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Master Keyboard

  • 88 Key master keyboard in stage piano design
  • 88 Wooden keys with RM3 Grand II Hammer action
  • Key mechanism with 3-way sensor system
  • Pressure point simulation and IvoryTouch keys
  • Configurations: Normal, Ivory II, Pianoteq, Galaxy Vintag D, Alicia's Keys
  • Graphic interface
  • Any number of touch curves with any number of points
  • Touch learn function
  • Velocity off set for one key
  • MIDI/USB routing
  • MIDI send channel
  • Free pedal assignment (VPC editor compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8) connectors: 3-Way pedal
  • MIDI in/out
  • USB to host
  • Power supply via USB (1.0 W) or DC 12 V power cord (3.0 W)
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 1380 x 425 x 185 mm
  • Weight: 29.5 kg
  • Including F-30 triple pedal with half damper function, sheet music stand, power adaptor and manual
Available since February 2013
Item number 308413
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Hammer Action Keys Yes
Aftertouch No
Split Zones 0
Layer function No
Pitch Bend / Modulation No
Rotary Encoder 0
Fader (Amount) 0
Pads 0
Display No
MIDI interface 1x In, 1x Out
Sustain Pedal Connection Yes
USB-port Yes
Mains Operation Yes
Bus-Powered Yes
Dimensions 1380 x 425 x 185 mm
Weight in kg 29,5 kg
Speacial Features incl. F-30 -Pedal
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The ultimate MIDI controller for virtual pianos

Kawai’s VPC1 is a master keyboard that delivers the experience of a grand piano like no other, allowing virtual instruments, to quote the manufacturer, "to feel as good as they sound". Its 88 wooden, graded, and hammer-weighted keys recreate flawlessly the exceptional touch of a fine concert grand. Moreover, this touch sensitivity can be tweaked and customised via dedicated software - a very useful feature when creating the perfect emulation. Handy presets are also provided for existing virtual pianos in this respect. To top things off, a proper grand piano pedal unit is also included, which consists of three sturdy and weighted pedals preconfigured for damper, soft, and sostenuto. The VPC1 easily connects to a DAW, either via USB or MIDI.

Real piano keys

The VPC1 is equipped with Kawai's RM3 Grand II action. Each key is kitted out with three sensors, which combined with pressure-point and let-off simulations allow for extremely subtle control, even at the softest intensities. The keyboard features a realistic graded-hammer action, including bass note counterweights, perfectly replicating the mechanics of a real grand according to each note’s position on the keyboard. The key surfaces, dubbed IvoryTouch by the manufacturer, emulate ivory surprisingly well, further enhancing the experience.

For a flawless performance

The VPC1 is designed specifically with virtual piano lovers in mind, along with their favourite DAW environments, virtual instruments, and plug-ins. The keyboard’s superb action and pre-programmed velocity touch curves coupled with infinite tweakablility allow each pianist to fully immerse themselves in the instrument of their choice in the most realistic way possible. Established piano emulations such as IVORY II, PianoTeq, Galaxy Pianos, and Native Instruments Alicia's Keys each have their corresponding preset, for an immediate "out of the box" experience. Music producers will doubtless also find the VPC1 a welcome addition to their existing environment, allowing experienced pianists to record their parts elegantly, successfully, and with ease.

About Kawai

Kawai is a Japanese manufacturer which has specialised in building upright and grand pianos since its inception in 1927. Since 1986, Kawai has also been producing digital pianos. Right from the start, the name "Kawai" stood for innovation: For example, Kawai produced the first digital piano with keys made entirely of wood, and also made the first keyboard to truly replicate the action of a grand piano. The list of artists who have chosen Kawai is long, and it includes both Classical pianists like Warren Mailley Smith, Ashley Fripp, and Mikhail Pletnev, and popular keyboardists like Herbert Grönemeyer, Ingo Reidl (Pur), and Don Airey (Deep Purple), among others.

