Fender 68 Custom Princeton Reverb


Electric Guitar Combo Amplifier

  • Vintage Series 68 Silverface
  • Tubes 3x 12AX7, 1x 12AT7 and 2x 6V6
  • 1x 10" Celestion TEN 30 speaker
  • 12 Watt
  • 2 Inputs
  • Controls: Volume, treble, bass, reverb, speed, intensity
  • Effects reverb and vibrato
  • 2-Way foot switch and cover included
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 40.6 x 50.5 x 24.13 cm
  • Weight: 15.7 kg
Available since October 2013
Item number 323672
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Power 12 W
Speaker size 1x 10"
Power Amp Tubes 6V6
Channels 1
Reverb Yes
External FX Loop No
Recording Output No
MIDI Interface No
Connection for External Speaker Yes
Headphone connection No
Footswitch connection Yes
Incl. Footswitch Yes
Weight in kg 15,0 kg
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14 Reviews

Very bad cab rattles and vibration.
Philip17 03.02.2016
The amp sounded good. I have a 65 reissue Princeton and it sounds quite different. The reverb is a bit more mellow and the tremolo is more intense. The tremolo is very good.

The problem is that the amp rattles and vibrates as soon as it is turned above 2 which is not loud at all. It appeared to be coming from the front baffle (which i've heard can often happen with Princeton's). I think the aluminium drip edge grill trim makes the rattle worse. Turning up the bass also made the rattle/vibration worse.

The reverb was also loose when i received it and i had to secure it properly. This caused the reverb to start feeding back even when it was at a low level.

A good sounding amp but the build quality is not acceptable for the price. There needs to be better quality control with these amps.


Fender 68 Custom Princeton Reverb...amazing
sdamir 24.04.2017
Fender Custom ?68 Princeton Reverb is a great amp.
It have classic sparkly Fender tone.
This amp have very nice sounding reverb and also very nice deep sounding vibrato, again classic Fender tone.
Amp is very loud, but capable for very nice fender clean tone on low volumes. It is very sensitive to guitar volume potentiometers and to different types of pick or finger attack. My amp break on volume of 5 with Les Paul with humbuckers, and maybe on 5.5 when played on telecaster single pickups. On this volumes amp is very loud. (Maybe not loud enough for some giging situations with heavy handed drummers and so)
It is very nice and musical type of break. Very natural!
Good with pedals, but Princeton's natural clean tone is
so good and I didnt try much with pedals
(litle bit with overdrive, ED-1 the compressor - nice results)
Amp is not heavy, lighter then ex. Blues Junior, so is very transportable. (it is too different type of amp to compare sounds, but from my point of view Princeton is much better.) 10" speaker is better then expected.
Low end of spectrum from this princeton is BIG.
In my situation is better with singlecoil pickups,
Princeton can play good with humbuckers just need
litle bit of experimenting with controls on amp and guitar.
I'm very satisfied, better word is I'm impressed with this
good looking silverface amp. 10/10


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Röhrenklappern, Gehäusebrummen usw.
Mathias1351 30.07.2015
Ich kann hier bestätigen, was dank diverser Foren und Bewertungen schon bekannt ist:

1. Ja, das ist potenziell der fantastische Cleansound, den viele suchen. In diesem Fall mit der Einschränkung, dass hier zu viele Bässe am Werk sind. Humbucker fast nur spielbar, wenn Bässe ganz runtergedreht sind.

2. Dass nach 3Minuten testen die Töne gefunden sind, bei denen ein lautes Röhrenklappern entsteht und auf der tiefen E-Saite (siehe zu viel Bässe) nerviges Gehäusebrummen entsteht, scheint ganz normaler Fender Qualitätsstandard zu sein.

Ich spare mir weiteres "Tremolo toll" und "Reverb nur bis 3 benutzbar, aber bis dahin toll"
Viele scheinen trotzdem 4 Sterne für sowas zu verteilen und nehmen es selbstverständlich, dass man einen Amp für 1-1,5 tausend Euro erstmal überarbeiten (lassen) muss bevor er dann brauchbar wird. Danach hat man dann in der Tat seinen Traumsound.
Fender kalkuliert offensichtlich damit, dass eine bezahlbare Alternative nicht zu finden ist, oder alles geschluckt wird, weil es halt das Original ist. Ich mache mich trotzdem lieber auf die Suche und freue mich über Tips.


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mauvais rapport qualité prix
stefif 02.06.2017
Un son clair plutot agréable sans toutefois être exceptionnel.
Parfois un peu confus à défaut de meilleur terme pour décrire.

Plusieurs défauts :

Le bruit de fond lorsque la réverbération est activée. On peut vivre avec mais c'est désagréable.

Des vibrations vraiment gênantes après quelques minutes de chauffe pour toute note jouée sur la corde du mi grave. Pour un ampli de ce prix je pense que s'est difficilement acceptable et que Fender se moque de ses clients.

Merci à Thomann pour son efficacité pour l'organisation du retour. Changé pour un Rivera Venus Deux, à suivre ...