Pearl P-3002D Demon Double Pedal


Base Drum Pedal

  • Double bass drum pedal
  • Direct drive, pedal to beater - position adjustable
  • Ninja bearing - impress with their micro-polished steel balls with ultra-low friction
  • Duo Deck long board - enables fast adjustment from a long board into a short board pedal
  • Zero latency universal joints
  • Control core beaters
  • Incl. case
available since May 2009
Item number 229137
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Incl. Floor Plate Yes
Incl. Strap No
Chain No
Chain Drive Direct Drive
Incl. 2-4 way beater No
Incl. Pedal Bag, Or Case Yes
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Solid pedal, flawless movement
Agonarch 16.12.2018
I use this with my black/gothic band and made my drumming steadier and more effortless. I have it for a few months and see no play in the universal joint. Seems built like a tank and it's the fastest pedal I've used so far, hopefully will keep going without any play.
Previously had a direct drive yamaha, but this pedal is so much steadier, doesn't move, it's built to last like an iron cobra pedal.
Steady, fast, longboard conversion, very little lag in the slave pedal
For slower tempos type of music probably a chain driven would be better.

Played before on iron cobra and yamaha direct drive, and this is certainly faster then both and doesn't add movement when you slide your feet heavily unto it.
I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to play fast at a fracture of the cost of other machine cut pedals, hopefully it will last for many concerts.


A game-changer for me.
UTF 27.07.2020
I've used and experimented with several higher-end double pedals, both chain and direct drive. This one is simply the best I've used. The lag of the auxiliary pedal, while still existent, is more of an afterthought than on any other pedal I've used. The driveshaft is very adequate, which is way more than I could say for DW, and I'm a DW fanboy. This thing can be adjusted in so many different ways that I didn't even know where to begin. But, once you find that sweet spot, it's so worth the extra effort.


High quality product
MariusBudu 07.10.2020
I've bought the pedals 3 months ago. I switched to them from a pair of pretty worn out Iron Cobras. The difference was quite drastic. So drastic in fact, that I was two days late on returning them (past the 30 days money back thing). So I kinda got stuck with them , and decided to work and try to get along with them.
I should mention also that I am an amateur drummer, and I play around once a week, on average. So it took me quite a while to get accustomed to the insanely accurate and fast way these pedals work. I am very happy I didn't return them, after practicing, plus a few tweaks and adjustments, I am now finally starting to improve on where I had left with the old pedals.

I guess the bottom line is, if you switch from a lower end pedal and expect to rip the double bass as soon as you put these babies on the drum, well...that's not gonna happen. They will however (at least they did to me) point out your every little mistake and hesitation. Essentially allowing you to correct yourself and improve as a player.

Hope this review helps those that are maybe, undecided, on whether they should get this product or not


Great pedal
Luka717 22.10.2021
I use this pedal for six years now and I am very satisfied with it. Pedal is really light and fast, but with some tweaking you can still use it for rock music or for pop. Drive schaft in my opinion is the best feature on this product, slave pedal feels the same as the main pedal. I was using this pedals on double bass drum set as two single pedals but now I am using them as a double pedal on set with one bass drum and i didn't notice any diference in slave pedal.
You only need to be careful with the screws, you can damage them pretty easy with the key that comes with the pedals.
Springs are very durable I broke one after more than 5 years of use.
Pedals are very solid, I added some velcro that comes with the pedal on the plate of the pedal and pedals doesn't move at all. Even slave pedal sits on its position perfectly.

The only con is that I can notice some clicking in the pedals, but after so many years of use, I guess I can live with that.