Thomann Irish Concert Bouzouki


Irish Bouzouki

  • Solid spruce top
  • Flat, back: solid maple
  • Maple sides
  • Maple neck
  • Rosewood fingerboard (Dalbergia Latifolia)
  • Upper nut width: Approximately 3.3 cm
  • Scale: Approximately 66.5 cm
  • Inlaid binding
  • Carved rosette
  • Tuning: GG - dd - aa - e'e'
  • Stringing: D'Addario J81
  • Made in Europe
  • Suitable case: Article no. 115299 (not included)


  • Lower width: Approximately 35.2 cm
  • Body length: Approximately 41 cm
  • Total length: Approximately 96.5 cm
  • Height including bridge: Approximately 11 cm
  • Frame height: Approximately 9 cm
available since August 2013
Item number 313238
sales unit 1 piece(s)
tuning GG - dd - aa - e'e'
scale-length 660 mm
gigbag included No
pickup included No
fingerboard Rosewood
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First foray into folk
Jakey Sully 28.04.2018
I bought this while training as an actor to use as a stage instrument for Shakespeare productions and the like. For this function it worked extremely well, although it took some time to figure out the tuning as compared to a guitar.

The sound is truly lovely, very warm and ancient, with a huge natural sustain. It can be played melodically, or as a rhythm instrument. When strummed quickly it is very jangly and happy, whereas when plucked slowly it can become a very reflective, mysterious, even medieval instrument.

My only issue was the very high action out of the box, which makes playing above the octave pretty much impossible, as the tuning goes and holding the strings down is a real effort. I'm still getting round to lowering it, which (hopefully) won't be too much of a challenge.

The instrument looks great, with a gorgeous rossette over the soundhole, which looks handmade. The gold machine heads match the coverplate at the bottom of the bridge, which really works looks-wise.

To conclude, a great investment for anybody interested in dabbling in alternative and folk instruments, I know I have a lot more to discover with this lovely bouzouki.


Irish Bouzouki
Anonymous 16.06.2014
Excellent service from Thomann.

When this Bouzouki arrived I was very very pleased with the overall quality .The sound is excellent and the finish is well done .Everything about this instrument has amassed me from the gold tuners to the rose inlay centre hole which is made beautifully. The frets are good well crafted the beading around the edge is excellent .The F S E -3 band equaliser appears to do the trick and I have no complaints .It comes with a bag that is made of good quality material as is the whole instrument. I can honestly say I have not been able to fault it . If I hade to be really picky I think the action is a bit high but I am having mine adjusted, having said that I think everyone has there own preferences and this should not put you off choosing this Bouzouki.Execellent,price .Well made ,Superb .


Nice Sounding Instrument / Okay Quality
Billy the Carrot 17.09.2020
This instrument works nicely if you are looking to play Irish folk or medieval-style music.
It is a good value for money for a beginner player (like myself). It sounds really crisp and rich. The build quality is okay given the price, however there are some very minor flaws in the finish which maybe one would not notice at the first look.
The major issue is the high action which makes the playability really hard and throws the intonation off. I had to sand down the bridge a few mm to bring the action down for better playability. That could be done easily as the bridge is not glued to the body but only hanging by the tension of the strings. However if you don't feel like doing that yourself, any local guitar technician can do that for you.
Overall, it is a nice sounding instrument for a fair price, only that a little effort has to be done to make it play nicely.


Nice bouzouki, especially for its price
Firefret 11.05.2023
So, this is a really nice instrument. There is a little buzzing issue on top frets, and I had to put a bit of foam rubber under the tailpiece to remove the nasty resonances but that's to be expected from a factory-made instrument. Nothing a little visit to a luthier can't fix though. Also comes with a free gigbag.
The string tuning is in unison, and bridge and neck grooves are made with that in mind, however with another visit to your local luthier you could make it octave-tuning compatible, so a frankenstein greek-irish bouzouki.
Have to note, this is basically a Hora bouzouki but Thomann-branded (the gigbag even features a Hora logo).
Overall, this is the way to go if you don't have a thousand or two (or more) to spend on a luthier-made instrument, sits well in my mixes.