Harley Benton R-446 Blood Metallic


Harley Benton R-446 Blood Metallic, Electric Guitar; Poplar body; slim profile, Canadian maple neck; Large radius Amaranth fingerboard, radius: 400mm (15,75"); neck mount: bolt on; inlays: white offset dots; 24 jumbo frets; 43mm (1,69") ABS nut; Closed black tuners, scale: 648 mm (25,51"); pickups: Artec Ceramic (bridge), Artec Ceramic (neck); controls: master volume; master tone; advanced 5-way switch for optimal tone variation: (1: neck humbucker, 2: neck singlecoil, 3: 2x humbucker, 4: 2x singlecoil, 5: bridge humbucker); hardtail bridge R-1001; hardware finish: black; color: Blood Metallic gloss; stock strings: 010-046

available since July 2022
Item number 523291
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Colour Red
Body Poplar
Top None
Neck Maple
Fretboard Amaranth
Frets 24
Scale 648 mm
Pickups HH
Tremolo None
incl. Bag No
incl. Case No
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10 out of 10
ChristianFer92 19.07.2022
Harley Benton has been lately dropping some bomb instruments.
I have quite a collection of them + other brands that I can easily compare.
This for example its very very similar to the Ibanez RGA42EX-BAM.
Neck its pretty thin. Not as thin as the wizard neck from ibanez, but not much different also. almost identical.
Ultra comfortable at the hand.

PICK UPS: this is where they step up their game. As also an owner of a 446 with floyd rose (previous model) this pick ups are high output and can be felt with a bit of gain. More if you add an overdrive to the amp's gain.
Low response its also there and quite delicious for some chugs, yet the mids are very juicy. very present.
Cleans are very well rounded. This artec pick ups do deliver.
Previous model was not really well rounded and had too much high output, but this ones are the ones

The switch has a very interesting and usefull selction as you can use the bridge in single coil, both as humbucker, both as single coil and obviously bridge and neck alone.
I find the single coil neck reduces the gain on it at the point that using them on a clean channel, dont bring that distorted humbuckerish sound as if the amp its at the limit of breaking the clean tone.

Tuners are beyond usable. I have this guitar tuned to C standard with strings 12 - 60 and so far (of course after stretching them) havent had any major tuning problem. Tuning pegs are responsive at the point that Im not worried on updating them to locking tuners as I thought I would.

Fixed bridge its also a plus. since I have this guitar tuned quite some tones down, I had to intonate the guitar and the screws were really smooth when turning.

I dont know how else to describe this instrument, but a pretty good deal.
I,ve got the red and the pink one just to compare, and although the pink one its VERY pretty, the metallic red had something too appealing.

To add something else, the majority of the fret edges are decently filed by default. just 1 could be better filed, but not even enought to cause discomfort while playing, just there you would notice if you are looking for it. Obviously no dead frets on mine.

This guitar worth everything and more for the price they are asking for it. 100%


The blood red finish makes you want to say "Wow" - it really does.
LeedsCalling 08.08.2022
The finish is excellent - in fact it is just as good as, if not better, than the finish on my £375 Yamaha TRBX304 Candy Apple Red bass guitar!
I have 3 HB guitars and they are all excellent. The paint finish on this is not perfect, but the only issues are a very small blemish in the paint under the lacquer (but it is just a small dot) and on the back around a couple of the neck bolt holes the paint around the edge is a little rough (but it is on the back so you'll never really see it).
Overall the paint work on the body is stunning. The fret board needs oiling and the frets are a little scratchy, but that is easily and cheaply dealt with. The PU rings are a little warped - I think that the holes in the rings and on the body don't match exactly, but again I think that can be easily resolved.
I think that for a £125 guitar it is amazing.
The rest of the hardware is fine. The setup out of the box was fine but I did need to raise the string height just a little for my preferences.

Overall, it is amazing value for money. I bought it just so I can "throw" it in the back of the car when I go on holiday, or I am staying overnight in a hotel, whilst away on business and not have to worry about damaging it, rather than taking more expensive guitars with me. But actually, it is so nice I will make sure I look after it.

Update: after very little use but great care a small flake of the paint has disappeared in a very noticable place in the body. I'm not sure if I should be unhappy or at this price, just philosophical


Excellent guitar out of the box!
Joe in Denver 28.07.2022
This guitar is fantastic. This guitar feels like my Jackson with a radius around 16". A super flat board, light, and great pickups for being this inexpensive. I do fret leveling/crowning/builds/wiring/etc, and while the guitar needed very minor tweaks to get it perfect, it's right up there with my high-end guitars. Honestly, most players wouldn't even notice without a fret rocker.

For example, I own a Solar ATG 1.6 that I ordered directly from Solar. The fretwork was absolutely unacceptable and it was fairly expensive. It was unplayable for anything other than chords with a lot of distortion, certainly nothing nuanced due to such bad fretwork, so much so that it needed a complete fret level and dress. Let's give the Solar ATG a 1/10. My PRS, we'll give that fretwork a 10/10. This guitar's fretwork is a 9/10. Stellar, and for the price point. Truly remarkable.

If you have any interest in learning to work on guitars, learning fretwork, swapping electronics, etc, what a great candidate instrument. There's no reason this can't be your favorite guitar. It feels right, sounds great, and you're getting a great guitar for the money. If you're a beginner and want to begin on the right foot, buy this guitar. Also, get the ABS case.


A superb instrument for the price
Robert Peterson 25.08.2022
Harley Benton introduces a new lineup of guitars that are extremely low cost while featuring spectacular paint jobs. This guitar is labeled as "Blood Metallic" but it seems to be closer to a "Candy Apple Red" finish. The colour - no matter what it's called - is absolutely beautiful.
The pickups sound pretty good and the build quality for the entire instrument is top-notch. The frets needed more polish out of the box as there's a bit of scratchiness when bending notes, but overall the fretboard feels terrific.
A great guitar.