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tc electronic PolyTune 3 Tuner/Buffer


Tuner Pedal

  • Polyphonic tuner / buffer
  • The Bonafide circuitry receives its sound through long cable paths and several effects devices
  • Polyphonic tuning - simultaneous display of all strings
  • Fast chromatic tuner with 0.5 cent accuracy
  • Ultra-precise strobe tuner with ± 0.02 cent accuracy
  • The "Always On" mode offers a tuner display even if the Polytune 3 is not muted
  • Automatic brightness adjustment
  • 109 Super bright LED display with automatic brightness adjustment
  • Automatic change between polyphonic and monophonic tuning
  • Foot switch: On / Off / Mute
  • True Bypass
  • Power consumption: 45 mA
  • Power supply with a 9 V battery or a 9 V DC power supply (coaxial connection - negative polarity inside - not included, suitable: Art.


  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 72 x 122 x 50 mm
  • Weight: 300 g
Chromatic Yes
Display LED
Integrated Microphone No
Integrated Metronome No
PSU Connector Yes
Design Floor Tuner
Item number 413690
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Great tuner, a bit confusing at first
A. j M. 08.05.2020
This is THE tuner pedal out there. Don't look any further ever, and stop asking reddit how it compares to Boss or D'addario (two brands that I otherwise really appreciate) - it doesn't. This is in its own ballpark.
I mean you get:
- True bypass if that's what you want
- An excellent buffer if you prefer (great thing to put right at the top of your chain if you have passive pickups)
- 3 different view settings (I use the classic one)
- A 9V output to daisy chain another pedal (because who wants their tuner to take a spot on their juice box, amaright?)
- Infinite tuning options, and you can set up your favorites
- Send in different settings to the pedal from your phone through the pickups (you read that right)
- Optionnal Always on display (so that you can pretend to know your fretboard by heart)
- Polyphonic tuner is a great thing
- Killswitch
- Great build quality

I must forget something, but as you see, I do believe it's a no brainer, I don't see any reason to get any other tuner at that price point on the market at the moment.

The only down side is that it may have too much options to start with and can be overwhelming at first if you want to use the whole alternate tuning thing. But nothing an hour with the manual and many tutorials online will not get rid of :). If you only need normal tuning - it's really just plug and play, so you won't have that issue at all!


Durable, Precise, and Roadworthy
Schengis 23.06.2019
I've been using this tuner for a couple years before buying my own. I tour in a band that's on the road for 50+ gigs a year and this little guy is up to the challenge. I've seen this thing dropped, stomped on, spilled on by all manner of things, and frankly just manhandled... you name it, this tuner can take it in stride!

One of the best things about it is how well you can fit it to your personal needs. I use mine pretty much how it came out of the box, our bassist uses the "always on" function for live tuning, and the singer/rhythm player uses it as a mute when he decides to jump down into the crowd. It performs just as well on battery as plugged. I could praise this thing all day but here are some pros/cons:

- Built to fit your personal needs - customizable
- Extremely durable and maintains precision
- "Plays well with others" (as in pedals and effect)

- Easy to drain batteries if not careful
- "Polytune" function not 100% useful/accurate in on-stage situations
- Some latency in pitch detection in lower register guitars

A must-have pedal.


corsair 28.11.2018
I replaced a Polytune 2 with this one and I am very happy with the upgrade. I got it because of the buffer (i set the switch to have it always on) and I am very pleased with the sound improvement. Apparently, my ~6m cable was losing a bit of high frequencies and the buffer helped restore them - you can actually hear the difference.
As for the tuner itself, it is more reliable than the Polytune 2 I had. Probably it was that specific product, but in my previous tuner, the low E string would vanish quickly from the screen when tuning all strings at once. On this one it stays on like the rest of the strings and it is very accurate.


Disgusted with the lack of Quality Control / Customer Service
vegan pete 14.05.2019
I bought a TC electronic polytune 3. It came with no access to the internal dip switches due to a manufacturing error. Thomann advised that they were all like that, not true, also advised that taking it apart wouldnt invalidate the warranty, also untrue as confirmed by the manufacturer. Only recourse was to send it back to the manufacturer under warranty, would not give a replacement, leaving me without a tuner. Unacceptable for Thomann to provide such bad customer service, and TC Electronic to provide such bad quality checking / manufacturing.


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