Steven Slate Audio Raven MTi 2


Multitouch DAW and Software Controller

  • 27" Touchscreen with dedicated Raven Mixer software
  • Optimum interaction of 10-point touch control and mixer interface for various DAWs
  • Flexible and freely programmable software toolbar for shortcuts and keyboard commands
  • Full HD resolutions: 1920 x 1080p
  • LED backlit screen
  • Connections: USB 2.0, HDMI and VGA
  • Incl. HDMI cable, USB 2.0 A to B cable, power supply unit, MTi stand. VESA standard mount, assembly instructions
  • Software registration card: 1 licence for 1 DAW
  • Copy protection: iLok (not included)

Note: requires free USB port for iLok copy protection plug (iLok not included).

Supported DAWs:

  • Pro Tools 19-2023 (macOS or Windows)
  • Logic Pro X (macOS)
  • Ableton Live 9 – 11 (macOS or Windows)
  • Cubase Pro 10 – 13 (macOS or Windows)
  • Nuendo 10 – 13 (macOS or Windows)
  • Studio One v4, v5 and v6 (macOS or Windows)
  • Digital Performer 8 – 11 (macOS)

Minimum computer requirements:

  • Intel Core i5 2.5GHz
  • Intel HD 4000 GPU (512mb VRAM)
  • 4 GB RAM

Minimum requirement Mac Pro:

  • 2.5 Ghz Xeon Processor
  • Intel HD 4000 GPU (512 mb VRAM)
  • 4 GB RAM

Supported operating systems:

  • macOS 10.15 to 14.1.1
  • Windows 10 to 11
Available since January 2016
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Bluetooth No
5-pole DIN MIDI No
Ethernet No
Pads 0
Diplay Yes
Rotary Knobs 0
Fader(s) 0
Drawbar No
Expansion No
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22 Reviews

Why fight the future? This toy is the real deal.....
DCLA 26.04.2019
First off, it took me a while to get the raven mti2 properly connected and running with my Mac desktop. I had a lot of bugs to deal with, and even had to resort to slate for some tech support, and which they delivered fast and to the point. So, A++ to slate support. The raven and mixing on the raven is a joy. I use Logic Pro X and its a perfect sync. If you are a plug-in tweeker, this is for you. If you use a lot of automation, this is for you. Its lighting fast and responsive. Gestures is a pleasure on its own, and makes using the raven only that much more easier. The large touch screen is a pleasure to work on, easy and flawless. In fact the bonus is: even if you aren't running daw and raven, the mti2 literally turns your Mac into a full functioning touch screen tablet (27 inches). My only con is the setup process, it can be a bit frustrating. But after it was up and running, i re-fell in love with my daw, thanks to the raven and the "in your face" screen placement and pop-ups make working with your daw easy and fun. No more mouse tracking from here to there... Im an analog guy just because i like the precision of knob tweeking.. the raven has taken care of that.. all controls, on the daw and on plug-ins are brought to life size and the reactiveness of the knobs to the touch screen is remarkable. Can't wait to buy and connect the second screen turning this beast into a dual screen setup. You can use your Mac's screen as the second screen btw, and run your whole system on a dual monitor system. But obviously one is touch screen while the other is still point n click.. with the dual raven setup, you have 54 inches of work space, and i can only imagine how much more easier the workflow gets. This review was written after 2 weeks of use.. and to be honest, i haven't spent this much time with my daw in a long time.. just a pleasure to work on.. good job Raven......


Future of mixing?
Paul8081 03.08.2016
Is this as said the future of mixing? That remains to be seen but what do I think of it?
When I first ordered it I expected it to take over from mouse and keyboard completely, this did not happen.
I use Logic Pro, not really optimized for touch, screen prompts to show where you have for example grabbed the start of a stem to shorten it are hidden under your finger so you can never be certain you have pointed at the right place.
Now on saying that many aspects are made a lot more instinctive. Mixing, turning on screen knobs on plugins, scrolling, turning stuff on and off, muting and other switches all fall naturally into the touch domain. So too do things like editing fade in/out curves.
Other things I still reach for the mouse, but as an added tool, where it works well for me, it is a joy.

Batch Commander is the software that turns it though from a mere touch screen into a real time saver. Many macros are supplied to add tracks, name them, undo takes, change tools and many many more functions. User macros are easy to program too. I will leave the reader to find out more about this.

Setting up a project has lately become automated too. A press of a button and Batch Commander will set up your DAW to integrate the Raven. So even old projects are soon set up.

So why given that it did not replace my traditional input tools do a give it a full 5 star review? Because I could not live now without it, where it helps it it really helps. Also the support is superlative (given time zone differences) and the Slate team are always working to make it better. Most of the flaws are not of the Raven but Logic not being optimised for touch.

So yeah, it's been part of my studio and my work flow for a few months now and I have no regrets. At the mixing stage particularly it has become irreplaceable.


Hard to install and just a touch screen
Ordovas 10.01.2019
I regret buying this product. Its expensive, and the installation was overly complex. I had to order a separate USB key to make it work, and the installation instructions are confusing. After finally installing, I can only say that it is a touch screen. Nothing more nothing less. I would not recommend buying this for the price.


Tatras Studio 03.01.2018
Looks great, modern, stylish. A bit of a longer learning curve but it works as it says- smoothy, everything is fine.

It will not take your hands off your mouse fully as presented but a nice hybrid solution.

Using it with Logic Pro, works nicely


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