Warnex Structure Paint Black 1Kg


Structure Paint,

  • Fast drying 1K aqueous paint with very good surface hardness
  • Black, semi matte
  • Weight: 1 kg

Simple to use:

  • Economical air drying
  • Environmentally-friendly water thinning
  • Easy application as a 1-component material
Available since April 2008
Item number 208234
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Electronic Accessories No
Cabinet Accessories Yes
Stand a. Flying Stud Accessories No
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426 Reviews

Warnex paint - application is everything
UK Beachboys 24.05.2020
The paint does the job IF you apply it correctly. For touch ups it works well with a stipple application. To get the prickly, textured finish you need to work harder. Clearly spraying, and lots of paint quantity is the best. Roller application works pretty well, but best results are from a pre-coat if the timber is grained like plywood. Direct rolling onto bare ply can be a bit patchy. A overall thing hand brushed coat that just covers first is best. This will seal and fill most of the small voids or grain . Then a rolling with a foam roller, not the softer slightly hairy brushed. The foam rollers are quite stiff, instead of being soft, and if you use the narrower ones you can stick a decent amount of paint down on the first pass, then do a slightly lighter roll that picks up the surface and leaves the texture. You can get a really good finish if you do this - BUT - be aware you will use a LOT of paint. It goes down very quickly. it dries fast normally, but if you use it outside on a sunny day it dries too quickly and it's difficult to not get a patchy result. I have not tried using it in the cold. It is very thick and sticky paint, and while being water soluble for cleaning, it relies on the brushes and rollers being wet - and as soon as they have started to dry, you won't get them clean, so use cheap brushes and rollers and throw them away. Small point but if you have can in the workshop to use as touch ups as I do, be aware the can is quite thin and repeated opening and closing can leave gaps int he seal and this paint goes off very quickly if air gets to it.


great alternative to duratex
Janiz 15.07.2019
Recommended for diy projects or if in need of touching up an old cabinet.
With some patient and several thin layers it is easy to get a professional look.
Don't leave a box open for to long though as the paint will dry up quickly.
It's quite expensive so every drop is precious !


Monitor refurbishment
KK Audio 29.09.2021
I bought this product to refurbish my Martin LE400C monitors. If you follow the spaying instructions on the Warnex website, you can achieve a very good finish which is as good as the original. Great product.


Impressive results
Veejer 11.08.2022
I used it to paint some DIY eurorack cases I made. The best option would be to apply with a high pressure painting spray system since the paint itself is quite thick but most of us don't have that. So I carefully painted thin layers with a sponge roller and the result was quite impressive.

Just remember to leave each layer to dry before paint again because it can get quite sticky.


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