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Schott Music was founded in 1770 by Bernhard Schott. The general office of the business Schott Music is in Mainz (D). the business employs according to their own data 250 members of staff (status 2011).

You can find 599 Schott products at Thomann 591 of them are ready for dispatch . Thomann has been selling Schott products since 1996.

Among our top sellers there are 231 Schott products at the moment e.g. in the following product categories Schools For Clarinet , Piano Schools, Songbooks for Saxophone, Songbooks, Classical Recorder Sheet Music, Music Theory & Harmony Books and Children's Music Tutors.

The current top seller is Schott Notenblock Music Paper A4 an all time favourite among Schott products is the following item Schott Klavier Spielen Hobby 1. We have sold this over 5.000 times.

Schott products belong to the most visited ones on our website. Most recently over 500.000 product pages of Schott have been hit per month.

founder Bernhard Schott
founder Bernhard Schott
head office in Mainz
head office in Mainz
Schott company logo
Schott company logo

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