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The history of the business Pyramid Saiten- und Stimmpfeifenfabrik Junger GmbH goes back to the year1850, when Anton Osmanek laid the foundations for the company. The main office of the business is in Bubenreuth (D).

Pyramid products are exclusively produced in factories in Germany.

You can find 448 Pyramid products at Thomann 438 of them are ready for dispatch . Pyramid has been a part of our range since 1997.
The popularity of Pyramid is obvious. Every 45th Thomann customer has bought at least one Pyramid product at Thomann.

From a total of 448 products 60 products are top sellers at Thomann amongst others in the following categories Standard Classical Guitar Strings, Miscellaneous Strings, Single Electric Bass Strings, Flatwound Electric Guitar Strings, 3/4 and 1/2 Cello Strings, Steel Guitar Strings and 008 Electric Guitar Strings.

The absolute Pyramid best seller is the following product Pyramid Nylon. This item has been sold more than 100.000 times.

Pyramid equipment is used by famous musicians like Accept, Adorned Brood, Adrian Schmidtke, Agathodaimon, Alexander Beyrodt, Alex Gessner, Amplified Hate, Andreas Willers, Boss Hoss and Blutgericht.

Now you can buy Pyramid products even cheaper! Only within the last 90 days we have lowered the prices of 26 Pyramid products.

Pyramid company logo
Pyramid company logo
A. Osmanek, Musikinstrumenten- und Saitenfabrik
A. Osmanek, Musikinstrumenten- und Saitenfabrik

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