Hotone 70th Ampero Silver Edition

70th Anniversary Deal

70th Anniversary Deal

This is an exclusive Thomann 70th Anniversary product.

Effect Pedal for Electric Guitar

  • Thomann 70th Anniversary Model
  • Modelling dual DSP effects processor for up to 9 effects simultaneously
  • Support of additional (third-party) Impulse Responses (IR Loader) via HoTone Editor
  • USB connection for editing the IRs/effects or for using the Ampero as a USB audio interface
  • Drum machine with 100 patterns
  • Integrated looper with 100 seconds mono and 50 seconds stereo recording time
  • Controls: Volume, Menu/Value
  • 3 Rotary controls for touchscreen operation
  • LED: Effect On
  • Display: 4" touchscreen with 800x480px resolution
  • 4 Footswitch buttons
  • Expression-Pedal
  • 24-Bit Signal Processing bis 112 dB S/N ratio
  • Power consumption: 500 mA
  • Power supply via 18 V DC power supply unit (included in scope of delivery)
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 320 x 147 x 46 mm
  • Weight: 1.4 kg

Note: Battery operation is not supported

Included modelings:

  • 244 Effects
  • 64 Amp models
  • 60 Cab models
  • Over 100 pedal models
  • 198 Presets
  • Microphone type and position Modelling
  • "Black Tech" acoustic guitar simulation


  • Line input: 6.3 mm jack
  • AUX input: 3.5 mm jack
  • EXP input: 6.3 mm TRS jack
  • MIDI Input: 5-pin MIDI
  • Stereo line outputs: 2 x 6.3 mm jack
  • Stereo output: x 2 XLR
  • Headphone output: 3.5 mm jack
  • USB Port
  • Power supply connection: Barrel plug 5.5 x 2.1 mm, centre negative
Available since March 2024
Item number 581624
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Design Floorboard
Tube(s) No
Amp Modeling Yes
Effects Yes
Headphone Output Yes
Direct Out Yes
MIDI Interface Yes
Integrated Expression Pedal Yes
Connections for Pedals or Switches No
Aux-Input Yes
Integrated Tuner Yes
USB-Port Yes
Drum-Computer Yes
Drumcomputer 1
Incl. Tuner 1
Expression Pedal 1
Line Out 1
PSU included 1
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A whole rig in one modelling floorboard

Modelling floorboards and multi-effects units that give the player innumerable guitar and bass amplifier sounds as well as a variety of different effects to choose from, all packed into a compact, stage-friendly housing, have been a popular solution among musicians for a long time and are now offered by countless manufacturers. HoTone's Ampero fits right into this category: A feature-packed floor unit that has been kept small and affordable. It includes a modelling amplifier, an effects section, a looper, multiple impulse response-based speaker simulations, and a USB audio interface for fast and uncomplicated recording - making it suitable not only for the stage but for the studio as well. This item is the specially priced HoTone 70th Silver Edition to mark the 70th birthday of Musikhaus Thomann.

Display and footswitches on the HoTone 70th Ampero Silver Edition

Plenty of storage options

The Ampero is equipped with a dual DSP effects processor and has a preconfigured and logically strucured effect chain comprising nine blocks, in which time-based effects are placed after the amplifier while effects that require the unaffected guitar signal are placed before it. 64 different amplifier simulations and over 244 effect variations are available, including bass and acoustic guitar preamps. The speaker simulations are based on over 60 impulse responses, and ten memory slots are also available for user IRs. The Ampero also comes complete with a tuner and MIDI control as well as a USB port that allows the unit to be used as an audio interface with the Ampero Editor software. Additionally, a pair of XLR outputs and switchable input impedances provide the required level of flexibility for using instruments like acoustic guitars. Last but not least, the soft-touch colour display, five colour-coded footswitches, and an expression pedal complete the intuitive and straightforward user interface.

HoTone 70th Ampero Silver Edition pedal board

Sonic versatility at your fingertips

The Ampero is primarily aimed at guitarists looking for an affordable all-in-one solution for practice and for use in their home studio and on stage, and it allows great results to be achieved in no time at all thanks to its wealth of amp simulations and effects as well as its intuitive operation. The Ampero's extremely compact size also means that it will easily fit into a bag or rucksack, making it ideal for players who move around a lot and need a small, lightweight rig. Beginners in turn will greatly appreciate the Ampero's affordable price as well as its ease of operation with highly usable factory presets and a preconfigured and logically structured effect chain. Confusion is thus kept to a minimum, all the more so because the Ampero Editor software includes detailed explanations of how the various amplifiers and effects are structured and used.

Pedal unit on the HoTone 70th Ampero Silver Edition

About HoTone Audio

HoTone Audio is a company in Huan, China, which was founded in 2012 by guitarist Guo Runbo. HoTone Audio is well known for small effect pedals and nano amplifiers for guitarists and bassists. The team behind it has a reputation for professional expertise and innovative technical design. Their products make increasing use of digital technologies such as DSP systems, modelling, and USB connections, while at the same time remaining affordable and practical, and therefore accessible to all musicians.

Your constant companion

The HoTone Ampero is an extremely versatile tool, ideally suited to composing and putting together song ideas at home, for example. And features like the AUX input, which lets players jam along to their favourite backing tracks, and the onboard looper, drum machine, and metronome, all of which can of course be used silently thanks to the Ampero's headphone output, make it a great companion when practising. The Ampero is no less flexible on stage, however: By virtue of its numerous connection options, it can be used either as a stand-alone solution or in combination with an amplifier. An extra expression pedal or an external footswitch can also be connected, and the "Lock" function prevents any unintentional changes to the user's presets if things get a little rough on stage.