Easy to configure

A single USB or MIDI cable connects the VPC1 to a DAW (a 12V power adapter being required when connecting via MIDI cable). The three pedal inputs (damper, soft, and sostenuto) are also situated at the back of the VPC1. The included VPC Editor software is a dedicated application which creates and edits touch curves, adjusts individual key velocities, and manages MIDI routing. All the changes are stored directly to one of the VPC1's five onboard memories, allowing configurations to be recalled at any time. In keeping with its quest for realism, the VPC1 has no knobs, sliders, or any other extraneous controller - and its sturdy construction of wood and aluminium will ensure a long life and many hours of playing pleasure.

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70 Reviews

This is the one for me!
NickD 07.04.2014
This was the keyboard ( instrument with Pianoteq 4) I have been waiting for!. When playing the upper keys there is 'just' enough room so as not to hit the back, this requires a good technique but not 'an issue!?! ( Mozart and Beethoven fingering here). The key surface(s) are a good and the weight, balance and speed are 'there'!!! The three sensors allow a 'no stress ornament and trill situation' for the perfectionist. This is my new 'instrument'. Thankyou Thomann and your team! ONE YEAR ON ...AND the keyboard is going strong with no failure to any of the keys at all. After my first review above I have settled down and can be more balanced here. There are small niggles that many uses have stated, the curve top is something that can be worked around using larger rubber risers for example, and the music rack is best replacing with a floor stand, the rack, even if it was made better is too low for sight reading anyway. But back to the keyboard, and this applies to ALL similar products(inc digital piano) the action does not become lighter when using the sustain pedal as on an acoustic, obvious point but be aware if you use the pedal as a comfort to make playing easier, it WILL NOT do that on this(or any)master keyboard. With that mind I would say the action is of average weight. Overall a very good product.


Good Keyboard
Lieutenant Scheisskopf 13.10.2020
The keyboard build quality is very good. Keys are quiet. They are a little heavy so don't expect to be playing very fast pieces.

The only negative is that playing higher up in the keys is not easy and you will suffer with certain arpeggios as the keys become increasing heavy the higher you play.


Keys for pianists
-janne- 18.06.2019
I bought the VPC1 for one specific reason only: the touch. As a classical pianist (hobbyist) I really need something that is close enough to a real piano that you can actually play the instrument the same way. Hammering a plastic synth probably just harms your technique. I've been happy playing and practicing classical piano for two years now with my VPC1.

- The touch. Probably the best you can get (until Kawai comes up with improved version) and probably one of the only keyboards that comes even close to being helpful for practicing serious piano repertoire.
- price-feature-ratio. No "fancy extra features". Though somewhat expensive, you're only paying for the keys and with this product that's what you should be looking for anyway.

- Weight. It weights a lot and a isn't really an option if you have to bring your own intrument to gigs.
- Lack of (midi) features. There's only the power button and since you have to connect it with a computer and a software instrument anyway, I would have expected even some buttons to control the software instruments (why settle for imitating regular piano experience when you could have more?). Some subtle buttons wouldn't even have harmed the "classical look".
- The curved top surface. This really annoys me since I like hoard sheet music and other stuff on grand pianos etc. and the curved surface really prevents this. Now you just have to find another solution for your laptop and extra stuff.

Conclusion: For pianists who really care for the touch only. You can get a cheap synth for the other stuff anyway.


The excellence
Creative Spirit 25.02.2020
Excellent product and excellent price for a great quality keyboard. I use it exclusively for composition, and sometimes for playing classical tunes just for fun.

its greatest quality is its touch, and the different nuances it allows to give to performance, as well as its manufacturing quality.

I have it since one year now, i produced several piano tracks for MusicScreen (royalty free music library), and some soundtracks for 3 short films. Most of the time, when i want a classical piano style, i use it with the ivory VST, specially with the Steinway D or the Bosendorfer. For jazz work i use the VPC with the Ravenscroft 275.

Inspiration is the most crucial element when it comes to composing and producing music, and after 20 years of making music, i realized how much the action of the piano keyboard can influence our creative process, and can help us capture inspiration when it's there.

This keyboard is really really very inspiring. when i unpacked it, i used the velocity curve provided for the ivory VST, and I was directly seduced.

I used few keyboards in the past: Korg ProX, Roland JV 90.. and the VPC1 is far above in terms of quality and fun.


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