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Marshall DSL20HR


This item runs exclusively on an operating voltage of 230 V and therefore requires a voltage transformer to run in your country of United States.

All-Tube Amp Head for Electric Guitar

  • Reissue series - authentic DSL sound
  • Power: 20W
  • 2 Footswitchable channels with classic gain and ultra gain
  • Preamp tubes: 3x ECC83
  • Power tubes: 2x EL34
  • Tone Shift key for centre configuration
  • Bass switch that complements a resonant bass boost
  • Independent volume and gain controls for both channels
  • Common sound control for treble, mid and bass
  • Emulated line output
  • Serial FX loop
  • Including footswitch
Available since January 2018
Item number 422015
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Power 20 W
Power Amplifier Tubes EL34
Channels 2
Reverb Yes
Footswitch Yes
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A puristic little powerhouse

The DSL20HR is the latest surprise from Marshall’s long-established Dual Super Lead series, and its 20-watt output makes it the perfect compromise between the one-watt DSL1HR and the 100-watt DSL100HR. At the heart of the DSL20HR are three ECC83 and two EL34 tubes which ensure that players can enjoy true Marshall tone without compromise, and the output can also be reduced from 20 watts to 10 watts. This may be a no-frills amplifier, but its features and two-channel design still provide plenty of flexibility.

A small package crammed with features

The DSL20HR’s two channels share a typical Marshall EQ section equipped with a bass, middle, and treble control, which are complemented by resonance and presence controls. The latter are essentially bass and treble controls but, unlike those in the preamp’s EQ section, they instead shape the tonal characteristics of the amp’s power stage. The front panel also features a Tone Shift switch that slightly scoops the mid-frequencies for a more “modern” sound. The rear panel features an Audio In socket, so you can play along to music from your mobile phone or computer. It also includes an Emulated Out socket with cabinet simulation, which immediately provides a suitable signal for recording or listening through headphones. One feature makes this amplifier a real gem in its price range: A switchable series effects loop. The channels are of course also foot-switchable, and the features are nicely rounded off by a digital reverb unit.

Push it to the limit

Marshall’s DSL20HR is a real all-tube amplifier positioned in the lower price bracket that can still hold its own against significantly more expensive competitors. The order of the day is classic Marshall tone, and the DSL20HR effortlessly delivers just that. Its 20-watt output makes it easier to push the amp’s power stage to its limits while maintaining a manageable volume level, all the more so since the power output can be switched down to 10 watts. And the DSL20HR is also perfect for home recording.

About Marshall

Marshall, the manufacturer from Milton Keynes in Great Britain, is an indispensable figure in the world of electric guitar. The tube amplifiers of company founder Jim Marshall († 2012) have been writing Rock music history since 1962 with names like Pete Townshend, Jimi Hendrix, and Eric Clapton. The classics of the JTM, JMP, and JCM 800 series are still highly sought-after today, as they shaped the sound of overdriven and distorted electric guitar more than any other product. To this day, the combination of the amp and 4x12" cabinet - the "Marshall stack" - is synonymous with the energy and power of the Rock music genre. Alongside these landmark achievements, however, Marshall has always kept its finger on the pulse of the times and a close eye on the needs of up-and-coming musicians.

An all-rounder and a classic

Whether it’s loud or quiet, Marshall’s sound is unmistakeable – and players who are looking for that sound won’t settle for anything less. Luckily, the DSL20HR admirably upholds this Marshall heritage and comes at a budget-friendly price. It is ideal for both rehearsals and gigs, and it will be a delight for sound engineers to mike up on stage. Weighing in at just over nine kilogrammes, this head will also be no problem to take on the road. So, if a true all-tube Marshall amplifier that is perfect for the stage and the living room is what you are looking for, look no further.

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144 Reviews

Marshall goodness!
Nyxtokrolis 17.08.2021
I decided to get this amp as a transition to the analog world, having used only FX Pedals and SS Amps in the past. Now six months later, I know I made an awesome choice.

In general, this head offers the "real" Marshall experience at a low cost, and should not disappoint anyone knowing what they are going for. The sound is GREAT and the head is capable of being used for home practice at low volumes (with a relative tonal trade-off) or loud gigs where it transforms into a blasting beast.

Summing-up my experience, here what i've found:

- Classic Marshall tone, with loads of gain available
- EL34 Tubes sound amazing when played loud
- Takes pedals very well
- Improved compared to older JCM2000 models
- Sounds great on both 10 & 20 watt modes
- Reverb is fine

- As with any tube amp, low volume sacrifices tone and makes the sound fizzy. Still, the tone is acceptable at 2
- Single EQ and Reverb for both channels make switching not so seamless. Especially for live playing
- Tone switch sucks out the tone instead of scooping it
- Not much headroom for cleans, in case you want them crisp and loud

For me, this amp has replaced most of the gear I used to play on from day one. I mostly play rock and metal, and I can get a great variety of sounds by adjusting the knobs or adding a pedal or two. It seems like all the digital pedal configurations are not so important when you have one thing that actually works for you after all.


Well worth the money
cyanide_regime 11.11.2021
An incredible amplifier! Ideal for playing at home, it delivers high quality sound even in low power mode. Matches perfectly with the Harley Benton's 212 Vintage cabinet.

* You'll get a shit-ton of gain
* Sounds great even with "all 12 o'clock" equalizer setup
* Full-size tubes (EL34)
* Good reverb
* Gorgeous stylish look from Marshall

* The amplifier could be made a little more compact
* Need a booster pedal to get a "chugging" low-end


my first tube amp
Fabian04 02.12.2022
this is my first tube amp. I previously had a 20w solid-state combo amp and the difference is huge between those two. To be honest I was hesitant at first but now I don't regret the decision that I made.


Classic marshall sound, ideal for home studios
Janesz 31.03.2018
I have ordered by the purpose of recording at home, so it was crucial to find such an amp which serves good sound on moderate level of volume. I think Marshall made a step forward with this revision. I could try an older DSL model and the noise issue, which was really critic earlier, improved a lot (in the right way).
The split EQ is not the best when You're on a stage, because for sure You need different things for clean and distorted channels, but when it comes to recording this issue disappears. Although, I find the EQ section a little bit inconsistent, it is a great amp.
However, it also has to be emphasized that it brings the classic, old school Marshall sound. The well known resonance and presence knobs do their jobs as we know it from earlier. The reverb is really nice for the clean channel, sometimes I have a feeling like I play with a guitar with piezos.
There's also a tone shift by which more tweaking possibilities come forth.
Apart from the fact that the EQ section is tricky, there are no big problems with the amp. I think it's worth for the price.


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