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Joranalogue Audio Design Orbit 3

Joranalogue Audio Design Orbit 3; Eurorack module; analog Chaos Oscillator; wide range of applications from LFO/VCO to chaotic modulation source up to noise generator; Frequency control knob and Audio/Low siwtch (range: 2.4mHz - 22kHz); Distribution knob controls the internal feedback patch and the width of the two modulation Orbits; the interaction of the Orbits and the relation to the 0V point is controllable via the two Equilibrium knobs; CV inputs for Equilibrium + and Equilibrium -; CV input with attenuverter for Frequency and Distribution; Tame/Wild switch; Reset input; 6 chaos outputs with 60° phase shift (range: 3V - 12Vpp); Equilibrium CV output (range: 0V bis +5V); power consumption: 70mA (+12V) / 65mA (-12V); width: 10 HP; depth: 43mm

Width 10 TE / HP
available since November 2021
Item number 528747
CV-Editor/VC-Processor 1
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