Thomann Adaptor Safety-Plug - UK


Adapter Plugs Protective Contact Plug - UK

  • With fuse (13 A)
  • Connects Euro protection plug (with ground) to UK sockets

Attention: No mains voltage adjustment!

Available since May 2014
Item number 342119
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Type UK
Application Adapter
Male/Female Male/Female
Colour Black
Plug Misc.
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530 Reviews

Makes life simpler
Anonymous 20.09.2015
This is a handy device that is designed to convert a two pin European Schuko plug to a three pin UK plug. It is simply a plug type adapter and does not convert any voltage. It saves having to chop a moulded European Schuko plug off a cable and rewire the cable with a UK plug. Using a product like this is quicker and safer, as many people do not have experience of wiring up mains plugs these days. The only tool needed is a screwdriver. The adapter is an SCP3 model from a British company called PowerConnections and is manufactured in China. It is reassuring to see it is marked with the British Standards Kitemark.

It is made from good quality black plastic, with brass sockets and pins. On the outside there is a compartment containing a 13A fuse. To use the adapter, the hinged top cover is opened and a Schuko plug is carefully plugged in (upside down), and then the cover is closed. Care must be take here to ensure the lip of the top shell mates well with the lower shell. Two self tapping screws are then used to secure the two halves together. The result is a quite large UK plug that almost resembles a wall mounted power supply. The power cable emerges at right angles to the adapter, so it should fit onto cramped power extension strips with ease. On giving the Shuko plug a test wiggle in the adapter, it can slide up and down slightly which I suppose is due to the adapter being designed for plugs of slightly different sizes. I do not think it could be pulled out easily, so the end result seems sturdy and safe.

Overall, this seems to be a well designed and good quality item that will make life a lot easier for someone who wants to start using their new gadgets from Thomann and not wire plugs.


Whether you want it or not, it's coming
THoward 09.01.2020
Just like the giant Sports Direct mug you never ordered but appears in every package, whether you want it or not it's coming.
Even if you plan to cut the Shuko socket off your fitting and fit a more durable and less cumbersome 13A plug, you'll still get this, so you can use it to fill up a box of spare parts until you have enough of them to become a supplier and sell them back.
Maybe one day they'll offer an option not to take it, or a disclaimer so equipment can be provided without, but until then these not-even-single use plastic items will continue to be shipped into our theatre and immediately stored in a Citizen-Kane style storage unit. (Along with all our old Raylights and scrollers)


True adaptor to UK, with ground connection
DanielRic 26.03.2022
Is great because is not just an adaptor to make an EU two plug fit into a 3-plug UK power. It has a third part inside that is an actual connection to ground. So, it makes the plug actually a real 3-way plug, perfectly safe to use in the UK.


Sturdy plug adapter
Ivke 15.01.2023
I have bought this adapter for a guitar amp that comes only with European type 2 pin plug.
The adapter is solidly made and plug fits in firmly and securely (it does not feel light or flimsy like many other adaptors I've had over the years).
It looks and feels sturdy and I am sure it will last (I've used it for 2 years now).
It looks a bit chunky. There is a shield which protects the cable that is plugged into it . This probably makes the adapter look bigger, but provides an additional protection.
Depending on type of plug into it, the cable can be sticking outwards (but this depends on the cable as well as the adaptor)
Overall, it definitely looks and feels like a high quality product, sturdy and durable.