Active Loudspeaker

  • Loudspeaker equipment: 12" woofer and 1.5" compression driver
  • 1000 W Peak Class D amplifier
  • Bluetooth streaming
  • Built-in DSP with display
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 356 x 610 x 356 mm
  • Weight: 15.6 kg
available since September 2018
Item number 447939
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Width 356 mm
Depth 356 mm
Height 610 mm
Weight 15,6 kg
Type Standard
Woofer size 12
Number of woofers 1
Ways 2-Way
Power (manufacturers info) 1000 W
Monitor slope Yes
Inputs 3
Mic Preamp 2
EQ per Channel No
Bluetooth Play Yes
USB Player No
Low Cut adjustable
Fan No
Housing Plastic
Color Black
larghezza 356 mm
profondità 356 mm
Altezza 610 mm
Peso 15,6 kg
HT Driver in Inch 1.5
Woofer in Inch 12"
Number of Woofers 1
Number of Tweeters 1
Midtone Driver in Inch none
Power (Manufacturers Specification) 1000 W
Number of Mids 0
IR/WiFi/Bluetooth Remote No
Line Out XLR
SPL in dB 126 dB
Beam angle 90 °
Frequency range (-3dB) from 65 Hz
Frequency range (-3dB) to 18000 Hz
Frequency range (-10dB) from 50 Hz
Frequency range (-10dB) to 20000 Hz
Summary EQ 1
Flyable No
Stand flange mount 35 mm
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Full-range speaker with Bluetooth capability

The EV ZLX 12BT is a Bluetooth-enabled multifunctional loudspeaker with a 12" woofer. The EV ZLX 12BT can be used as a front-of-house speaker in clubs as well as a monitor on stage. Backing tracks and background music can be played via Bluetooth. In two points in particular, it stands out from the competition in its price range: It has an integrated DSP with many options for sound optimization. No matter whether a band needs monitors or an event centre needs a conference sound system - the EV ZLX 12BT adapts its sound to the different requirements. Moreover, the speaker is relatively light and also has three handles, which makes it easy for one or two people to carry it into the location. A protective cover for the speaker is also available, with which it can be packed securely and ready for touring.

Music and voice amplification

The EV ZLX 12BT comes with a 12" woofer and a 1,5"-compression driver. It is suitable for full-range applications and is simply placed on the floor or on a tripod. The sound is warm and unobtrusive with soft highs. In addition, the speaker can be used as a top unit in combination with a subwoofer. Thanks to its slanted panel for monitoring, it also provides focused sound for bands on stage. The signal from the mixer is fed into the two separately controllable jack/XLR combo inputs. The sound can be passed through to additional speakers from an XLR output. After connecting the speaker to the power supply with an IEC connector, the DSP offers numerous possibilities for sound optimisation. To transfer audio files directly from your mobile phone to the speaker without a mixer, activate “streaming“ in the menu and pair both devices with the pairing function.

For the audience and bands alike

The ZLX 12BT from Electro-Voice can be used as a monitor or full-range speaker. The sound of one speaker alone reaches about 100 people, and easily around 150 guests in stereo mode. During theme nights, previously recorded interviews can be played back on a smartphone via Bluetooth. Entertainers, mobile DJs, and bands with acoustic instruments get a flexible speaker with proven quality. It also enables you to play backing tracks without a console. If used in small locations, the EV ZLX 12BT provides the sound for the complete hall. Speakers can plug a microphone directly into one of the inputs for product presentations. Those who use the second input for music in mono will benefit from the separately adjustable volumes. With this, you can finetune your own desired sound without an external mixer. Moreover, the EV ZLX 12BT can also be upgraded: If rock bands want a more powerful bass sound, suitable subwoofers are optionally available. And with the integrated DSP, the sound is optimised for the respective place of action in no time.

About Electro-Voice

Electro-Voice was founded in 1927 and has been dedicated to building sound reinforcement systems and microphones since the 1930s. The firm, originally based in Indiana, USA, is considered one of the industry pioneers and has developed many new technologies still in use today. For example, their hum-cancelling coil was not only a milestone for microphone construction, but also was at the origin of the humbucker pickups still used in many guitars. In the long history of the company, Electro-Voice has constantly expanded its offer and today sells a wide range of products for sound reinforcement tasks from entry to professional levels.

An event location and its PA

A new PA system is needed for a multifunctional stage, but not only for providing sound for the audience. The room is often rented to record music videos and stream panel shows. In addition, the sports area of the building needs the option of playing music from a mobile phone during courses. With two EV ZLX 12BTs set up at the stage edge, the hall is evenly filled with sound. To do this, the outputs of the in-house mixing console are fed into an input of each of the two speakers, which are then connected to the power supply. For video shoots, the speakers are simply placed on the stage floor. Music from your mobile phone can be played via Bluetooth. To do this, turn the master down to mute, press it, turn it to “Streaming”, which is activated by pressing it again. Now turn to “Pairing”, press again, and activate Bluetooth on the mobile phone within two minutes to pair it with the EV ZLX BT, and then finally turn up the master again. For music with a lot of bass, we recommend purchasing the appropriate ELX 118P subwoofer, for which the DSP offers an optimised sound setting.

Everything perfect except that the Bluetooth fails..
Andreu Mateu 23.07.2022
Sounds amazing when it sounds, solid building, nice. looking, powerful.... But when launching music from my phone, or computer and connection with Bluetooth, it does not work properly. It constantly fails. Even with the computer or the smartphone at less than 1 meter from the Speaker. Short interruptions that are very unpleasant to the music. I will try it for a few days to see if I can fix that, and if not, will return it. Totally unacceptable. Big failure.


Everything you expect from EV
FJay101 15.09.2022
This is an awesome speaker.
Don't judge it by it's compact size, it goes loud and does not decompose at high volumes.
Settings are super easy to configure and speaker is ready in a matter of minutes.
DSP and bypass are there if you configure it with a sub but even without fiddling with it, it is already wow !

What's missing ? A cover that should definitely be included in the box.


DimitrisK 15.04.2021
Very good professional product!!


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Nicht so gut, wie erwartet
TomTom92 03.02.2021
Vorab, für den Preis eine wirklich tolle Box.

Insgesamt kann man wenig verkehrt machen. Der Klang ist gut und ausgewogen, der 12"er drückt gut. Was will man mehr.

Ich hatte mir diese Box bestellt wegen der Bluetooth-Funktion und den vielen Einstellmöglichkeiten am DSP.
Leider stockt die Bluetooth-Verbindung schon, wen man sich im Umkreis um 3m um die Box herum bewegt immer wieder.

Auch von der Verarbeitung habe ich mir etwas mehr erhofft. (Ist ja schließlich eine EV).

Das Horn wird bei höheren Pegeln, noch bevor der Limiter einsetzt, unsauber.

Habe mich am Schluss dann für eine LD-Systems ICOA 12 A BT entschieden, da die das bessere Gesamtkonzept abgeliefert hat.