Mono Cases Vertigo Electric Bass (Grey)


Professional Gig Bag for Electric Bass

  • Suitable for Fender, Ibanez and similar
  • Padding: 20 mm
  • Material: Water resistant Sharkskin nylon
  • Shock absorber on the bottom
  • Large accessory pocket
  • Reinforced handle
  • Reinforced and padded carrying straps
  • Headlock system protects headstock and machine heads
  • Extra soft inner material made of plush
  • Inner dimensions (W x H x D): 36.8 x 121.9 x 7.6 cm
  • Colour: Grey
available since March 2014
Item number 335184
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Model E-Bass
Padding (mm) 20 mm
Surface Material Nylon
Outside Pocket Yes
Backpack Yes
Colour Grey
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The long story of my Mono
gyuri 01.05.2018
Dear reader, let me tell you the story of how I got my case.
I had looked at almost every gig bag that exists out there, including those that you can only get secondhand (if you're lucky).
I loved Gators, I was awed by Reunion Blues, I was tempted by Protec, and I fell in love with Access cases. Throughout my days of wondering on the internet, the Mono Vertigo kept coming back in reviews, webshops, everywhere.
Mono users said, they love their Monos and never look back.
Non-mono users said, hey Mono's too expensive, get this alternative which is as cool.
Now, I am a rational person, spending this much on a case is not an easy business. I checked all my options, and I actually chose Access - but you can only order from the US, and shipping costs more than the case itself.
So my dear reader, buy a Mono (or Access if you can) and don't look back.

What I like:
This case is bloody brilliant. Protection is Class A. Handling is excellent, quality is something you don't see in cases.

What I wish they would improve:
Storage for other things is limited. Yeah buy a tick. Well, maybe i will but come on....
There's no front facing handle, packing out of the car is not as easy as with some other bags.
I wish the shoulder straps would be higher, I am a tall guy and I hit doorframes on the regular.


Durable and Well Made Case That Keeps Instruments Super Safe
Ja113n12 26.02.2022
Not only does the Mono Cases Vertigo electric bass gig bag look great, it is extremely well made and durable. The padding is definitely thick as described and the neck lock feature prevents any movement within the case. The rubber bottom is a great feature that prevents denting the bottom of your instrument when accidentally putting it down too hard or dropping it. This is especially useful for those of you who have broken the bottom strap holder this way. Another great safety feature is that the it's almost impossible for the instrument to slide out of the bag, since the zip does not allow this. There is a padded pocket and some extra sleeves inside for organising your belongings. The bag is also completely waterproof and the rubber bottom also allows you to put the bag down in damp places without having to worry about your instrument getting wet too.

The only feature I would say is missing is some more comfortable straps, especially for those of you with heavier instruments, otherwise it is totally fine.

Think I may just have to get one for my guitar too now....


Great Bag!
Meugatron 30.07.2020
I use it to carry around my good basses and it's absolutely great. It's big enough to fit perfectly my Dingwall Ng3 (extra long scale bass 37").
I bought it because of the shock absorber and it does it's job.
The only thing I'm missing is a frontal handle but that's nothing compared to the overall quality.
If you have a lot of gigs or you simply want to carry your bass around without a hard case this is the thing you're looking for!


Fantastic case. Still like brand new after much use.
Donaldolinyson 25.06.2018
These cases are bulletproof. I'm a regularly working musician and this is my go to case now. Handier to carry around than a hard case but offers plenty of protection. I have no issues putting any of my basses in here, they all fit very well and I am very comfortable with the protection offered by the case.

Would highly recommend!


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