Yamaha PSS-A50



  • Enables mobile creativity with integrated Arpeggiator and Phrase Recorder
  • 37 Velocity sensitive slim keys
  • 32 Voice polyphony
  • 42 Voices (instruments)
  • 138 Arpeggio types
  • Phrase Recorder
  • Motion effect
  • USB-MIDI connection for DAW home recording setup
  • Power supply via battery (4x AA battery) or USB bus (USB power adapter sold separately)
  • 1.4 W speaker
  • Headphone jack
  • USB to Host connection (MIDI, USB micro B)
  • Dimensions: 506 x 54 x 201 mm
  • Weight: 1.2 kg
  • USB cable included
available since October 2019
Item number 472606
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Keys 37
Velocity Sensitivity Yes
Battery powered possible Yes
Speaker 1x 1,4 W
Dimensions 506 x 54 x 201
Weight 1,2
USB Midi 1
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Here's the problem people have with this keyboard...
Earlier Vinyls 14.06.2020
After 18 months of working fine, the keyboard suddenly stopped functioning. It just won't switch on. From what I read across other reviews, this is not an exception.
Sending it back to Thomann for repair (thank God for the warranty), but really disappointed in Yamaha's quality standards...


You will read it in a lot of reviews: the PSS-A50 is trying so hard to punch above its weight it ends up disappointing.

Granted: Yamaha was full of good intentions with this keyboard but did have to make a few compromises.

Now look at it from the other angle: this is a below 100€ keyboard. For a fraction of the price of a Reface, you notably get:
the same keys than the Reface series with velocity sensors,
a compact but playable format,
tons of voices + some effects (pitch, modulation, etc.),
100+ 'arpeggios' (loops you can play over)
a basic but fun one track recorder
a MIDI connection to use it as a master keyboard,
and a lot more...

So yes, the only speaker doesn't sound great,
yes, the usability of some functions is questionable,
and yes, "overall it could have been better".

However at that level of price, I challenge you to find any competitive keyboard that does better.

Just take the time to learn how to make the most out of it.
Definitely having a ton of fun with mine x Garageband.
Highly recommended as a travelmate or family mini-synth.


Not perfect, but very handy and fun to use
Cripes 27.03.2020
Compact and light with 37 keys, runs on 4xAA batteries or USB power. Built-in speaker. Small selection of voices can seem a little bland. Arpeggiator is a great feature which takes time to master.Basic short phrase recorder is also very handy for sketching ideas. Doubles as a MIDI keyboard so great for travellers. No sustain pedal socket and only a combined headphones/output socket, which can be a little hissy. Everything involves compromise but Yamaha have steered a sensible course with this mini keyboard. Recommended.


for my baby
ThorSwe 17.12.2021
Bought this for my baby (and for me to plinker with some times). He is still to small but I hope one day he will like it. I chose this one because its a good brand and also the only in its priceclass with touch sensitive keys.. Thats a big + !! So far I like it, hope it will keep working for a long time..


great value and cool features for this price range
wungad 02.03.2021
I bought two of these because one of the kids stuck something into the USB port and MIDI stopped working (charging and power still works).
Love it so much, that I did not hesitate to get another one since repair costs exceed the value of a new unit.
Simply a winner in this price range if you want velocity keys and MIDI controller option.
PRO: velocity keys, phrase record/loop, compact, USB charged and MIDI support via USB
CON: slight noise when using headphones, mono speaker, could use more info on the left side of the keyboard


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