Behringer X Air XR16


16 Channel Digital Mixer

  • Remote controlled via built-in router with Wi-Fi and Ethernet
  • 4 Integrated Effects processors
  • 100 Band Analyzer
  • Free iOS, Android and other software apps available
  • Dimensions: 333x149x140 mm
  • Weight 3.0 kg
  • Includes: Rackmounts
  • Suitable bags: Article Nr. 379654 and Article Nr. 466438 (both not included)


  • Mic/Line: 8x XLR/1/4" Combo jack inputs
  • Line: 8x 1/4" (6.3 mm) jacks
  • Main-Out XLR
  • 4x AUX/Monitor Sends
  • Stereo Headphone output
  • MIDI In/Out
available since June 2015
Item number 361342
sales unit 1 piece(s)
User Interface remote
Number of faders 0
DSP Input channels 16
Mic Preamp 16
Physical outputs 4
Digital stagebox connection No
Hotspot Singleband
Multitrack Record No
integratated Player/Rec via USB/SD stereo
19" Rackmount Yes
DSP Output Channels 5
Busses 4
Mono-Line Input 16
Stereo-Line Input 0
Ethernet Ethernet
Soundcard interface No
Recorder Format WAV
FX Processor 4
31 Band EQ 4
Matrix 0
DCA/VCA Gruppen 4
Midi Connector Midi-Din
Sample rate 48 kHz
Monitor Apps 1
Separate Personal Monitor system No
Expansion Card slots 0
Digital ADAT No
Digital SPDIF No
Digital AES3/ASESEB No
Digital MADI No
Digital Dante No
110V capable 1
Case No
Height 140 mm
Width 333 mm
Depth 149 mm
Weight 3 kg
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in Digital Mixers
Loads of functionality for peanuts
thelxman 30.04.2019
I suspect I'll be adding very little in this review to the praise this range of mixers is getting. How can you provide such a quality piece of kit with all of these function for this price? It's crazy.

I agonised for a few weeks on getting the XR16 vs XR18. It's clear the XR18 is very popular and having all MIDAS mic inputs is certainly a bonus. But I chose the XR16 because I needed the high input count and really wanted the 2-track USB record/playback which you don't get on the XR18 (because it has the 18 track DAW interface instead).

So if you haven't read the specs, this is the sort of stuff you're getting here for your pennies:
- 8 MIDAS mic/line combo preamps, 8 balanced line ins (2 with Hi-Z)
- gate, compressor, EQ, low-cut on every input, phantom 48V on the mics
- 4 FX slots and all of those juicy X32 FXs as standard (processors/EQs and effects)
- main out L/R and 4 "AUX" bus outputs (and within the mixer 2 other busses that can be used as subgroups)
- ethernet or wifi control
- headphone jack with volume pot
- a big bag of configurability and functions in something like 2kg, replacing a car boot-full of 30-40kg of equivalent kit. Crazy.

The X-Air PC app for this unit is fantastic - I run it on a 17yo WinXP laptop - it takes next to no resources and of course is "just" the control interface - the brains are in the XR16 so if the PC crashes then it's not such an issue. I'm less of a fan of the iPad app (weird colours, not clear if an insert FX is in or out because of the icon colouring) but it's still pretty good. I'm no young punk, so yes even you fellow oldies will pick this up in a snip and wonder what the heck you've been messing about at all these years.

I also have an X32 Compact, but this XR16 is so small, yet has most of the main X32 features/FX, I've been sticking it under the desk at home and playing with the setup and FX choices/settings and then porting these configs over to the X32 for my bigger shows where setup time is really tight.

What's left unsaid? This is a fantastic piece of kit, and peanuts at 250GBP - and not much more than the smaller (but very cute!) XR12, but giving you 8 mic pre's, 8 balanced line ins and 4 rather than 2 AUXs. Ch15 and ch16 are hiz - so I can plug my bass guitar direct into either of these and this works really well - no need for a DI box :-) You can't plug in any of the S or SD stage boxes (no AES50 port) but that's understandable at this pricepoint - you need to buy an X32 Rack or X32 Core for this.

There is no fan - convection cooled via grilles in the side (so you need to remove it from the Gator bag in use).

