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Digital Piano

  • 61 Ivory feel box-shape keys with velocity response
  • 128-Voice polyphony
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • MIDI format compliant to GM2
  • Sounds: 10 pianos, 7 electric pianos, 7 organs, 16 more sounds - incl. drumset and SFX set
  • Multi Effects / Chorus / Reverb
  • Transpose function
  • Metronome
  • Recorder: Standard MIDI Files - Format 0
  • LCD
  • 2 Loudspeakers with 2.5 W each
  • Battery operation possible (Batteries not included)
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 877 x 271 x 82 mm (without music stand)
  • Connections: Phones Out, AUX In, Pedal, USB to host
  • Weight (without power supply): 3.9 kg
  • Includes power supply and music stand (PSD-230 EU)
Available since July 2017
Item number 416909
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Number Of Keys 61
Hammer Action Keys No
Number of simultaneous Voices 128
Number Of Sounds 40
Effects Yes
Speaker Yes
Headphone Outputs 1
Metronome Yes
Master keyboard function No
Pitch Bend No
Modulation Wheel No
Split Zones 2
Layer Function Yes
MIDI interface USB
Colour Black
Keys 61
Finish Opaco
Touch-Sensitve 1
Number of keys 61
Ivory Feel Keyboard 1
Storage Medium Computer, internal
Sounds 40
Sequencer 1
Polyphony 128
Styles 0
Display 1
Dimensions in mm 877 x 271 x 82
Weight in kg 3,9 kg
Included Accessories PSU
Weight 3,9 kg
Audio out 1
Audio input 1
Midi Interface VIA USB
Speaker Power 2x 2,5 W
Size 877 x 271 x 82
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73 Reviews

The best, worst portable?
PoeKey 11.12.2020
I've had the Go:Piano for nearly two years, and have used it occasionally, mostly for informal rehearsals. I'm primarily an organ-player, but love piano, and adore my trusty CP-300. The playability, the connectivity, the sound! But I don't like the bulk. At 32,5 kg + flight case, it's tough to lug around, and mostly leaves the house for major gigs. For other occasions, I wanted a lighter, more casual keyboard that I can 'toss around'- with a focus on classic, electric pianos, because acoustic pianos are so difficult to emulate (not least on a budget).
I had a lighter 88-key option, a Yamaha P-45, but it wasn't all that easy to toss around (too long), the sounds were lack-lustre and the action was uninspiring.
So I decided to just disregard it all, and get the lightest, cheapest, half-way decent EP with full-sized keys I could find. Enter the Go:Piano.

- Weight and portability can hardly be beat.
- 63 keys is a fair compromise (probably not for classical music).
- EP sounds are generally ok, and there's a fair selection for p/ep/clav (never mind the rest). But please read on.
- The texture of the keys is really good, the matte/'ivory'-feel makes you almost nostalgic.
- Operation is straight-forward (if you don't mind menues).
- Internal speakers are pretty good, and the volume will match eg. an acoustic guitar without problems.

- My overriding complaint: The keyboard is very hard to control. You can adjust it to light/medium/heavy, but within each setting it's still very difficult to play naturally. There's a point, where a slightly harder attack will return a much harder response. Dynamically, it's just not intuitive.
- Very few options to tweek settings (eg. chorus, wah), voices are pretty much 'as is'.
- Internal reverb is poor, especially with external amplification.
- Acoustic piano decay is too short, very unnatural.
- Connections (mini-jack) are flimsy, headphone and line-out combine.

To conclude: The Go:Piano may be ok for the occational 'campfire' setting, but that's about it. The search for a decent, inexpensive 'to-go'-piano continues.

About the 'Handling' rating: If it refers to weight/portability, it's a solid five stars. But if it refers to operation (including keybed/playability it's barely one. That's my reason for giving it three.


Great Keys for On-The-Go
Keyron 25.10.2018
I bought this piano as a rehearsal piano that could throw into the back of the car or carry around town with minimal effort. The key feel great though they don't have hammer action. The sound quality of the speakers is basic but the sound through a PA or amplified system sounds good though a little thin. In the end I've gigged with it in a few places where the piano was being used as more of a background thing and it was dead handy. For the price, I am delighted with the Go-Piano and would recommend it to anyone who finds themselves moving a 20kg stage piano around for minor gigs.


Perfect for beginners/ practice piano
randomname 07.05.2019
Bought this piano for playing at home, but right now it serves as one of my gig pianos.
The reason I chose go:piano is because it seemed to have really good sounding pianos and electric pianos. Wasn't disappointed - they do sound really warm and just right for my taste. The feel of keys is good, surely doesn't have a feel of cheap plastic. Got the chance to compare this with Yamaha NP-32 - the feel of the keys and sounds they provide is an easy win for GO:PIANO (if less keys is not a deal breaker for you)
Also love the bluetooth advantage.
The things I don't like about this piano is that whilst playing it's easy to accidentaly click the metronome or octave shift "buttons". Thanks god, it only happened during rehearsals.
Overall, good sounding piano, for a budget price, that will work well both for home playing and gigs.


Good little keyboard
Frednugent 18.04.2021
I know the other reviews say this is a beginner/practice keyboard but I've use this at live concerts on 2 tours. I run it into a little eq pedal and some light FX and it sounds like a piano! I also recorded it on an album when I needed a low-fi piano part. This keyboard is super light and portable. Pretty solid if you take care of it. It was in the back on the van in a soft case and still worked every night. I think I got a lot of good use out of this keyboard.
I do wish it could be used as a normal midi controller. That would have been fantastic. But all in all this has been a workhorse and I continue to use it. Thumbs up!


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