Back of the HoTone 70th Ampero Silver Edition with many connections

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21 Reviews

Compact, Easy To Use, Intuitive User Interface, Disappointing Live Sound
Stephen6002 23.04.2024
I perform over 250 bookings a year in care homes and hotels playing 50s, 60s, 70s R 'n R etc. to mainly pensioners. My requirements are fairly straighforward, three basic sounds on three preset footswitches, clean with delay, chorus and overdrive. I have been using an old Boss ME-50, taking the Line Out/Headphone output straight into a powered speaker, currently a Bose S1 Pro, keeping equipment to a minimum with no guitar amp. When I saw this with its three footswitches plus a fourth (the CTRL switch) to modify each patch, I thought "YESSSS!" The build quality is top class and so is the packaging. There is no user manual supplied, but this can be downloaded and printed out. Even so, the manual does not really tell you all you need to know. The user interface with its touch screen and control knobs is intuitive and straightforward. There are lots of amp models and effects, along with cab models, all with lots af adjustable parameters. Download the computer software, connect via USB and you can get it all up on you computer screen for even easier access to all the settings. I set up my three sounds, with an added bonus of being able to add a variation of each one by programming the CTRL button, sounded great at home and went off to do a booking in a hotel. When played along with backing track and vocals, the sounds from this unit was just not good enough in my opinion. To me, they didn't have the "guts" and were quite weak compared to my trusty old ME-50 that only has a basic type of inbuilt amp and cab simulation and to be honest, I have a 30 quid pedal from Joyo, attempting to simulate a Vox AC30 that is far superior sound wise. Fortunately, I took my ME-50 with me and changed over as soon as I could.


casual musician 17.04.2024
Decent sound quality for a great price.
The customisable features, such as assigning multiple fx to be turned on/off by the ctrl button and the ability to turn the wah on and off by pressing down the top of the volume pedal are quite nice.
The editing screen and the (non-existent) effects grouping on the computer software create quite a clutter, but it's not so bad once you work them out and save them into your favourite presets.


Very good for the money
Guitarpedals 05.05.2024
Bought the silver edition. Limitations to the number of Fx you can use at the same time. Very poor options and quality of reverbs and delays. It seems that when you use both of them helps the overall quality. Nice amps and cabs. Bad Fuzz sounds. Overall, with a bit of tweaking you will find a good sound at the level of the unit capacity.


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Sehr gut
SeregaD 10.04.2024
Ich habe dieses Gerät im Rahmen einer Aktion (70-jähriges Jubiläum des Ladens) gekauft – mit einem sehr schönen Rabatt! Alles lernt man durch den Vergleich, und ich habe ihn zum Vergleich mit meinen anderen Gitarrenprozessoren herangezogen, die ich bereits habe und die seine Konkurrenten sind. Ich stelle fest, dass ich ein neues gekauft habe, aber die Verpackung hat keine Siegel und es gibt keine Folie auf dem Bildschirm, was ungewöhnlich ist. Ich habe zwar keine Kratzer oder Abschürfungen festgestellt – es ist eindeutig neu. Ohnehin!
Also – im Karton befinden sich neben dem Prozessor selbst 4 Kappen für Fußschalter aus transparentem Kunststoff, ein USB-A-auf-USB-B-Kabel (wie bei einem Drucker), ein 18-Volt-Netzteil (was ungewöhnlich ist). - häufiger 9 Volt) und eine einfache Anleitung auf dem Karton. Es gibt keine Garantiekarte (Sie können aber eine Rechnung verwenden), keine detaillierte Anleitung (kann aber auf der Website heruntergeladen werden), keine Einladung zur Registrierung des Produkts – all das ist meiner Meinung nach ungewöhnlich. Der Bildschirm ist hier berührungsempfindlich, was die Effizienz erhöht, Sie können ihn aber auch auf die altmodische Art und Weise steuern – mit einem Controller. Die Konvertergröße beträgt hier 24 Bit – das ist normalerweise der Fall (schade, dass es nicht 32 Bit sind). Eine Reihe von Anschlüssen – zusätzlich zu den üblichen gibt es zum Beispiel auch einen Midi-Eingang (falls ihn jemand braucht), und es gibt auch ein paar Schalter – Masse und Eingang (Akustik- und E-Gitarre sowie Line). - Sie können beispielsweise einen Synthesizer anschließen. Ich habe den ASIO-Treiber und den Editor von der Website heruntergeladen und installiert, ebenso wie die neue Version der Geräte-Firmware (es war 3.9 und jetzt ist es 4.1). Ich habe auch das Handbuch und die Firmware-Anleitung heruntergeladen – alles ist auf Englisch. Ich habe die Leistung sowohl mit einer E-Gitarre als auch mit einfacher Audiowiedergabe von einem Computer überprüft – es klingt ziemlich gut! Das Gerät selbst sieht solide und schön aus, verfügt über fortschrittliche Schaltfunktionen, ist einfach zu bedienen und klingt gut! Und symmetrische Ausgänge (XLR, die der Mitbewerber nicht hat) werden zweifellos für Live-Auftritte auf der Bühne nützlich sein. Nun, einige Schlussfolgerungen. Im Prinzip ein ganz gutes Gerät! Trotz der Ähnlichkeiten mit der Konkurrenz gibt es dennoch viele Unterschiede in den Eigenschaften, im Design und vor allem im Klang! Voreinstellungen aus der Box sind eine Sache, aber jeder kann seine eigenen erstellen oder andere herunterladen. Und am Ende habe ich beschlossen – ich behalte es zur Abwechslung – lass es in meiner Sammlung sein! Danke!