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Thomann SP-5600


Keyboard / Stage Piano

  • 88 Keys with hammer action
  • 600 Sounds
  • 230 Styles (10 user styles)
  • 120 Internal songs
  • 128-Voice polyphony
  • Arranger function: Start/Stop, Sync Start, Intro/Ending, Fill A, Fill B
  • Features: Duo (Twinova), Split, Layer, Sustain
  • One touch setting
  • Metronome
  • DSP effects
  • Master EQ
  • Reverb
  • Chorus
  • Sequencer
  • Performance Assistant
  • Harmony
  • 5 Demo songs
  • 1 Pedal
  • Transpose function
  • Pitch bend
  • Headphone output: 2x standard
  • Microphone input
  • Stereo AUX Out
  • Stereo AUX in
  • Midi in/out USB
  • Speakers 2 x 10 W
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 1365 x 366 x 137 mm
  • Weight 13.8 kg
  • Includes sustain pedal, sheet music shelf and power adapter
  • Suitable case: Article no. 226093 (not included)
  • Suitable protective cover: Article no. 497390 (not included)
Number Of Keys 88
Hammer Action Keys Yes
Number of simultaneous Voices 128
Number Of Sounds 600
Effects Yes
Speaker Yes
Headphone Outputs 2
Sequencer Yes
Metronome Yes
Master keyboard function No
Pitch Bend Yes
Modulation Wheel No
Split Zones 2
Layer Function Yes
MIDI interface 1x In, 1x Out
available since August 2016
Item number 378054
Finish matt
Keys 88
Coror Black
Touch-Sensitve 1
Number of keys 88
Storage Medium USB to Device, USB to Host
Polyphony 128
Number of Sounds 600
Accompaniment 1
Microphone input 1
Styles 230
Display 1
Weight 13,8 kg
Dimensions 1365 x 366 x 137 mm
Half pedal possible 1
Included Accessories Power Supply, Note Holder, Sustain Pedal
Audio out 1
Audio input 1
Midi Interface VIA USB
USB to Host 1
USB to Device 1
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Poor mans descent music production station
Hågar 23.11.2018
It feels plasticy, you hear the hammer keys a bit, the display is meager and the ampliefier is a little noisy. BUT...

For under 400.- Euro's I got a hammer action stage piano with a ton of useful keyboard functions, MIDI in and out, and as a bonus a nice sustain pedal included.

It was bought for studio recordings, as a VST controller to play my synths and as a music production/songwrite station.

I did not have any expectations. After unpacking and installing it in the sold separately stand, There was the pleasant surprise of a good piano sound. I would rate it 6 out of 10, since it still sounds a bit artificial. Also there is a tiny bit of artifacts in the reverb and chorus audible. The amplifier, when outputed into the mixer board, has a bit of hiss to it.

Building quality, its heavy and feels sturdy enough. I'd say it could survive some abuse to some degree. On the top is a large monochrome LCD display that does the job, but is ugly. There is lots of buttons, but we miss a numeric pad for choosing the sound from the bank. :( (get this right Thomann!) It would have costed a fraction more and I would have loved to pay for it. Now I have to scroll through dozens of sounds to choose my favorites.

On the back we see a myriad of ins and outs for midi, sound, headphone, power, sustain etc. There is a USB slot on the top but I have not tried it.

When I played the keys, they felt nice and solid, the feel is like a combination of a lot of plastic with a touch of ivory. (no offense you elephants) Just nice enough for all kinds of use from classic to jazz and pop. I would not recommend it to players who play lots of 32 and 64th notes at razor high speed. The springs are a bit slower than with a real piano. The hammers do feel almost like with a piano. I cant imagine how they did this at this price range. When I insert a Grand Concierto VST in my DAW, I do feel like I play a real piano. The keys are NOT wobbly at all.

