Tung-Sol 12AX7/ECC83


12AX7 / ECC83 preamp tube

  • High gain
  • Extremely low microphonic and excellent linearity
Available since August 2015
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136 Reviews

So far so good
KostasL 27.04.2020
These tubes replaced V1, V2 of an Epiphone Blues Custom 30

The stock Tubes where old so the improvement of tone was audible. Stock Electro Harmonix gave me less output and more fizz.Tung Sols where loud round and clean. It is difficult to understand the sound when you read words like "more open", "3-D sounding", "Bright but Thick" but really there are not other words to describe. It has great clarity, it is bright but full. Blues Custom is a VERY bright amp but these tubes dont overflow it. It cuts through the mix well.

Honestly the differences are there but are minimal. If you want to change the sound of your amp, different tubes aint gonna give you dramatic differences but slight different character. JJs seem a bit darker. JJ has the same amount of Treble but more low Mids that give the impression of darker sound. The Bass is also looser with JJ but Tung Sol thickens it nicely.

The comparisson test was in an Epiphone Blues Custom (where they stayed) and in a Marshall DSL20. Recorded with an SM57. When playing clean the difference is minimal and you have to pay attention to hear a difference if any. Playing with an OCD in Epiphone and with the gain Channel turned up in the Marshall the differences where more pronounced and are as described above.

I have Tung Sols in the Epiphone for about 2 weeks so I will edit my review in the future to comment on reliability.

It is also important to mention that Thomann delivered them to me securely, carefully packaged and they traveled a bit, so dont be afraid the transportation if you want to buy your tubes online


Good tube, but not what I was looking for
Sævar 29.11.2020
I replaced the original 12AX7 tube in my Bugera V5 with this Tung-Sol. I have also changed out the stock speaker for a Celestion speaker. The speaker upgrade made a huge difference because the original speaker was to mid range focused and a bit tinny sounding. So I thought, why not try changing the preamp tube also to see what happens.

The positive thing about the Tung-Sol is that it is quiet. There was much less hum and delivered more treble and gain.
The bad thing is that there was less bass and when I add gain just a little for distortion the upper mid's take over. It sound a bit like a distorted Tweed.
Some player will like that tone but I don't really like it so I reinstalled the original Bugera tube.
I don't know how useful this review is. What I can say is that this is a quality tube that does not add noise and hum.
I am keeping it and might try it for different things in the future. The things is that a tube might work in one context but not in another. And tone is always a matter of tase, is it not?


1 of 2 is dead after one hour of playing!
NoiseOfDarkness 31.12.2018
I bought these lamps for a Marshall JMP-1 to replace "Groove Tubes".
According to a lot of information on the internet, I was really looking for an aggressive lamp for the distortion but with very little breath.
I play all kinds of metal, both heavy, death school and death modern, etc ..., I know that the JMP-1 is limited to play the big death metal (But I switch on other pre-amps with a GCX), but the OD2 boosted with a tubescreamer can already get a very aggressive sound.
Well I'm not at all disappointed, I gained grain on the OD2, I have a very hot sound and rock on the OD1, the clean remains clean with good heat and must push hard to have very little natural distortion, and I have no breath at all.
That happiness because they sound much better than the lamps "Groove Tubes".
On the other hand, for the solidity of these lamps I am less optimistic, it is the first time that I buy this mark in lamps and on the 2 which I ordered, I have one which held that 1 hour and she is already dead, that's why I remove 2 stars.
I asked for a product return at Thomann and he sends me a direct and free without having to return the defective lamp, for that Thomann really has an irreproachable service!


Tungsten valves
CORKY 19.02.2022
Bought to replace the preamp valves in my old Zoom G9.2tt. Far superior sound from the pedal since replacing the valves. These Tung Sols are really nice.


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