Yamaha MODX8

Compact Music Synthesiser

  • 88 Keys
  • GHS keyboard (velocity-sensitive)
  • Motion Control Synthesis Engine
  • Sample-based AWM2 synthesis with 128 voices
  • 5.67 GB Waveform ROM & 1 GB Flash ROM for User Waveforms
  • FM-X synthesis with 64 voices
  • 8 Operators and 88 algorithms
  • Super Knob controls up to 128 parameters simultaneously
  • 7" Colour VGA touch screen
  • 2,000 Preset performances
  • 640 user performances
  • 4 Assignable Knobs
  • 4 Sliders
  • 2-in / 10-out multi-channel USB audio interface for PC / Mac / iOS
  • USB host and device connections
  • MIDI input / output
  • 2 Pedal inputs
  • 2 Footswitch inputs
  • 6.3 mm stereo input
  • 6.3mm stereo output
  • 6.3 mm headphone output
  • Dimensions: 1333 × 404 × 160 mm
  • Weight: 13.8 kg
  • Power adapter (12V DC) and Steinberg Cubase AI DAW software for PC / Mac
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Audio Examples

  • Drums
  • FM
  • Guitar and Bass
  • Keyboard 1
  • Keyboard 2
  • Motioncontrol
  • Motionsynths
  • Orchestra
  • Organ
  • Spiralizer Synths
  • Show more

Further Information

Number Of Keys 88
Touch-Sensitive Yes
Aftertouch No
Split Zones Yes
Modulation Wheel Yes
Amount of simultaneous tones 128
Sound Engine AWM2 + FM-X
MIDI interface MIDI In/Out
Storage Medium Flash-ROM
USB-port Yes
Effects Multieffect processor
Arpeggiator Yes
Number of Analog Outputs 2
Digital Output No
Display Yes

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Very good synthesizer

Steve2, 02.10.2018
The MODX is practically identical in terms of sound to the installation. I was able to load performances and libraries from the montage directly into the MODX. The sound is indistinguishable to me.

So the sound is just overwhelmingly good. The mix of AWM2 and FM-X ensures very flexible and very good sounds. The samples are very good and you can find practically everything you need for the most diverse genres in the several thousand presets. In addition, there are of course many libraries for mounting and you can load virtually all the libraries of the MOXF, the Motif XF and the DX7 / TX816. This gives you a gigantic selection of free and paid sounds available. There is space for 640 x 9 Performances (1 User and 8 Libraries), each of which can consist of 8 playable Parts, which are stored with the Performance. Unlike previous Yamaha synthesizers, the performances do not refer to voices but contain them, so all parts in all performances might be different.

Every performance can consist of 8 keyboard playable parts, each part of 8 elements. In extreme cases, you can put 64 votes on a key. Or you can create arbitrarily complex splits and layers. What's more, with the AWM2 sound generator, each element has its own filter, which can be selected from a wide variety of filter types. The FM-X tone generator has one filter per part.

There are many different effect types available. Each of the 8 Parts has 2 own effects and two additional equalizers. Each performance has an additional 2 effects and a master effect as well as a fully parametric equalizer. Just having 2 effects for each part is very helpful when creating complex splits or layers because the parts can be inserted from existing parts of other performances. You bring along their effects. Since the effects in many cases can have a strong impact on the sound of a part, they are not lost when you put together a performance from various other performances. This is for example a big advantage over the predecessor MOXF.

The processing is, although it is not like the assembly of a metal housing, very high quality. Nothing feels cheap. It is a pity that you can not read the labels of the connections from above. This is better solved during assembly. A big advantage over the assembly 8 is the weight and the size: The MODX 8 is only half as heavy as the assembly 8. Thus it is in contrast to the assembly 8 still portable for me. The smaller size is also an advantage. But this is bought by a less favorable placement of the wheels and various buttons. These are thus significantly worse to achieve than during assembly. Everyone has to decide for themselves whether they can live with it.

I think the keyboard is very playable. It is very similar to various electric pianos that I have played in the past. Unfortunately there is no aftertouch in contrast to the montage.

The operation via the touch screen is very good. Editing is easy. The menus are very logical for me, you will find everything without much thought and without having to try the manual. However, in comparison to the assembly buttons are missing, in order to be able to select the Parts and Elements directly. It takes some getting used to, but not a huge problem. Likewise, in comparison to the installation only 4 knobs and faders are available (each assembly 8). These also have no LEDs that show the current state, which is a pity. But somewhere the much cheaper price must come from yes. And by small changes in the display on the touchscreen you can get over it.

As with the assembly, there is no sequencer like the MOXF and Motif XF. There is only one performance recorder without big editing possibilities. Some people find that a disadvantage. However, the MODX comes with a Cubase AI license, so you can take the computer instead. For me, the Performance Recorder but rather an advantage: It is very easy to use, much easier, for example, as the sequencer of MOXF. This makes it very easy for me to record ideas quickly. More happens in the computer.

In addition to the assembly, there are two useful extensions:
A USB volume control that lets you control the volume of incoming audio signals from a computer. I wish the assembly had it too. There is also a "Rhythm Pattern" button, which allows you to quickly select a Drumpart and add it to the performance. The useful thing is that you can then quickly select from 8 arpeggios that are suitable for this drum type. Certainly something that assembly will soon get as a software extension.

Compared to the installation, there are also 2 additional outputs, the outputs are not symmetrical. The memory for own samples is instead of 1.75 GB only 1 GB large, there are only 64 instead of 128 FM-X voices. The number of USB outputs and the USB sampling frequency are limited compared to the installation. But these are all features that many musicians can do without - including me.

For the MODX there are still (paid) editors from John Melas. In particular, the Waveform Editor can be highly recommended for editing and organizing samples!

All in all, I can absolutely recommend the MODX 8. Sound, flexibility and variety of sounds are indescribably good. Compared to the assembly, there are a few disadvantages, which are offset by the price and also by the weight.
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deOriginal review (Show translation)
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Is there a better live keyboard?

Döbi, 03.10.2018
I've used a Yamaha MX88 as a live keyboard so far, which I'm very happy with. However, after reading the MODX8, I immediately ordered the device because the MODX8 offers significant advantages (but at almost twice the price):
- the sounds offer an even wider variety (especially with the
DX8!) And a further increased quality as well as a complete
- the possibilities of the controllers are much more extensive and
according to the installation just fantastic !!!
- not only 2x but 8x layers can be used!

Very similar are the good keyboard, the case and especially the
low transport weight of approx. 14 kg. That also creates my back.

Somewhat difficult I find the editing using the touch screen. Although all parameters can be achieved down to the last detail, but also due to the size of the display and the many, many screens forced by it, the programming is quite complicated and requires a longer training period for the individual parameters quickly on the nested display pages to reach. Still very well done by Yamaha.
Since I can only additionally recommend the software editor of John Melas - a computer provided. Individual detail changes in the rehearsal room or on the stage (master EQ etc.) are of course no problem even without a laptop!

I have not discovered any negative yet.

Overall for me the best live keyboard of all time and absolutely recommended !!!
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