Zultan Q Series Professional Set


Cymbal Set

  • Manufactured from B20 bronze
  • More powerful, defined and loud stick attack with constantly clear stick definition
  • Especially suitable for studio, recording and more distinctive cymbal playing
  • The outer 2" ring on the top of the cymbals have been deeply hammered and left untreated / in their raw state
  • The central portion is highly polished with a brilliant surface
  • The bell is untreated and has visible hammer blows
  • The underneath of the cymbals are untreated and brilliant
  • 100% Handmade

Set consists of:

  • 14" Hi-Hat
  • 16" Crash
  • 18" Crash
  • 20" Ride cymbal
available since June 2014
Item number 340922
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Configurations 1x Hi-Hat, 1x Ride, 2x Crash
Inc. Cymbal Bag / Case Yes
Alloy B20
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Love at first sight

Zultan's Q Series is a range of medium-heavy, hand-hammered Turkish cymbals made of B20 bronze, which are striking because of their unusual appearance. The different surface treatments are not only pleasing to the eye, but also have an effect on the sound. The result is a sound that can be used in many different styles, cuts through well, and at the same time has a dark, warm sonic range. The affordable Q Series is aimed at ambitious beginners and advanced drummers and offers individually available hi-hats, crashes, splashes, and rides as well as pre-configured complete sets.

Contrasts attract attention

While the completely lathed and high-gloss polished bottom of the Q cymbals is similar to the popular Zultan Rock Beat series, the upper side is absolutely unique. The rim, which is covered with deep hammer indentations, is unlathed - just like the bell - and creates a strong contrast to the high-gloss central area with its raw, earthy look. The manual workmanship of Zultan's experienced Turkish cymbal smiths makes each cymbal really unique. The Sultan Q Series Professional Set, consisting of a 14“ hi-hat, 16“ and 18“ crashes, and a 20“ ride as well as a cymbal bag, has a powerful, dynamic, full sound with a slightly dark character and medium sustain.

One letter - many uses

The Zultan Q cymbals are in the medium weight category and are ideal for genres such as Pop, Funk, and Blues thanks to their warm and balanced sound with a slightly reduced treble range. Their sound always blends homogeneously into the musical environment and leaves plenty of room for the other instruments. For the price of the Q Series Professional Set, you merely get a ride cymbal from the established manufacturers, but here you get a complete set of high-quality, handcrafted B20 cymbals, and a bag to top it all off. The investment is definitely worthwhile for beginners who value quality, but also for experienced drummers who are looking for good, flexible cymbals at an affordable price. After all, we all know from experience that playing on good-sounding instruments is simply more fun, which in turn directly benefits your practice success.

About Zultan

To provide traditional craftsmanship at a fair price has been the guiding principle of Zultan ever since it was founded in 2000. The firm’s practice of selling directly to the end customer makes it possible to offer very customer-friendly prices. Nevertheless, the production process for Zultan’s trademark cymbals, which are made mainly in Turkey, is of the highest quality, a fact which has ensured they have also been a fixture in the Thomann range since 2011. The nearly 250 Zultan products cover several cymbal series, catering for all sectors of the music market. Zultan also offers accessories such as bags and drumsticks. Thanks to the use of high-quality materials and manufacturing expertise, Zultan really does offer uncompromising quality at a reasonable price.

Stage, rehearsal room, studio - the Q Series does it all

The Zultan Q Series Professional Set is an excellent choice wherever a punchy but not-too-bright hi-hat sound is desired, be it a Blues session, Funk gig, or Pop concert. Regardless of whether it is played loudly or softly, a pleasant sound unfolds which always remains controllable and never pushes itself too far into the foreground. Another possible use is in the mixed genres of acoustic and electronic music that are so popular these days and in which mostly rather dark-sounding cymbals are preferred, as they blend better with the music in terms of sound. Last but not least, the Q cymbals also do an excellent job in the studio, as their sonic properties make them extremely microphone-friendly.

Beautiful cymbals
LouisRM 15.06.2017
I bought these to replace my beginners cymbals and to accompany the new shell set I was buying. When they arrived (in a cymbal bag no less) i was stunned. The contrast of rustic and brilliant really made them stand out. I was definetely not dissapointed with the sound aswell. I particularly like the sound of the ride on which I often use my sizzler.

- The set has a very nice sound, quite dark (especially the ride despite it not being loud enough).
- As I've said, beautiful
- Comes with a cymbal bag
- Looks great with my deep cherry Gretsch Catalina set

- The shiny parts are so brilliant that the slightest touch will leave fingerprints (Not really a con though, just clean them).
- As someone else mentionned, the rustic parts make your sticks dirty, so new drum heads will become dirty quite fast.
- The bag only has one compartment and feels quite lightweight
- The ride isn't as loud as I'd like

The cons are only slight inconveniences. Overall a good quality set.


Great value for money
IvanIbash 23.09.2020
These is the first cymbal set I bought myself, but I played quite a few cymbals before. For the money, this is a fantastic set. It really shines when you lay into these cymbals. Crashes open up beautifully when hit hard. The highlight for me was the ride. Nice stick sound, lively wash and a beautiful piercing bell.
They also record really well, although being on the louder side they probably most at home at louder gigs.
Would definitely recommend for heavier music players.

Cons: Might not be the best choice for quieter music.


16" & 18" replaced.
Anonymous 24.03.2016
I still have the hi-hats and the ride but sadly the 16" cracked after 5 moths / 6 nights a week and the 18" cracked soon after. As of today Thomann have replaced the 16" and I have the 18" waiting to be returned. They sounded fine and looked fabulous out of the box but I don't consider myself a heavy hitter at all so to crack them both after only a few months is disappointing. Also, the bar where I play is small so I simply have to play very controlled for at least a third of the gig and only really start to play at volume for the last third. Loved the look and liked the sound but the double breakage was a shame. I hope it was a one off because these were lovely out of the box.


at a glance - processing - the cymbals are nice ... aurally, however, the cymbals are at a low level ...
Tomáš E. Braxatoris 16.10.2020
especially the ride cymbal is a big disappointment for me ... right after that the worst cymbal is hi-hat ... crash cymbals are acceptable ... but for me the two most important cymbals - ride + hi-hat - are a big disappointment ... already I experienced worse cymbal sets - far worse - but with these cymbals I had higher expectations and therefore even more disappointing :(
... after a few weeks of using cymbals, I have to reconsider the original evaluation ... I stand by my initial words, but somehow I got used to the sound and even started to like it ... I just came to taste the cymbals ... and that's why I additionally modify the rating and add two more stars :) ... but I keep the original text, because the initial impression was not good ...


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