Build in sounds are good, not great, but there is a very large sound bank with something in their for everyone of your tastes. The strings are only a step down from a Roland JV. There is some realy convincing sounds in there. A pity the reverb and chorus have a tiny aftereffect present in them. Almost as if you here people talking. Its so very soft, but present. Most people probably wont notice it. The drum sounds are very convincing and they are just abundant. It is a great instrument for practicxing piano, drumming, and compose music on. The rhythmic section is pretty extensive so you can have a small band accompany you, including drums a bass and chords. There is a finger chord setting. Lots of accompany styles, more than you would expect. You have all common keyboard options and even can record yourself.

To conclude: sounds are good, play ability apart from some mild hammer noise is great. Build quality it okay, but I doubt if usage on the road would work, it might. The plastic of the case does not feel like it could crack but it does feel very cheap. There is just a ton of options and that is very welcome to the modern music maker. However the lack of a numpad... Come on Thomann, how much does twelf rubber pad buttons cost? And the slight aftereffect sound that is trailing the notes of some sounds is another point to improve and make the SP-5600 an even better budget option. With all the in's and out's, the huge soundbank and tons of options and settings, you get a complete package. For 69.- euro;s extra I can recommend the stand with the integrated 3 pedals. It adds so much to the piano experience.

If you are a beginner with a limited budget under 450.- , you probably want to start with this, you just can not go wrong. If you only need limited functions and a better piano sound, there is Yamaha, Korg and Casio and Roland in the 500.- + price range. Unless you prefer to save up for something of more quality. If you have a higher budget, the sound and build quality as well as the options, will just not be of high enough quality for the more demanding players. Very good sounds come with a very good price tag, but I think that is not what the SP-5600 was build for. It is very good at delivering all the options one needs, in an affordable package. I look forward to an improved 5700 with a num pad and with improved sound quality that has no aftereffects and a bit lower noise in the amplifier.


thougths on sustain pedal in review
Jordgubb 24.09.2021
I don't like the sustain pedal. It is very short which increases the risk of getting your toe stuck, and it also requires much more force to push it down all the way than an actual piano. It is however pressure sensitive which would allow you to program the input level through third party software. To me the amount of pressure is just too much. My problems will probably get solved by playing with shoes however! Another problem is that it flops around on a dusty floor. I solved this by placing a matt under my chair which kept the pedal in place.

I would recommend buying a separate sustain pedal like the Roland DP-10. That one feels more like an actual pianos sustain pedal, which is what I like and am used to, and it also has one of these foot flaps attatched to it so it will stay by your foot. No matter what.

The keys on the keyboard also requires a noticable amount of more pressure than an actual piano. Which makes me think the person who made these design choices was very strong. I'd say it is not well suited for children. I would also recommend trying out the keys' feel before buying. I didn't have that opprtunity and I am dreaming of just a smidge softer keys, but I will not be switching keyboards anytime soon. Only the pedal. :)


Good Value
scubaman3d 06.11.2019
Its why people often say "For the money" in connection with Thomann's house brands. We bought it for our children to begin lessons. The piano teacher recommended a Yamaha stage which was ~50% more expensive but we settled on this since it had all of the features she requested.

We (the teacher included) were surprised at the quality for the price. It has good sounds, does have resistance in the keys but experienced piano players will immediately say there is far less resistance in these hammer keys than in a real piano.

Its good "for now" while the children are learning. If you have the $ to get something better, do that. If you're starting your children with piano lessons and have no clue how it will go and don't want to potentially waste a lot of money, get this...


Great for its price
Medede 02.10.2020
I almost never give 5 starts, and I can't give 4.5 stars, so my 4 star rating is on the low side. Should be a 9 out of 10.
Keyboard has an almost piano like touch. This was my main reason for buying it. Affordable and weighted keys.
I have an old Roland g-800 arranger/workstation with semi-weighted keys, and from what I heard those were among the better semi-weighted keys. This SP-5600 is much better.
It also has REAL midi in- and out, and it comes with a decent sustain pedal. The speakers are suprisingly good for built-in speakers.
2 minor points: I would have liked a built in power adapter so you can use a random 230V cable, and I would have liked 2 seperate left- and right output. It only has a stereo out, so you need a splitter cable.


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