Thomann C-404 NT Set


Classical Guitar Set

  • Size: 4/4
  • European spruce top
  • Okoume back and sides (Aucoumea klaineana)
  • Okoume neck (Aucoumea klaineana)
  • Blackwood fretboard and bridge
  • "C" Neck profile
  • 19 Nickel silver frets
  • Nut width: 52 mm
  • Scale: 650 mm
  • Body depth: 98-105 mm
  • Strings: Hannabach 815 HT
  • Colour: Natural
  • Includes a gig bag (with 5 mm padding), clip-on tuner, and a foot rest
available since July 2017
Item number 413396
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Cutaway No
Top Spruce
Back and Sides Okume
Pickups No
Fretboard Blackwood
Nut width in mm 52,00 mm
Scale 650 mm
Color Natural
Case No
Incl. Gigbag Yes
Size 4/4
Back and sides Okoume
incl. tuner 1
incl. gigbag 1
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Inexpensive entry into the world of classical guitars

The C-404 offers an ideal entry point into the world of classical guitars at a low cost. With its proven tonewoods for the top and back, the C-404 certainly has no need to hide in terms of sound. The guitar comes in a set with useful accessories, which include a bag with 5 mm padding, a footrest, and a clip-on tuner.

Proven woods and brand-name strings

The top of the C-404 NT is made of laminated spruce and stained in an attractive, dark natural colour. The back and sides are made of laminated catalpa, a wood whose characteristics are very close to mahogany and whose surface is no less beautiful. Blackwood is used for the bridge and the fingerboard of the guitar, and its 19 nickel silver frets are just waiting to be played. The instrument comes as standard with a set of Hannabach strings.

For an optimum start

Due to its reasonable price and the well-thought-out accessories, beginners with a body height of 150 cm (4’ 9”) or more will find the C-404 NT ideal for their first steps with the guitar. The accessories in the set are practical, because a guitar has to be transported or tuned at some point, and with the footrest you always have a faithful companion that can also be easily stored in the padded gig bag.

About Thomann string instruments

Alongside other famous brands, the Thomann instruments, exclusively built by renowned manufacturers, now constitute a large part of the range of products offered. With unbeatable price-performance ratios, Thomann string instruments are the obvious first choice for students and beginners – and more besides. The technical features and uncompromising sound quality they offer are usually reserved for much more expensive instruments, belonging to the professional market segment.

Everything has been provided

Entering the world of the guitars does not have to be tedious and expensive: With the C-404 NT, newcomers to the guitar will find a solid instrument that makes the first exercises easy. With the robust gig bag, the footrest, and the tuner as included accessories, beginners are also well equipped on the way to guitar lessons, their first small concert, or for making music with friends.

For the price, worth it.
hpr1 10.11.2022
I was surprised of the finish and sound of this guitar. It sounds better than you would expect and comes with decent strings.
No adjustments have been required to start playing, however the fingerboard is dry as hell and needs some lubrication. Hence the quality as 4 stars, otherwise it would be pretty perfect.
Frets are nice, no fret buzz also on higher notes/up the scale, no fret sprout.

The only negative thing so far has been the tuners - it loses the tuning rather quickly when playing, even after letting the guitar rest and re-tuning/adjusting the strings multiple times over the course of days. It does hold the tuning to a degree, however the real magical sound comes out only when pitch perfect. It's sad as I can make it through 1 song maximum and have to re-tune, so probably will be looking at the nut and tuners as an upgrade in the future.

The bundle is nice touch as well - the footrest is solid and tuner works nicely. Guitar bag is just your regular one, nothing fancy but does the job.

Overall, for the price this is a good quality instrument, which might need some minor adjustments if you are looking this as your main classical guitar.


A beginners recommended set
RMI007 06.04.2022
Altough the quality is not excelent it is according to the price paid. Sound OK. Ideal for beginners.


Bought it for a beginner
Miguel Francisco 29.10.2018
The guitar has enough quality, playability and sound for any beginner. I would not choose it for a school where several people should hand on it. Just like a personal instrument for a beginner is fair good. Once the person is sure of carring on the adventure of learning guitar, this can become a travelling one and a better one the main instrument. I would not say you get what you pay for in this case because you get much more of what you pay for. A worst Chinese guitar will cost you the same without gig bag and accessories. But do not expect a concert guitar for this price and you would be on the good track.


Superb quality for the money
montesquieu 31.12.2022
Needed a guitar to be delivered somewhere I couldn't take mine, so went for this cheapie. Was really surprised at the quality at the price. Stars are given bearing the price in mind rather than in absolute terms. Small issue in that I found the strings a bit dull, and also they took days to get up to and keep pitch. I replaced them quite quickly with better ones. But you really can't have everything at this sort of price. The accessory pack is a bargain, a no-brainer to include. Take the set, add a set of strings - Daddario EJ45, or EJ43 if you like low tension - and a music stand, and you are off. Actually this set is a real service to the guitar community, a nice guitar for beginners, but not just for beginners. A little bit of setup work to bring the action down slightly would pay dividends for more advanced players, but not needed right away.