cre8audio West Pest

cre8audio West Pest; desktop synthesizer; West Coast-style monophonic synthesizer; analog oscillator (Developed by Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizer); controllable via MIDI, CV and integrated keyboard; fully patchable; 32-step sequencer with up to 13 storable presets; generative sequencer mode; Clock-synchronized arpeggiator; step sequencer can be manipulated and transposed via MIDI and the keyboard; oscillator waveforms: Sine, Triangle and Sawtooth; Waveforms can be combined; Frequency modulation (FM); Wave Folder/Shaper; PGH dynamics section - alternative to envelope generator and VCA; Analog LFO with square and triangle wave output; LFO range High: 2 Hz to 500 Hz, Low: 41 seconds to 5 Hz; Digital multimod tool: Modulation control via CV, random generator and additional LFO and envelope generator; Internal clock with tap tempo and can be clocked via external source; Clock divider; Can be used standalone in included case or as a module in Eurorack format; Specifications as Eurorack module: 40 HP width, 25mm depth, power consumption: 250mA (+12V) / 190mA (-12V); includes wall power supply, 5x Nacza Noodles patch cables and 1x 3.5mm to 5pin MIDI Din adapters

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