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The company Music Sales Limited was founded in 1925 by Robert Wise. The main office of the company is in London (GB). According to official records a total of 260 members of staff are working for company Music & Sales (status 2011).

Further brands of Music Sales Limited are Bosworth, Wise Publications, Chester, Schirmer, Novello, Omnibus Press, Wilhelm Hansen, J. Curwen, Union Musicales Ediciones, Editions Musicales Francaises as well as Lick Library.

Currently we have 24 Music and Sales products 22 of them directly available in our Treppendorf warehouse (and of course they can be tested as well in our shop) . We've had Music Sales products in our range since 1996.

From a total of 24 products 7 products are top sellers at Thomann amongst others in the following categories Classical Violin Sheet Music, Guitar Tab, Classical Guitar Sheet Music, Classical Saxophone Sheet Music and Classical Flute Sheet Music.

The current top seller is the following product Music Sales 100 Classical Themes Violin. An absolute hit is the following product Music Sales Play Guitar With Metallica - we have sold this item over 1.000 times already.

You can find more information about the manufacturer on http://www.wisemusic.com

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