Rockbag Fingerboard Saver Set


Fretboard Protector Set

  • For thin, medium and jumbo fret wires
  • Protects the fingerboard from scratches and dents during filing, crowning or polishing the frets
  • Fits most thin fret wires / medium fret wires / jumbo frets wires
  • Fits between all frets on guitars, banjos and electric basses
  • Fits between most frets of ukuleles and mandolins
  • Slot widths: 1.8 mm (5/64") / 2.65 mm (7/64") / 3.15 mm (1/8")
  • Slot length: 70 mm (2 3/4") - fits most 5-string electric basses
  • Notches for fixing with the enclosed rubber bands
  • Made of spring-hardened 0.2 mm (1/64 ") stainless steel
  • Adjusts to the fretboard radius
  • Set consists of 2 pieces including rubber bands and 1 x sanding block (sanding block with 1000 grit)
  • Dimensions Fingerboard Protector (L x W): 80 mm (3 5/32 ") x 16 mm (5/8")
  • Dimensions of sanding block (L x W x H): 100 mm (3 15/16 ") x 10 mm (25/64") x 10 mm (25/64 ")

Note: Also available separately in sets of 2 pieces per slot width.

Available since August 2017
Item number 419717
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Size Small - Medium - Jumbo
Amount 6
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88 Reviews

Fingerboard Damager not Saver
mjmorrell 07.01.2018
Bought these to protect my fingerboard whilst doing fretwork.
Unfortunately these had the opposite to the desired affect to saving the fingerboard. The metal savers have burrs on the edge and so they cause fine cuts into the fingerboard of my expensive PRS guitar. I then had to sand these out. After noticing this after doing a few frets I stopped using them and went back to using masking tape.
I would advise not using these at all as they may damage your guitar as they did to mine. I would like to know if Thomann or Warwick are going to compensate for the damaged guitar?
Overall not impressed at all, they don't even deserve 1 star since they actually damaged my guitar which I then needed to repair. Waste of money and worse than if they were just useless.


Not that great
DT1980 30.03.2020
I bought these to protect the fingerboard during the polishing of the frets. But these things are so sharp that you have more chance damaging the fretboard than without them. Not practical in use either, a real hassle to put them on the board.
Tried them a few times, but never use them anymore.


I think these will mark your fretboard
Eugene M. 13.01.2023
I normally mask off the fretboard and use fret rubbers and very fine sandpaper to do frets. I got these as I reckoned they would be faster. They would be I suppose but after doing a few frets on a guitar I began to notice very small little cuts in the fretboard where these 'savers' had been applied for fret cleaning/polishing. So, I stopped using them and went back to my old but slower method. I am a guitar tech and do a lot of guitars and feel these might be ok to use on a cheapo guitar you have modded to go out gigging with but in all honesty, I will not be using them on a mid or expensive level guitar again. The slower and older way is better and will never leave marks.


Kinda flimsy, difficult to use
nikreiman 19.01.2022
These fingerboard savers are more likely to scratch the fretboard than a fret file. They are a bit flimsy and have sharp-ish edges. I don't bother with them anymore.