Zultan 18" Rock Beat China Holey



  • The sound holes in this China cymbal lend it a short, quick response with clear, powerful trebles
  • Slow decay
  • Sparkling tones across the entire sound response
  • Brilliant, hand-polished surface
  • Sound character: Full
  • Powerful and expressive
  • 100% Handmade
  • Made of B-20 bronze
available since September 2013
Item number 320640
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Hand Hammered Cymbal Yes
Finish Brilliant
Alloy B20 Bronze
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Available at short notice (usually 2-5 days)

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A classic among Rock cymbals

Cymbal manufacturer Zultan began its success story with the launch of its "Rock Beat" series in the year 2000. These cymbals are hammered and milled by hand in Zultan's workshops by Turkish artisans and guarantee a full and multifaceted sound that easily cuts through in a mix and makes them perfect for Rock music. Thanks to the wide range of models, sizes, and thicknesses available, however, players of many other styles will also find what they are looking for here. Never before has a professional cymbal sound been available at such an affordable price.

Zultan Rock Beat 18" China Holey

Bright sound and dazzling looks

For centuries, a combination of 80% copper and 20% tin has been the recipe for perfection when it comes to cymbal-making, and is consequently the one used by every manufacturer for their top-of-the-line series. The prices that these cymbals fetch leave the majority of drummers shaking their heads, however - all the better therefore that Zultan's Rock Beat series is within the reach of those who don't have a fortune to spend. The 18" China Holey provides powerful accents and possesses a large dynamic range, while its dazzling finish makes it look pretty damn good at the same time.

Detail of Zultan Rock Beat 18" China Holey

More than just Rock

When it says "Rock" on the outside, there should be Rock on the inside - and that is absolutely true of Zultan's Rock Beat series. Thanks to its punchy sound and relatively long sustain, the 18" China Holey can easily cut through over distorted guitars and is therefore the ideal choice for all types of Rock music. Thanks to its sensitive response, however, it already develops its full potential in the middle dynamic range and is thus also a great choice for styles like Pop, Funk, and Blues.

Detail of Zultan Rock Beat 18" China Holey logo

About Zultan

To provide traditional craftsmanship at a fair price has been the guiding principle of Zultan ever since it was founded in 2000. The firm’s practice of selling directly to the end customer makes it possible to offer very customer-friendly prices. Nevertheless, the production process for Zultan’s trademark cymbals, which are made mainly in Turkey, is of the highest quality, a fact which has ensured they have also been a fixture in the Thomann range since 2011. The nearly 250 Zultan products cover several cymbal series, catering for all sectors of the music market. Zultan also offers accessories such as bags and drumsticks. Thanks to the use of high-quality materials and manufacturing expertise, Zultan really does offer uncompromising quality at a reasonable price.

Professional sound at a budget-friendly price

Those who start learning to play the drums should pay particular attention to the quality of their cymbals, because while lower-grade cymbals may be sufficient for the needs of some players, they do still have clear limitations in terms of dynamics and expression. With its Rock Beat 18" China Holey (or perhaps even one of its affordable complete sets), Zultan gives drummers impressive quality at an affordable price, so an enjoyable playing experience is guaranteed in the long term. Even professional drummers who already have B20 cymbals may find the 18" China Holey to be the perfect addition to their existing setup.

Goodsound, terrible quality
Vicarious 19.05.2018
This cymbal sounded great for what I needed it.
It really cuts through when you hit it. It has a great thrashy but bright and precise sound.

I enjoyed playing on it for around 10 rehearsals.
However, when playing one day, a huge crack appeared, starting from one of the holes, half way to the next hole, along the grove.
It was clearly a bad cymbal, since the crack appeared on the top part of the cymbal that never gets hit directly. And the cymbal has never been transported, so the crack appeared just from the vibrations.

I have since returned the cymbal, and am hoping for a refund.

EDIT: The second cymbal I got also broke, even thought it lasted few more months than the first one. Definitely these cymbals have a quality issue.

Great sound
Not expensive
Quality is a serious issue


Rock Beat China Holey
Kalman 24.07.2018
short ,dark sound. quick decay. fast response.brilliant finish- hard to keep clean .


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adamw. 03.02.2021
Ich habe nach einem China gesucht, das gut zu Rock oder Pop-Musik passt. Das China von Zultan erfüllt die Erwartungen auf jeden Fall und das zu einem guten Preis. Derzeit steht es an meinem Set um Proberaum.

- Der Preis ist eigentlich für ein solides China unschlagbar.
- Es kann sehr gut klanglich mit teuren Oberklasse-Modellen mithalten. Da sehe ich keinerlei Einwände.
- Der Sound ist zwar schneident und lang für mich aber warm genug, um Akzente zu setzen.

- Allein mit der Verarbeitung bin ich nicht 100%ig zufrieden, da es an manchen Stellen kleine Dellen gibt, die, wie es scheint, dort nicht hingehören- optisch aber auch ansonsten toll.

Es muss nicht immer das 300-400€ Becken der großen Marken sein. Die haben in meinen Augen in mancher Hinsicht sowieso nachgelassen. Zultan ist für mich weiterhin ein Geheimtipp. :-)


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Buon Piatto china economico
lucax 04.02.2021
grande e acquoso....se cercate un suono trash ma non troppo è il china perfetto per ride patterns e breakdowns violenti....ottima la dinamica e la gamma di armonici. Grazie mille Signor Zultan!!!