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Joranalogue Audio Design Enhance 2

Joranalogue Audio Design Enhance 2; Eurorack module; analog stereo and M/S processor; manaual controls for Balance, Stereo Width (0% - 200%), Tilt EQ for Mid- and Side-Bands; switchable corner frequency for both Tilt EQs (250Hz / 1kHz); build-in phase correlation meter; CV inputs for Balance, Mid Tilt, Side Tilt and Width; stereo inputs and outputs; M/S inputs and outputs; power consumption: 70mA (+12V) / 70mA (-12V); width: 8 HP; depth: 43mm

Reverb Ne
Delay No
Multieffect No
Misc. Effects Yes
Width 8 TE / HP
available since November 2021
Item number 528746
Tools 1

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