I've not used the MIDI interface, so can't comment, sorry.

I also bought the Gator bag to go with it, but it only arrived today (I've had the XR16 a couple of months now) as it's been out of stock for a while...

So what are you waiting for? If you're reading this, you know what it is and what it's for, so just get on and buy one, you won't look back. If you think you might move into mixing more, and end up around the X32 range then this is also a great learning tool with portable skills.


XR 16 review
MickGlsgw 12.09.2020
What a fantastic piece of kit. Words fail me how great it now sounds. It's not a massive learning curve if you're already a musician, but you get back what you put in. Plenty of tutorials online. I use a combo of tablet with MIXING STATION and a NOTEBOOK with X AIR EDIT as backup. I also use an external dual band router and it all works together flawlessly. The THOMANN factor was very good to. Buying from Germany and delivering to Scotland was very easy and I was always kept updated on delivery progress. This easily outweighs my now outdated MACKIE vlz 1402 which at one point I thought was the best thing on earth. Now I have preamps that sound unbelievable and making me hear things from the backing tracks not picked up by the MACKIE. Of course it helps to keep it all high-end throughout the chain as a chain is only as good as it's weakest link. So running it through YAMAHA DZR and sometimes with a QSC K212C keeps it sounding great. Compressors/gates/PEQ on every channel.....4 racks of stereo fx.....all saveable to the XR16 and recallable in a split second. 4 aux out with a facility to take my stereo FOH mix and send it in mono (with a click addedNOT routing through the FOH) to the AUX's is superb. All we really need now is some gigs for our 80's cover band after covid is over ! But rehearsals are ridiculous fun....and instead of carrying my large MINIDISC recorder to record rehearsals I just stick a USB stick in the XR16 and record rehearsal at 44.1 cd quality, then download convert to MP3 and send to band members in one go via WHATSAPP......this is ridiculous now. Anybody can do this !


A little star
HarrisonBreeze 07.06.2017
Replaced my years old and failing Yamaha EMS 5000-12 with this unit and am heartily impressed.

Such a small form factor with so many tools on board.

Being able to set up different mixers for different shows on the App is ideal.

The unit itself is a tough little box, I have flight cased it myself, but only because I like my toys to stay shiny. The rubber bumpers that come preinstalled, are more than adequate to keep the stage box in order.

Sound is crisp and clear, and matched with the Turbosound iP1000's is resonant and rich as well.

Everything seems sturdily built and the on board effects unit is ideal, not only for vocals, but for a variety of DI instruments as well.

I am more than impressed with the XR16 and would heartily recommend it to anyone wanting a 16 channel stage box/digital mixer.
Maybe another 2 Aux outs would have been useful as would full 16 channel recording instead of just stereo. But these are available on the bigger models I guess, they just weren't within my budget this time.

Everything else gets 5 stars from me, and you can even get feedback destroyers on the third party mixer app available!!


gngr 18.11.2019
As many have noted these X Air mixers are nothing short of AMAZING ! You get an entire rack of gear in a small rack-mount or desk-top system that would cost a small fortune to duplicate with individual parts. That said it is a sophisticated piece of technology that has a Learning Curve unless you are already the Ultimate Sound Guy. WATCH the videos on YouTube (All Of Them) and most of your questions will be answered. Learn how to route and equalize 1 channel and the rest is pretty easy. Use a dedicated laptop to setup your network and soundboard... many adjustment can be made with a tablet or phone but initial setup is much easier with a laptop and mouse. X Air Edit is a FREE download that works with PC, OS and Linux and it is small (10meg) and uses very little in the way of system resources. Put a password on your network so others don't have the opportunity to "Help" you. With your own network in place you should have no problems with tablets and other devices dropping out and effecting your mix. Connect your laptop to the system with a cat5 cable for a connection that can't be interfered with in high RF rooms. Use your tablet or phone to adjust room mix from out in the room as needed If you choose to record use a hard drive not a jump drive as jump drives have no buffering system and files are saved in WAV format (large files). SAVE your work when you get a nice setup for a specific room and next time you just load the scene. I will be buying another soon. Excellent Product at a Great Price !! So far no problems with mine which I have had for over a year.


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