But this requires physical space, time, and duvet storage which most of us dont have readily available.
This is an ok product at best, but the more expensive option is more expensive for a reason - the sE is just a better product.This is one of those cases where you do indeed "pay for what you get".