Boss ACS Acoustic Singer Live


Amplifier for Acoustic Guitar and Vocals

  • 60 W Bi-Amp Design
  • 2 Independent channels with discrete analog input circuit and the 3-band EQ
  • Speakers: Specially developed 6.5" woofer and tweeter
  • Guitar channel with "Acoustic Resonance" to make the sound of piezo pickups sound natural
  • Microphone channel with phantom power
  • XLR / TRS combo port
  • Chorus FX for guitar channel
  • Delay / Echo FX for microphone channel
  • Additional delay / echo-FX for both channels can be controlled independently
  • Harmony feature automatically generates vocal harmonies by real-time key / chord analysis on guitar input
  • Integrated looper
  • Anti-independent feedback control for each channel
  • Two XLR DI sockets for the output of the individual channels (or directly by the effect section) or both channels
  • USB port for direct recording to a connected computer
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 367 x 274 x 314 mm
  • Weight: 10.5 kg
  • Matching footswitch available under Article Nr. 279994 (not included)
available since March 2017
Item number 406164
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Power in Watts 60
Speaker size 2x 6,5" + Tweeter
Channels 2
Reverb Yes
Effects Processor Yes
External FX Loop No
Microphone Input Yes
Line Input Yes
Battery Operation No
Footswitch connection Yes
Incl. Footswitch No
Weight 10,5 kg
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Small amp, big sound, big list of features
Kerwin 28.11.2017
I was looking for a small acoustic amp to have something to practice using my loop pedal at home, without being forced to set up my entire PA system. Plus, since some of the venues I play in don't have monitors, I was looking for something I could use as a monitor. Ideally, it would be a DI out for both the vocal and the guitar channel, giving the sound guy to have different mix for the room to the settings on the amp. Added bonus would be something portable.

In comes the Boss Acoustic Singer Live. This little amp basically ticked all those boxes, and comes with some added features as well, for a very decent price indeed. In addition to the things I was looking for, it packs a vocal harmonizer, a looper, and some nice effects.

The effects are as decent as you would expect from Boss. A very nice, lush reverb, which goes into silly levels if you turn it all the way up, but is very useful when used in moderation. The delays on the vocals and the chorus on the guitar are not really my thing, but certainly provide some interesting options.

The vocal harmonizer is a fun thing to play with. If you play standard chords, it works surprisingly well in detecting the major and minor thirds in the chord to determine if it needs to add a major or minor harmony. The downside for me is that I play in DADGAD and use a lot of suspended chords. On those, it tends to get confused and the result is... less than pleasing. Still, if you give its use some thought, you can really enrich your sound with it.

The looper is a basic one, one channel, no undo function. It is fun to practice with, but compared to my Boss RC-30 loop pedal, it is a bit lacking. Of course, it isn't a real fair comparison and a built-in looper is a nice thing to have. It basically gives me a third channel for loops in addition to my pedal, so more options!

The sound of the amp is just surprisingly good. I was afraid the small speaker would dissapoint me and that I should have opted for the pro version of this amp which has a bigger frame and speaker. But this little thing really amazed me with its rounded sound. There actually is a nice amount of low end in this thing. The acoustic resonance options add some different flavours, made to enhance the sound of piezo pickups, but even without it, my acoustic sounded great (and I am normally not that impressed with its piezo). Plenty of volume too for such a little thing.

All in all, this thing was a great buy, a lot of options but it really shines in the most important side of an amp: it sounds superb!


Amazing acoustic amp, but not for travelers tho
Roxs9 09.08.2021
After few months of using the amp I figured how heavy it is to carry around, so I'm getting kinda bothered to carry it to gigs and shows. But the amp is actually a great value over all with a great acoustical sound for both guitar and vocals, singers would be so happy with this combo and what it has of features!


Not cheap but great sound
Saxmandan 27.03.2020
Love the sound from this amp and the many features. For the price though they should put the cover in and nit add as a separate cost.


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Perfektes Gerät
Edi M. 06.08.2017
Der Verstärker wird bei Kleinauftritten zum Verstärken von Western- und Konzertgitarren sowie Föten und Gesang auch im Freien verwendet. In allen Bereichen leistete er, dank seiner Ausstattung, hervorragende Arbeit mit sehr überzeugendem Klang. Die Leistung bzw. die Lautstärke ist mehr als ausreichend.
Die Einstellungen am Gitarrenkanal, insbesondere die Acustic Resonance, lassen eine sehr feine Abstimmung der Akustikgitarren zu. Der Loop ist mit 40 Sekunden für meine Zwecke ausreichend, die Effekte kommen rauschfrei an.
Die Harmony Funktion am Mikrofonkanal ist eine äußerst interessante Sache, die zum Experimentieren einlädt. Richtig eingesetzt, erhält man wie in meinem Fall, eine zusätzliche Flötenstimme.
Im Gesang ist der Effekt nicht so überzeugend, liegt aber vermutlich daran, dass hier die richtigen Einstellungen zum Mikrofon noch nicht gefunden wurde. Wie gesagt, das Gerät lädt zum Probieren ein.
Die Verarbeitung ist einwandfrei, die Drehknöpfe sind optimal und nicht zu leichtgängig und der Griff wirkt sicher.
Negatives konnte ich noch nichts feststellen.
Zur Bedienung des Loops verwende ich den FS-5U Fußschalter von BOSS.
Absoluten Kaufempfehlung.


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